What Credit Bureau Does PC Financial Use?- Know More

What Credit Bureau Does PC Financial Use?

PC Financial is a Canadian financial service brand founded 26 years ago in 1996 and headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. PCF is formally known as President Choice Bank. It was a wholly-owned subsidiary of Loblaw Companies Limited (LCL). PC Finance provides various products and services across Canada, the United States. It focuses on providing everyday payment solutions and other financial-related services to its customers. Let’s know What Credit Bureau Does PC Financial Use?

Most people ask about PC Finance’s credit bureau. They get concerned about their information. Here is your answer to this! PC Finance uses the most trusted credit report bureau. They provide individuals with credit scores to keep their bank finances free from financial risk. The credit score of an individual may vary because it depends on the value range of the credit bureau. However, most of the credit bureaus’ value range is moreover the same. 

The credit score criteria for PC Finance?

PC Finance wants their customer’s credit score to be between fair to Good so that they can approve PC Masters cards to them. If customers’ score is good enough (680-750), they also get a better offer for their PC MasterCard. The company has also set a credit score range for its different kinds of cards. For example, to get a PC Finance Elite MasterCard an individual needs to need a credit score that ranges from good to excellent (700 to 850). 

Credit bureau used by the PC Finance

PC Finance is one of the best Canadian financial institutions which meets their customer’s financial needs with new and best methods. Being connected with several customers, the company needs the help of the most trusted and best credit bureau. A good credit bureau will provide it with the help of an accurate credit report of its customers.

 PC Finance uses the Transunion credit bureau. 

When PC Finance requests any customer’s credit score, it directly goes to one of the leading credit bureau agencies, Transunion. Transunion is considered as one of the three major credit reporting agencies in the United States, along with Experian and Equifax. As you know, it provides credit reports services, but it also offers many other products like credit lock and identity protection. 

About Transunion

In 1968, a union tank car company leased railcars and formed TransUnion. It was working just as a regional and local credit reporting bureau. Today, It digitized credit data and works as a national reporting agency in the United States. Currently, it is serving globally and its products are available in 30 countries. 

How does Tsansunion determine the credit score?

Transunion uses the vantage score range to calculate the individual’s credit score. The vantage score range is between 300 to 850. The credit range between 700 and 850 is marked as excellent credit, while 300 to 579 is the poor credit score. The credit score range between 580 to 699 is a good score indeed. The vantage score of 3.0 and some other factors are also compiled by the Transunion to provide PC Finance with a good perfect credit score. 

Factors that determine credit score: 

PC Finance determines some of the factors on which TransUnion creates the credit score. There are five factors to be determined. Let us see them:

  1. Credit Mix
  2. Credit Inquiries
  3. Credit History
  4. Payment History
  5. Utilization & Balance

PC Finance’s customers’ credit scores are based on their credit history. Transunion makes the transaction’s history their base and then adds on to other factors to calculate. The rest of the information is reported to Transunion by the creditors. 


PC Finance is one of the oldest Canadian financial institutions in the United States. Being the oldest one, it has also become one of the trusted brands for the people. Several people are connected with this financial institution. Its MasterCard is the most consumed credit card in the United States. The company uses the help of one of the most trusted and leading credit report bureaus, Transunion. The credit scores provided by this bureau help PC Finance to plan the financial risk. 

Frequently asked question 

Q- For a PC Finance Mastercard, what is the credit limit? 

A- To get a Mastercard of PC Finance, the minimum credit limit is around $100. It also has a preload feature of $1000. 

Q- According to PC Finance, what is the poor credit score range?

A- As per PC Finance, credit score ranges between 300 to 600 is poor. 

Q- Is it easy to get a credit card from PC Finance?

A- Yes, it is easy to get a PC Financial credit card. After receiving the card, you can even upgrade it. 

Q-Who owns PC Finance?

A- Loblaw companies is the parent organization of PC Finance. 

Q- Does PC Finance use the Equifax credit bureau? 

A- No, the company uses the Transunion credit bureau.

What Credit Bureau Does PC Financial Use?- Know More

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