VRBO and its alternatives – know more

VRBO is a popular American website that translates to Vacation Rental by Owner that is known nationwide for its service of renting properties for vacation stays. The website offers accommodation from individuals who want to rent out their spaces. The company is known to be a pioneer in the renting properties industry. In here, we know about VRBO and its alternatives.

VRBO and its alternatives

Other sites like VRBO

VRBO is one of the most popular websites in America. The website gives tourists and visitors options for where to stay during their vacation by offering rental spaces like houses for their stay. VRBO has over 700,000 selected listings that consumers can sort through to find their suited and best option. VRBO and its alternatives Below are several VRBO competitors that can help people in need of stays find someplace different from your average hotel room:


Airbnb is also very popular and is used by people worldwide. This website is used as a VRBO alternative. A major variance between VRBO and this website is that VRBO offers the whole property for the visitors while the latter offers shared accommodation with the owner of the property-the host. VRBO is the better option for visitors who want to stay a little bit longer as compared to Airbnb, which is a good alternative for shorter stays. With Airbnb, as much as the visitors rate the property, the host also gets a chance to review the customers. Airbnb has a website and an application for users’ suitability.  Visit www.airbnb.com for more information on the same.


This website has over millions of properties, roughly 8 million in over 100,000 destinations. Tripping.com offers a variety of accommodations for visitors looking for a long-term stay. Many people know it for its flexibility for long-term renting. It was founded in the late 2000’s back in 2009 and later signed a partnership with booking.com back in 2015. This website is easy to navigate through when customers look for rental spaces. By browsing through, the visitors can get the rating and locations of properties among other features. For more insights, visit their website www.tripping.com


Wimdu has roughly 300,000 properties for rental in more than 130 countries. The difference between this and VRBO is that VRBO is worldwide while Wimdu covers most of Europe and a few properties in the US. Wimdu is an advantageous option because of its free insurance policy for both the hosts and the guests. Better yet, Wimdu releases your payment once the customer checks in and is satisfied with his/her stay. It is a great VRBO alternative for people opting for a short stay.


OneFineStay is based in London and is owned by Accor Hotels Group. This website is a unique alternative to VRBO in that the website owners have selected a few properties that they have personally stayed at and got satisfied with the accommodation. The website offers about 10,000 properties for rent worldwide and is well-known in prestigious cities like Paris. The company promises luxurious stays for its customers worldwide as it is known for its amazing hospitality.


This company is owned by TripAdvisor and has over 25,000 listings from over 150 countries and more than 1000 cities worldwide. The website provides options for visitors domestically and internationally with all the selected properties giving detailed information like the number of rooms and such. FlipKey offers affordable rental properties that are luxurious and at the same time also family-friendly. Listing your property on the site is very beneficial as the rental will be advertised on other popular sites thereby exposing the property to over 300 million people worldwide.


This site is a great alternative for anyone looking to rent property in Europe just like Wimdu! 9flats has several payment methods for its properties as well as Bitcoin. 9flats has over 240,000 listings thus very limited for the customers as it does not offer a wide variety. The site is easy to go through as the title for each listing gives you all the details you need to know without having to open the ad itself.


This is a search engine founded in 2014 is known for renting properties in the world with more than 16 million accommodations in more than 190 countries worldwide. In partnership with platforms like Airbnb, TripAdvisor, and VRBO among others, the site has a wide variety of rentals to offer the customers in need of a vacation stay. Users can compare the listed properties from a wide range of platforms making it easier for them to choose when things like cost are applied. HomeToGo also lets the user know the properties with the best offers.


Vacatia is based in San Francisco and is a good alternative for families looking for a vacation stay. The company’s customer service is excellent as per the ratings. The company has resorts in North America mostly. Vacatia does everything else for you after booking the property like talking to the homeowner.


This platform, founded in 2003, offers over 400,000 properties across the world. Casamundo is known for its vacation properties in Europe and its excellent customer service as they suggest personalized rentals in favor of the guest’s needs while on their stay.

Luxury Retreats

The organization was originally founded in 1999 before being acquired by Airbnb in 2017. The company started with only one property but has now grown and expanded to over 4000 luxurious rentals in over 100 destinations worldwide. Their properties serve as stays for a large group such as family vacations. The visitors get to enjoy concierge services all through their stay.


This site has over a million listings with an average of 6 million rooms being booked daily from the site! It is the most visited travel site worldwide! The site has been known for an option for booking hotels but recently, they introduced booking of apartments with the same simple and easy to navigate through the interface. This, therefore, means minimal conversation with the host. Searching for properties on their site is quite easy as you can filter and choose the features you’d like for your stay; consequently giving you options of places you want and need! For those wanting to list their properties with booking.com, well the good news is it’s absolutely free!


This site offers all the amenities of hotels in apartments and still offers the conveniences of renting an apartment, so this is a win! Their properties are private and hence not sharing the rentals with the owners. Sonder has more than 5000 listed properties in over 30 cities. They are majorly in the US as of now but continue to expand in Europe. A thing to note with sonder is the convenient and efficient app where you don’t necessarily have to talk to the owner to get services such as requesting for more room amenities. The platform offers 24-hour concierge services for the customers.


This is a rental company based in Portland and has over 25,000 listings worldwide. The platform is different in a way that it offers employees to clean and maintain the rentals. The rentals hav24-hour guest support.


Those are just a few alternatives for VRBO! It is important to look at the variety of options for your stay before choosing as there is always a better and favorable option. The above-mentioned alternatives guide you through the tedious process of finding the right place for your stay. Each site has its own perks that you might find suitable for you.

Frequently asked questions

Are there scammers on VRBO?

There are definitely scammers on these kinds of platforms but VRBO is working to remove these types of people. You are advised to report on any host you think is a scammer.

Is FlipKey a legitimate platform?

FlipKey is a legitimate website and very secure and safe for customer use. It is among the best platforms to rent properties for vacation stays.

What do I do if my VRBO owner isn’t communicating?

The hosts are given a time frame of 24 hours to respond to booking requests and failure to do this, VRBO automatically declines the request.

How is HomeAway related to VRBO?

They both belong to the same company but VRBO is used by hosts in the US and most parts of North America as opposed to HomeAway that is used by hosts in Europe, a little bit of Asia, and Australia. 

VRBO and its alternatives – know more

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