Does Ace Hardware fill Exchange Propane tanks?

Propane Tanks have become an important part of the modern lifestyle. People use propane tanks for numerous purposes. Propane tank holds a great significance because propane is considered more efficient as compared to petroleum products such as diesel and petrol, or electricity. Propane is needed to be refilled after every exhaustion. A consumer may even prefer an exchange rather than refilling the tank. Numerous companies offer propane tank refilling and exchange services. Let’s know Does Ace Hardware fill Exchange Propane tanks?

Does Ace Hardware fill Exchange Propane tanks?

Ace hardware is engaged in providing refilling and exchange of propane tanks at an affordable and pocket-friendly rate. As a first step, a user has to locate the nearest Ace Hardware store. Post locating location, the user is expected to bring the propane tanks to the nearest Ace Hardware store to get the propane tank refilled or exchanged as per the client’s preference.  Ace Hardware charges somewhere between $1 -$3 per gallon to refill a tank. On average, it charges $2.50 per gallon. Does Ace Hardware fill Exchange Propane tanks? – let’s check out. 

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What is the process of Refilling or Exchange Propane tanks?

Firstly client will have to make sure that the nearest or local Ace Hardware store provides tank refilling service. The client is required to communicate with Ace Hardware to ensure this. The nearest store can be tracked via the official website of Ace Hardware. Further, the consumer will have to bring the tank to the store to get it refilled. Similarly, the customer is suggested to reach out to the local Ace Hardware location with an empty tank and ask the customer executive for a filled propane tank. In the case of exchanging propane tanks, payment has to be made at the store only.

What are the charges to Refill or Exchange Propane tanks?

Charges for refilling or exchanging propane tanks are not constant. The price keeps fluctuating throughout the year; hence propane can’t be filled or exchanged at a specified rate. On average, Ace Hardware charges nearly $2.50 per gallon to refill a tank. The price at which Ace Hardware exchanges propane tanks depends upon the size and capacity of the client’s tank. However, refilling is considered cheaper in comparison to exchanging tanks. As per the defined safety measures by the American government, Ace Hardware fills roughly 75% of the tanks. 

Does Ace Hardware offer discounts?

Charges for refilling or exchanging propane tanks are not constant. Price face fluctuations throughout the year hence Ace Hardware doesn’t offer any kind of discounts on refilling or exchanging propane tanks. However, Ace Hardware is engaged in selling varieties of different hardware tools including propane tanks. It presents discounts on hardware products during seasonal sales. It offers propane tanks of multiple brands with a starting price of $5.59.

Does Ace Hardware charge higher than other Propane tank companies?

Ace Hardware provides refilling and tank exchange services at a very reasonable rate. On average Ace Hardware charges $2.50 per gallon to get a propane tank refilled. On the other hand, other private players charge an average rate of $3.00 per gallon to refill a propane tank. The average price range offered by Ace Hardware is relatively lower than other competitors in the market. 

Does Ace Hardware specifically refill an empty tank?

Ace Hardware entertains refilling requests even if the propane tank is a little filled. The client must ask the store executive to measure the exact amount of the remaining propane in the tank so it doesn’t exceed more than 75% of the tank capacity. In addition, a partially filled tank is comparatively lighter. Clients are highly suggested to bring the tank to the store and put it inside a safety cage and leave the tank outside the hardware store.


Ace Hardware refill and exchange propane tanks at a cost-effective price. Clients are required to bring the propane tank to the local Ace Hardware store and leave it outside the store. It charges $2.50 per gallon for refilling. Ace Hardware doesn’t offer any sort of discounts on exchanging and refilling propane tanks. However, discounts are available if a consumer is willing to purchase a new propane tank via the Ace Hardware platform. Ace Hardware pointedly fills 75% of a propane tank’s capacity. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Does Ace Hardware refills 100 percent propane?

Due to the safety guidelines by the U.S. government, none of the service providers are allowed to refill more than 80 percent propane. Hence Ace Hardware refills only 75 percent propane in propane tanks. 

2) Does Ace Hardware offer discounts on refilling and exchange?

No, most of the propane service providers, including Ace Hardware don’t offer any discounts or reductions in price. Due to regular price fluctuations in the propane prices, discounts can’t be allowed.

3) Is Ace Hardware a reliable brand for refilling and exchanging tanks?

Yes, Ace Hardware has been operating for decades in America. Most of the clients consider Ace Hardware a reliable and trusted corporation in terms of providing propane-related services.

Does Ace Hardware fill Exchange Propane tanks?

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