Does Publix have Sushi?- How much is it?

Grocery stores are not quite popular having the best sushi, most sushi obtained from the stores do not have the same quality as those offered at sushi restaurants. The problem with getting sushi at the restaurant, however, is that they are always quite expensive. That is why Publix has been able to work around creating good sushi for shoppers so they can get a close taste of what real sushi feels like. Let’s know ‘Does Publix have Sushi?’

Does Publix have Sushi?

Publix sells only fresh sushi; they do not sell frozen sushi. Unlike many grocery stores, Publix has trained people who ensure fresh sushi is made daily. Sushi varieties available at Publix include; California rolls, sushi rolls, sushi platters, rainbow rolls, rock & roll, cream cheese rolls, avocado salad rolls, Hawaiian rolls, summer rolls, veggie wraps, crunchy rolls, and sashimi trays.

If it’s your first time getting sushi at Publix, you can always check the seafood department. The department offers different varieties of sushi you can always pick from. Another interesting thing about Publix sushi is that they are made fresh for you, they do not sell frozen sushi.

How much is Sushi at Publix?

On other days, it costs between $6 to $18 at Publix. The price range depends on the size of the sushi and the type of sushi-grade fish it contains. On Wednesday however, sushi is usually sold for $5.

How long does it last?

The shelf life of the sushi depends on how it is made. For example, if the sushi is made from refrigerated raw fish, it can last up to 24 hours. However, it is not advisable to keep sushi made from raw fish for more than a day. The more it is stored, the more it can attract bacteria.

Sushi made from cooked fish can last between one to three days if stored between 41°F to 45°F.

How is Sushi Made?

Sushi is a Japanese delicacy that has become a popular meal in the US. It is usually made from raw fish, seasoned vinegar, and rice.

There are two known methods of preparing sushi; it can be through the use of a sushi-making kit or simply made by hand. The steps include;

  • Frozen or fresh fish is used in preparing this meal. Sushi made with fresh fish is regarded as the best. The tendons of the fish are removed and then the skin will be scraped off.
  • After which the fish is then cut into small pieces depending on the type of sushi to be made.
  • The next step is to cook the rice and stir with vinegar and sugar for taste.
  • The rice is then spread on a rolling mat, fish and other ingredients are added and wrapped in the rice.

What’s so Special About Publix Sushi Wednesday?

Publix sushi Wednesday means that every Wednesday, all sushi products sold at all Publix store locations will cost just $5. This means that you can get to a variety of sushi for just $5.

The sushi won’t be as big as the regular ones sold on other days but they are very tasty and sold in varieties. If you are looking for the best day to get sushi at Publix, Wednesday is a good time to get your fresh sushi at affordable prices.

Why is it So Great?

Getting a sushi meal at a restaurant can be quite expensive, this is one of the things that attracts people to buy sushi at Publix. Publix sushi might not be the best in terms of quality and originality, but they know how to make fresh sushi and sell it at pocket-friendly prices.

What other Grocery Store can I get Sushi from?

Apart from Publix, other grocery stores offer quality sushi. The stores include; Whole Foods, Target, Kroger, Costco, Walmart, and Meijer.

Other Fresh Food Items you can buy at Publix

  • Fried Chicken

Just like sushi, fried chicken is made fresh daily. The fried chicken is made just the way southerners love it and it can be purchased hot or cold from the deli.

  • Bread and Cookies

Freshly baked whole wheat bread and cookies are another food item you can get at Publix.

More food items you can get at Publix include; dried pasta, seafood, buffalo chicken dip, thanksgiving dinner, and Publix-brand ice cream. To see more items, you can get at Publix, click here.


What makes it stand out from the rest of the grocery stores is the fact that they employ the help of trained sushi experts in ensuring fresh sushi is made for customers daily. This has made the store gain more popularity when it comes to selling sushi. Another interesting thing Publix is known for is the $5 Wednesday sushi deals.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I order sushi from Publix?

Yes, you can always place your order via the Publix website.

2. How much does sushi cost at Publix?

Sushi normally costs between $6 to $18 on a regular day and $5 on Wednesdays.

3. Can sushi be made without rice?

Not all sushi is made with rice. Sashimi and Naruto roll are sushi made without rice.

Does Publix have Sushi?- How much is it?

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