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Walgreens is the second-largest pharmacy store chain in the United States. Walgreens Boots Alliance is the parent company of Walgreens. In the year 1901, the company was established by Charles Rudolph Walgreen. The headquarters is in Illinois, United States. The company has expertise in the services for health products, photo services, lining prescriptions, and information on health. 


History of the Company 

The massive company was set up with the small food front store corner. Slowly, it expanded with the 4 stores on Chicago’s South Side. In 1919, it expanded with 20 stores. 

It was a surplus year in 1920 for Walgreens when alcohol was prohibited. But, in the authorization, the whiskey was permitted. This whiskey was accessible and sold by Walgreens. 

The company also launched a malted milkshake which later turned into the ice cream manufacturing plants. Until 1930, it had annual sales of a whopping US$4,000,000. The company was not affected by the stock market crash in 1929 October and the Great Depression. 

When the owner breathed one last time in 1939, the founder’s son annexed this company. By 1946, the company purchased the enormous pharmacy and the store chains which were in Mexico, that is Sanborns. 

The company was retouched and remodeled after the founder’s son’s retirement. Charles “Cork” R. Walgreen III was the new head of the company. In the remodeling, the company had redirected to the barcode scanning. By the 1980s the company owned pancake and restaurant houses. 

The Marriott corp bought most of these restaurants. This chain was out of service till 1991. In 1986, the MediMart chain was taken from Stop & Shop and was acquired by Walgreens.

What brands are available in Walgreens

  • Wexford (Office supplies)
  • Well beginnings (baby care products)
  • Soltan (Sunscreen)
  • Smile & Save (Paper Towels)
  • Playright (toys)
  • Patriot Candles (candles)
  • Nice! (Groceries)
  • Liz Earle (Skincare products)
  • Finest Nutrition (Vitamins)
  • Complete Home (Household Products)
  • Big Roll (Toilet paper)
  • Almus Pharmaceuticals (Medicines)
  • Botanics (Skincare products)
  • CYO (Cosmetic products) 
  • Infinitive (Electronic products)
  • No.7 (Skin Care products)
  • Pet shop (Pet wellness products)
  • Sleek MakeUP (cosmetic products)
  • Soap & Glory (Cosmetics)
  • Well at Walgreens (Health care)
  • West Loop (Clothings)
  • Your Good Skin (Skincare products)

How to Save Money at Walgreens?

There are many ways to retrench your pockets at Walgreens. The five easy ways of saving money are – 

  1. You can gain/earn from Walgreens only by doing healthy activities. The customer can join the four-week health challenge. The challenge is all about taking walks, checking blood pressure, and abandoning smoking. 

Walmart members will have free registration. The result can be measured in wireless tracking devices or manually. The customer can earn $0.25 cash rewards. Completing all the challenges can have a chance of winning $2 bonus cash rewards. 

  1. The customer can make use of digital coupons, promo codes, manufacturer coupons, Weekly ad savings, and take advantage of the register rewards.
  1. A consumer can get a FLU shot for their loved ones. The vaccine is available at the local Walgreens and a customer can earn up to $5 in rewards. The customer can schedule an appointment and walk-in appointments are also available. 
  1. Join the Customer Loyalty program. The registration/signup for this program is free of cost and one can enroll through their website or an app. The main theme is to make shopping more convenient and easy. A member can gain 1% Cash rewards and also earn 5% cash rewards for the store-branded products and deals. These cash rewards can also be donated to the charity.
  1. A user can register in the Prescriptions Saving Club. ALthough to joining this club is not for free. For individuals, the fee is $20 and for the families, it is $35, it includes pets too. The savings through this membership can be remarkable. The membership provides vaccinations, savings that are not covered by insurance on the lifestyle medications products. This member is not obtainable for the people who have signed up for Medicare or Medicaid. It is advisable to go through all the criteria and rules, before registration. 

Conclusion –

Walgreens is the second-largest pharmaceutical company in the USA. It provides health and wellness products in a wide range. A user can save up their pockets by joining the membership, promo codes, loyalty program, etc. It started with a small store and now it possesses the revenue in billions. 


  1. Does the company have a strict policy for shoplifting?

The company follows strict adherence to the shoplifting policy. The charges could be pressed to the local authorities. The company sticks to the no chase policy for the safety of the consumers. The fine depends upon the value of the stolen goods.

  1. What precautions are taken by Walgreens to protect its customers from the pandemic?

The company is adding new services to their existing ones. The company adapts to safe shopping options. It includes curbside pickup, drive-thru, and a consumer needs to make sure to have 90-Day refills with refill authorizations. The consultancy services are available on the Pharmacy Chat 24/7 by the health care providers.  

  1. How to reach Customer service?

An individual can seek their official website in the help center. They can also contact Customer care on 1 (1800) 925-4733. 

What is Walgreens? – Know More

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