Does Home Depot sell craftsman tools? – know more

Home Depot is one of the largest home improvement retailer stores in the United States. Anyone and everyone who is searching for home decor or building materials, choose Home Depot as their number one go-to store. In here we know about ‘Does Home Depot sell craftsman tools?’

Does Home Depot sell craftsman tools?

When looking for Craftsman tools, the first place one would choose to search is a home improvement store. The question today is, does Home Depot sell Craftsman tools? Let us look at what I found out after researching this topic.

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Home Depot does not sell Craftsman tools. This brand of tools can be found in other stores across the country, but one store will definitely stock these tools and that is Sears.

One may wonder why this brand of tools wouldn’t be sold at Home Depot – a home improvement retailer store, but before looking into this, let us explore the Craftsman brand.

Fun facts about craftsman tools

  • Craftsman tools are currently owned by Stanley Black and Decker. 
  • The brand was introduced in the year 1927 in United States.
  • Originally, the brand was created by Sears.
  • Sears never manufactured any of their tools. They gave their designs and specifications to other manufacturers to create the required tools.
  • At times, you may find no difference between craftsman tools and other branded tools.
  • The brand Craftsman was eventually bought out from Sears by Stanley Black & Decker. Stanley is a well-renowned tool and hardware company. They are the new owners of the Craftsman tool brand. However, Sears continues to sell Craftsman tools, but the main distribution of the tools lies with Lowe’s – a highly renowned home improvement store in the United States. 
  • The Craftsman tool brand was sold to Stanley Black & Decker for $900 million. 

Where to buy craftsman tools?

If you want to purchase Craftsman tools, you may be wondering where to get the tools if not from Home Depot.

In the beginning, Craftsman tools were being manufactured by Sears. For this reason, only Sears had the right to sell all Craftsman tools.

Eventually, over the years, Craftsman tools became a brand that was well-known, and more people were looking for how to purchase the tools.

This is how Sears collaborated with other stores to begin selling their tools. These stores include, but are not limited to:

  • Lowe’s
  • Atwoods 
  • Blain farm and fleet
  • Ace Hardware Stores
  • Walmart and more

If you’d like to find out where else you could purchase any of your desired Craftsman tools, you could go online and use the store locator on their website. This helps by suggesting the nearest store to you which sells the Craftsman tools you are looking for.

The reason why Home Depot does not sell craftsman tools

With there being so many stores, especially Lowe’s, selling these tools, you would wonder why they aren’t sold at Home Depot stores.

Since Sears manufactured all Craftsman tools, they had the right to decide who stocks their tools by mutual agreement.  Lowe’s is another one of the largest home improvement retailers in the United States. It is a major competitor to Home Depot’s store. If Lowe’s is selling one brand, then why wouldn’t Home Depot try to also have these items sold in their stores?

The reason is that Home Depot caters to more professional contractors and builders. The tools found in all Home Depot stores are heavy-duty brands. This means that Home Depot will not sell a particular brand of item unless they approve of its capabilities and whether the brand suits its company mission.

Brands of Tools that you can find in Home Depot stores

So, now the big question. If Home Depot does not sell Craftsman tools, what brands do they sell? The available brands at Home Depot include:

  • Ryobi tools
  • Milwaukee tools
  • Bosch tools
  • DeWalt tools
  • Hilti tools
  • Makita tools
  • Rigid tools
  • Husky tools 
  • Klein tools
  • Stanley tools
  • Gear Wrench tools, and more.

If you are unable to purchase Craftsman tools and do not know whether you should purchase any of the above brands from Home Depot, worry not. 

All the brands sold by Home Depot have world-class reviews on their quality and performance. You do not have to stress about buying a specific brand unless you are using them for heavy-duty work.


Home Depot is a leading home improvement retailer in the United States. However, the store does not sell any Craftsman tools. Home Depot does not have any dealings with Sears, and this is why the home improvement store does not sell any Craftsman tools.

There are quite a few hardware and home improvement stores that sell Craftsman tools. There are online stores that can have these tools delivered to you as well. 

Home Depot stocks its exclusive brands. All of them are comparable to Craftsman and there would be no reason to select one over the other unless you intend to use a specific brand for heavy-duty work.

Does Home Depot sell craftsman tools? – know more

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