Walmart Customer Value Associate- read to know

Do you want to earn along with your studies? Are you looking for part-time job? But you can’t find one because all jobs are full-time and require higher qualifications. Not to worry, we have a solution for you. Walmart, an American multinational retail corporation that control a series of hypermarkets discount department and grocery stores, provides a job opportunity that is highly valued among freshers and students. It is called Walmart Customer Value Associate.

Walmart Customer Value Associate

What is Walmart Customer Value Associate?

A Walmart Customer Value Associate is a person who is responsible for daily back-end functions in Walmart store. He needs to be good in communicating with the customers. His primary function is to take care of auditing merchandise, stocking, pricing inventory. He is just like a general merchandiser. If the associate is at sales floor, the he has to take care of barcodes scanning, locating items, assisting customers and many more things. He has to be friendly and trustworthy to the customers. He needs to provide excellent customer services.

Skills and Qualifications

Since the Customer Value Associate is a job that requires a person to do handheld jobs, therefore, he should have a basic Diploma (Class 12th) or 16 years of schooling. He needs to be good with technology, at least he is able to do some basic technology and computer work. A drivers license is also a must for this job.

This jib requires the associate to interact with customers, hence he should be soft-spoken, excellent in communication skills, conflict handling capacity and the ability to handle customers properly and efficiently. 

Since this job is a customer’s job, therefore a person should have personality characteristics like empathy, listening ability, capability to organize work and friendly and helpful to customers. 

Apart from these skills, the Associate should be good in reading, basic mathematics and writing. Although Walmart gives a training period to Associate and then they are asked to join the work, but these are some of the extra qualities that one can possess while keeping the work load in mind:

  1. Be precise about products and its details
  2. Able to stand up for 8hours a day
  3. Capable to pick up around 40 pounds
  4. Good concentration skills

Walmart has also made space for disabled people and hence now, they can also apply for the same.

Steps to become A Walmart Customer Value Associate

Step-1: Either visit Walmart careers website or visit the local Walmart store to apply for the job

Step-2: If applying online, click on “Search for Job” button at the top of the page.

Step-3: Use the search function then to find the desired role for desired location.

Step-4: Review the job descriptions and qualifications for the same and then click apply button.

Step-5: A pop-up will appear that will allow you to fill your application with the help of your resume or logging in to your Linkedin Id.

After the application is submitted and your profile is created, it will undergo a process of screening and background checks, after which the selected candidates will be called for an interview.

Some basics task required to be done by Customer Value Associate

  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Following company’s protocol to promote healthy, safe and hygienic environment
  • Reviewing the work and checking price changes and stocking merchandise
  • Keeping products at their place.
  • Keeping a check on the merchandise of the store

Salary of a Customer Value Associate

The workers are paid on the basis of hours. The average salary for an associate is $14 per hour, though the salary ranges from $12 to $16 depending on the expertise and experience of a person. For instance, a person with low experience will require more training with less responsibilities will have low salary while an Associate with experience will need less training and more responsibilities, hence will be paid higher.

Dress Code for an Associate

Walmart follows particular dress codes for their employees and they are need to be dressed accordingly. All the staff members have different dress codes and hence the dress code for a Customer Value Associate is also different.

To encourage more customer friendly environment, the Associates are required to come in casuals but there are certain norms for casuals:

  • Tight fitted clothes and no loose outfits
  • No rugged jeans
  • Dark color preferable
  • Closed toe-shoes with a steel toe.

Walmart also provides the Associates with their vests that they can wear. All the above requirements are made keeping in mind the necessity and requirement for the work in the department store.


To summarize, Walmart Customer Value Associate is a good job for a person who is a fresher or a student. The following job is part-time and does not require higher qualifications that make it employee-friendly. The basic day-to-day work are easy and simple to do. Hence, this job can become a great opportunity to earn some side income that can help you to meet your daily basic needs.

Although, the job is a bit challenging but its best for a person who is organized, precise, dedicated and determined.

Walmart Customer Value Associate- read to know

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