Costco Tire Center Guide- Costco Tire Warranty

Costco Tire Center Guide

When it comes to big retail stores like Costco, your mind must instantly sprint towards products like electrical appliances, footwear, apparel, cosmetics, and the like. You may be surprised to know this, but you can also buy tires for your vehicles at Costco! Yes, you heard that right! So, the next time you think of buying new tires for any of your vehicles, you can safely consider Costco. Let us have a look at what Costco Tire Center offers and Costco Tire Center Guide.

The Guide to Costco Tire Center

When buying tires at Costco, you should be aware of what the installation includes. We have mentioned this below:

  1. Maintenance: Maintenance at Costco takes into consideration wheel balancing, rotation, nitrogen tire inflation, and repairing flat tires for the life of the product.
  1. Warranty: At Costco, you will be provided with the product’s warranty at the time of installation. Costco Tire Center’s warranty type is the one that is based on mileage, road hazard, and manufacturer’s defects.
  1. Tire Care: At the time of installation, Costco will also offer tire care such as nitrogen tire inflation and new rubber tire stems.

How to Schedule Costco’s Tires Installation Appointment Online?

Besides going to the Costco Tire Center and getting yourself into a huge mess, one of the benefits that you can avail yourself of is that you can book your appointment online! Let us look at the steps that you need to keep in mind while doing so:

  1. You can go to their website,, and search for the type of tires that you need to purchase. This search can be carried out based on vehicle, license plate, or tire size information.
  1. You will be provided with several options based on your search. Now, select the tires based on the rim size and your driving needs. 
  1. Once this is done, now you can schedule your installation appointment at your preferred and chosen Costco Tire Center.
  1. The tires will be delivered at your chosen Costco Tire Center free of cost and you can easily visit the center at your convenience after scheduling the appointment.

Costco Tire Warranty

One of the most essential things to look at while shopping for products such as tires is the warranty. Let us look at what Costco’s Tire Warranty has in store for you!

When you consider buying tires from Costco, it is bound to provide you with a 5-year warranty on them. In this warranty, the types of tires covered are light truck, passenger, and performance tires.

Further, let us look at the requirements that are necessary to qualify to avail a tire warranty at Costco: 

  1. You must be the authentic buyer of the tires.
  1. You must have purchased the tires at Costco Wholesale.
  1. You must present the tires along with the original receipt to get the benefits of this warranty.
  1. Your tires must have the inflation pressure recommended by the manufacturer.
  1. Your tires must have been rotated and balanced.
  1. You will be required to sign a ‘Costco Wholesale Tire Adjustment’ form as well.

How Budget-Friendly are Costco Tires?

When buying tires, you must also take into consideration whether the tires are cost-effective or not. After all, no one likes patting an empty wallet after a purchase!

Since there is tough competition in the market, Costco sets its prices accordingly, offering a somewhat cheaper choice. You can buy tires at Costco ranging from $166 to $186, depending on the type of tire you require. Besides this, at Costco Tire Center, you will be charged an installation fee of $15 which is relatively lower when compared to other brands. In addition to this, Costco frequently provides discounts worth $70 or $80 on many brands. 

Services Provided by Costco Tire Center

As mentioned earlier, at the time of installation, Costco provides its customers with many other services. Some of them are:

  1. Tire Rotation Service at Costco: A tire rotation service includes taking off all the tires of your vehicle and putting them back in different positions so that they wear evenly. It is advisable to get the tire rotation service after every 6000 to 8000 miles. By getting this service on time, you will be saving a lot in the long run since buying new tires is not a child’s plaything.
  1. Wheel Alignment Service at Costco: Getting a wheel alignment service once in a while is beneficial for your vehicle as well as the tires. The wheel alignment service makes sure that the tires can handle well on topsy-turvy roads. Thus, to make the tires last longer than usual, there is no harm in considering the wheel alignment service.


If you have been living under a rock, you may not be aware that Costco provides and installs tires of your vehicles and that too at cheaper rates. Besides this, to stay relevant in the market where the competition gets tougher by the end of the day, Costco provides various services along with the installation of the tires. Therefore, the next time you buy tires, you can take into account the information provided here and check out one of the Costco Tire Centers!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does Costco Tire Center charge an installation fee?

Yes, you will be asked to pay $15 for the installation of tires.

  1. What is the price range of Costco tires?

Costco tires range from $166 to $186.

  1. Does Costco Tire Center provide a warranty?

Yes, the warranty is based on mileage, road hazard, and manufacturer defects.

Costco Tire Center Guide- Costco Tire Warranty

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