Does Quiktrip Fill Propane Tanks?- Exchanging and Refilling

Introduction Paragraph 

Quiktrip doesn’t just sell useful products at pocket-friendly prices; they also offer essential services to maintain the products you purchase. Keep that piece of information in mind when asking the question if Quiktrip fills propane tanks. Nonetheless, this is what we found out. Let’s know ‘Does Quiktrip Fill Propane Tanks?’

Does Quiktrip Fill Propane Tanks?

Answer Paragraph 

You can fill your propane tanks and buy your gas at any Quiktrip gas station outlets closest to you. Quiktrip has a widely published guarantee on fuel products purchased from their stations. Some stations also offer an exchange of empty propane tanks for full ones at very affordable prices. 

Exchanging and Refilling

Our recommendation will be for you to refill your tanks as opposed to exchanging the tanks – unless, of course, your tank is out of date, at which point it becomes illegal to fill them. Most exchange services offered by gas outlets and stations offer approximately 5lbs less than the total capacity of your tank. Hence, our recommendation. 

Initially, the only option for filling your propane tanks was the local gas stations. Now, hardware stores all over the country offer exchange services – the same as in Quiktrip. In all fairness, the exchange services are more convenient for the average American as it is less time-consuming and suitably fit into the country’s fast-paced lifestyle. But the prices varied and were slightly higher than refilling. 

Titbits on Exchange Services

For the stores, exchange services have always been an economically wise decision. There is an increased chance that customers who come to the store for this service will purchase another product or service. Think about it, if you were accustomed to spending fifteen minutes in the gas station to fill your tanks but now must pick up for an exchange in less than five minutes, you are more likely to enter the store to cross out more things on your to-do list. So, for the hardware, what’s not to love? 

Cons of the Exchange Services

However, there have been some subtle disadvantages to this new service – and it has gone unnoticed for so long by most Americans. 

  • Exchange for a partially full tank. 

Suppose you have just one tank (which is the case with the average American); you probably won’t wait till you run entirely out before refilling it. You only have to top up what you have leftover with refilling and pay for the equivalent price conversion. However, when you exchange your propane tanks, you are paying for a full tank irrespective of what you have left. On an estimate, a 20 lb tank has a total propane capacity of 4.7 gallons at a $3.93 per gallon rate. 

It is essential to state that this comparison only works on the presumption that your exchanged tank was filled to maximum capacity – which isn’t always so. 

  • Customers have had to pay for more than they are getting

Most companies that offer exchange services currently fill your tank to 15 lbs. This fiasco started a couple of years back when the price of propane went up, and the companies pulled a marketing stunt that inferred it was easier on the customers to be 5 lbs down rather than pay at the new rates. However, the exchange capacity stayed at 15 lbs after the prices went down. 

To offset the possible backlash from the public, the companies published that it was safer to fill these tanks to 15 lbs capacity to provide room for the gas to expand. However, the expansion of gases has always been factored in with the initial capacity. A propane tank filled with up to 20 lbs has a 20% space for expanding gases. 

Your Best Bet – Refilling your Tanks!

Per our recommendation, refilling is the best way to go. However, it would be best to use exchange programs when your tank is expired. Remember, it becomes illegal to fill tanks that are out of certification. Interestingly, regardless of your choice, you can run both at Quiktrip. 


Quiktrip offers you outstanding services regardless of your choice to refill your tank or exchange it. Although not all locations of Quiktrip offer both services, you will be able to get either option at most of its service outlets. Given the widely published guarantee of Quiktrip on their products and services, they are a safe bet. In case of issues with filling or exchanging your propane tanks, you can contact the support team here

Frequently Asked Questions 

Question 1: How much does Quiktrip charge for propane tank refilling?

The rate you are charged depends on the refill price, which mostly ranges between $3 to $4.

Question 2: How much do propane tanks cost at Quiktrip?

The price of propane tanks depends on the model you wish to purchase. Quiktrip sells tanks from third-party suppliers, hence has no monopoly over the price rates.

Question 3: What other stores fill propane tanks?

You can fill your tanks at other stores such as Amerigas, U-Haul, Ferrellgas, Ace Hardware, among others. 

Does Quiktrip Fill Propane Tanks?- Exchanging and Refilling

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