Guide to Return Target Camera- read to know

Target appears to be an ideal place when you want variations in any sort of item, including a Camera. From top brands to average, you can get the camera suitable for your taste at Target. But, what if the camera you bought at home is not what you needed? Meaning, as we can make a few mistakes, you might have paid for the wrong camera. Now, are you wondering what Target’s Camera Return Policy is? it is an Guide to Return Target Camera.

Guide to Return Target Camera

The recent update in the return policy showed more benefits for Red card holders. Normal users can return the camera as long as it is not used, damaged and opened. Yet, If the 30 day period is over, you can not return the camera. 

Meanwhile, Target Circle membership holders get the time expanded up to 60 days. Without receipt, having a substitute proof is enough for returning. For accurate guidelines, have a look at the content below!

How to Return Target Camera Without Receipts?

Nikon, Canon, Fujifilm Instax, Limit, GoPro, Panasonic and almost all brands deal in Target’s Camera Return Policy. You can visit the store to return the camera with any brand if you have alternative proof of buying it. How to Return Target Camera?:Guide to Return Target Camera

  • Visit the store you bought the camera from. Have a word with the cashier on the counter about the issue. He will ask for alternative proof, and provide him with the same. Give him time to confirm.
  • Then, let him assist you and give a piece of advice for your convenience. Hear him out . Although Target is one independent brand, the working inside the system may differ.
  • Follow the instructions provided by the staff . Target staff is usually kind enough to assist you if you get stuck anywhere.
  • You can either opt for a refund or a new camera. In any case of difference in the prices, the staff will make the changes .

Cameras bought with the help of MasterCard, Visa, American Express  confirmed immediately. Usual cards can get recognised as long as the bank is co-operating. Payment history and online receipt from the same bank can act as fine proof. If you bought the camera with cash, the store will pass on the credit equal to the camera’s recently updated sale price. Tip – do not forget to bring along the card you used for buying the Camera.

The easiest way to Return

The simplest way to refund your cameras to Target is by meeting with the Customer Service Team. Instead of making a call for the team, prefer consulting in person. They are usually located inside the store. The Target store you bought the camera from will have one too. Ask on the counter if you couldn’t find them yourself.

This is a popular method because it does not ask for a restocking fee. You can save money. But, you have to show them the real receipt or the auto-generated barcode. The barcode method will be useful only if you bought the camera online. You can find the barcode receipt through your Order History. Note – they will ask for an extra verification ID. Take an active Photo ID issued by the government along with you.

If you have not made it clear that you want an exchange, the cashier will presume you need a refund. They will opt for a direct refund. You will get the money with the same method you paid for the camera. The staff will ask for your patience for 5 working days for the refund to process. In any case of delay, you can contact the store immediately. It is always essential to pay using cards and apps which will be valid for a long time.

How to Return Camera after 30 days of its sale?

Return requests after 30 days of purchase of the cameras are not acceptable. But, there are certain exceptions for the same. If you are a Target Member, even if a recently joined one, they will increase the time. You will be able to return the camera within 60 days after the purchase. 


You can return the Cameras to Target as long as you accept the conditions by the store. The 30-day return span expands if you opt for a Target Red card. To be on the safe side, always keep the receipt of big payments with you. If not for the in-hand payment, then save the receipts from the bank as payment proof.Thats all about Guide to Return Target Camera.


  • Will I be able to return a damaged camera?

No. One of the conditions put forth by the Target Brand includes this point. You are not supposed to cause any kind of damage to any part of the camera. If the camera shows signs of damage, Target will deny the return request.

  • Will I be able to return the camera if I do not have any proof?

If you do not have the receipt, carry the bank payment receipt or any other alternative proof. If you don’t have any of the remove, then Target will not accept your return request.

  • Can cameras purchased through gift cards be returned?

Yes. If you have the original gift for the sale then use it. If you do not have it, go for the payment or sale receipt. If you do not have any of the aforesaid, you will not be able to return the camera.

Guide to Return Target Camera- read to know

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