GoPro Student Discount

Currently, GoPro has become popular for its awesome action cameras which are well known for traveling and sporting activities. As the years have passed by, GoPro cameras and equipment have increased in quality, especially with the widening of their camera range. Let’s know about ‘GoPro Student Discount’.

GoPro Student Discount

This enhancement in quality has seen a lot of demand for their cameras and equipment, from every sector of life, including students.

 However, between paying for their school needs and other stuff, students would like to know if they can spend less on a GoPro device by receiving discounts from the company.

Basically, students have been provided with 20% off GoPro orders with a discount from Unidays, when they shop directly from GoPro’s website. Cool right? For every camera you get from GoPro as a student, you receive a 20% discount. 

However, there’s the mandatory eligibility requirement of signing up first with Unidays. Upon verification of your status, you will gain access to the exclusive discount.

This article will explain the 20% student discount offered by GoPro and their eligibility criteria.

GoPro’s Discount for Students

As earlier stated, GoPro helps people enjoy the moment, while at the same time being a source of inspiration for others. Their cameras and accessories are built to help you keep a memory of life as you live it. 

Their quality has seen the company make a presence in over a hundred countries. Simply put, everyone wants to own one of their cameras. Everyone, including students. However, the major concern is the pocket size of students.

In light of this, GoPro offers students a 20% off discount. This discount holds only when students shop directly from GoPro’s website.

However, the company has set aside eligibility requirements, used to qualify students for the 20% discount.

Continue reading to find out these criteria set aside by GoPro to make a student qualified for their discounts.

How to qualify for GoPro Student Discounts?

In order to be eligible for GoPro’s student discounts, there are a number of criteria that need to be met by the student. These include: 

  • Shopping directly from GoPro’s website.
  • Signing up with UniDays.
  • Verify your status by providing an official university email address.

Upon completion of verification, you will be given access to an exclusive 20% student discount for every device you buy from GoPro. 

There’s also the need to re-verify your status per month. This will give you access to a new 20% off promo code for each month. 

How to sign up on UniDays?

Before we list the steps to setting up an UniDays account for students, let’s look at how to be qualified for a UniDays account.

To qualify for a UniDays account, you must:

  • Be a student who attends college or university.
  • Be given a student’s institution email address or credit card style student ID, that is issued directly by your institution.
  • Be above the age of 16.
  • Have a personal email address (it’s an alternative to your student email address provided by your institution).
The following steps can be taken to sign up on UniDays:

Step One – Visit their official website,

Step Two – Navigate to “Join now”, and click.

Step Three – Input your personal email address, and the password you will use to access your UniDays account. Choose your gender.

Step Four – Click on “Join now”.

There! You just created a UniDays account. Note that, you will need to verify your student status later, by providing the name of your institution, and your student email address is given to you by your institution.

There’s also the option of verifying via your school’s student portal.

How to get the most out of GoPro Students’ Discounts?

Originally, GoPro’s student discount has been made available for use only when you’re shopping directly from their website online. However, to spice things up, GoPro allows students to combine the 20% off discount with sales, and even free shipping. According to them, it will help students save more at GoPro.

As earlier stated, GoPro gives a new 20% off promo code every month for students. Hence, students need to re-verify their status once each month, to enjoy these monthly discounts. 

How to Avail yourself to GoPro Students Discounts? 

In order not to miss when these discount promos are on, different ways have been listed below for students to keep an eye on the discounts. These include: 

  • Checking GoPro’s coupon page. Students are advised to visit the Broke Scholar GoPro coupon codes page. This page updates the up-to-date sales and deals of GoPro. Don’t forget to bookmark the page, to ensure that you keep an eye out for more offers and discount alerts provided with time.
  • Following GoPro on social media. GoPro often drops special and exclusive deals on their social media platforms like their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.
  • Checking on retailers like Amazon for GoPro items. It is worth noting that Amazon makes GoPro products available at discounted prices, although only their prime members can get free shipping.

In conclusion, due to the fact that GoPro’s devices are of high quality, their prime offers are somewhat more expensive than what students can afford. This led to the provision of a 20% discount for their devices purchased by students.

However, these purchases have to be made online directly via the company’s website. Also, students need to have a verified UniDays account. After verification, these students are given access to everything they need to capture moments of their lives in high quality.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Does GoPro offer monthly discount promos for students?

As a way of helping students to save more on GoPro, GoPro offers monthly discount promo codes for students. But, these students would have to re-verify themselves monthly to use these discounts.

  1. Can someone below the age of 16 open an UniDays account?

No. The age limit set aside by UniDays to have an account with them is over 16 years old.

GoPro Student Discount

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