Kindle unlimited student discount-know more

Kindle unlimited is an e- book store which has books of all genera and authors providing the subscribers a variety of books on their screens anytime, anywhere as per user convenience. A platform of exchange for writers and readers across the globe, kindle is becoming a requirement of student life. A service/product under umbrella of Amazon, kindle unlimited is a treat for book lovers. lets learn about Kindle unlimited student discount.


Kindle unlimited student discount

What is Kindle Unlimited Discount for students?

Amazon facilitates the university students with benefits of discounts and extended free trails for subscriptions. Kindle unlimited allows a two month trail for university students to experience and familiarize the users to the reading platform. Along with that, discounted prices of subscription and e-books make Kindle unlimited a one stop solution to all the problems of hefty cost, physical space and unavailability of books for students.

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Steps to avail unlimited discount

  • Login to the Amazon website with educational ids and other required credentials
  • Verify your email account
  • Go through the variety of services provided
  • Download the kindle application/ login to Amazon kindle
  • Login to kindle with same credentials to get student benefits. 
  • Enjoy 2 month free trial of all the books available
  • Subscribe to continue reading and getting more student discounts on a regular basis 
  • Happy reading!

Exclusive benefits unlimited users

  1. Unlimited access to books of various genera -series novels and classics of all time.
  2. Audio narration to continue the books even when your eyes are tired.
  3. Subscriptions of up to 3 magazines to be with the outside world.
  4. Borrowing of books from ‘Great kindle e-books’.

Which device is best for kindle unlimited?

Kindle unlimited can be enjoyed by simply going on the website or installing the application on the desired device. There is no said rule to which device should one read from. One can have his Kindle Unlimited just a touch away on their phones and laptops.

It is suggested to have a handy e- reader to enjoy long hours of reading. It is because e readers have screen adaptability which reduces eye strain resulting in a less exhausted mind and brain.

These e-readers are available in various prices with different features and provide a large variety of devices to choose 

Why is kindle unlimited essential for a student?

  • Digital Era 

In the digital era where the globe is a screen away, availability of books is the need of the hour for an aware and update student. People are passionate about books of their interest as books have always had a role for wholesome development of youth.

  • Expansion of mind 

An e-book store like Kindle removes the barrier of a lesser reach allowing a reader to explore and identify with more genre than one.  

Which is why a Harry Potter fan has access to explore Batman or any other book he finds interesting? 

  • A part of curriculum 

With education being more screens driven in hybrid mode, both teachers and students prefer a digital copy of books in order to have comfortable education at any place. 

  • A community 

Students like to mingle with similar mindsets, with the increasing craze of e-books there is coming together of different social and cultural communities by exchanging views through various blogs and reviews on 

Prime reading VS kindle unlimited 

  1. Prime reading is only an extended benefit of Amazon Prime Membership; Kindle Unlimited can be accessed independently of Prime membership as well.
  2. Prime reading is a smaller platform than Kindle Unlimited as the variety on the former is limited when compared to the later.
  3. Prime reading is a relatively newer platform for readers, while Kindle Unlimited has experience of being in realm for a longer period. 

Being a university student is as challenging as any other adventure of life and laying a foundation of how of the persona of a student turns out to be which has been made easy with additional discounts and exclusive services available at Amazon and kindle unlimited and hence it is safe to say being a university student has been made a treat in more ways than one. Not only is education easy today but also has become more adaptive with cost and time saving. 

Frequently Asked questions 

1) Is kindle an application or device?

 Kindle is an application which is best suited to be accessed through e-readers available with the same name, can be bought on Amazon.

2) Do we have to pay additional charges for audio narration?

No, there are no separate charges for audio narration; it is a service within the subscription.

3) Is student discount a complete waiver of subscription fee?

No, it has extended trial and reduction from normal charges.

4) Is kindle not suited for children?

Kindle unlimited has vast variety of books, including children literature. There is no restriction on age until specified. 

5) Is it necessary to have a prime subscription for Kindle Unlimited?

No, all you need is id credentials. 

Kindle unlimited student discount-know more

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