Does Lowe’s Install Dishwasher?-How To Register For It?

As a Home Improvement Retailer, it provides installation services for dishwashers purchased from their online or offline retail store. To ensure the work satisfaction of customers and installers, the company provides proper training and licenses, if applicable. The customer can book an appointment by filling up an online registration form or contacting customer service.Now we will briefly read Does Lowe’s Install Dishwasher?

Does Lowe’s Install Dishwasher?
Does Lowe’s Install Dishwasher?

Founded in 1946, Lowe’s is a customer-focused, on-demand home improvement service provider serving a customer base of 20 million in a week spread across the United States and Canada. It aggregates and teams up with qualified independent installers hired after a sincere background check. The company focuses on five key areas and is determined to provide dedicated value-added services to its massive customer base. 

  1. Professional services 
  2. Online assistance
  3. Installation services
  4. Localization
  5. Assortment

There are three different channels of the registration process that helps customers raise a request for the installation services at their convenience. 

  • A customer can fill up an online registration form 
  • Visit the nearest store (
  • Contact the customer care associates over the phone

It also provides financing options to deliver the services at the right time for the right price. The knowledge pool of corporate associates and talented thinkers has the expertise of educating customers with well-researched and comprehensively written buying guides. The buying guides and independent professional installers assist the customers in understanding the supply lines essential for the smooth execution of the project. 

The team of experts meticulously curates recommended installation kits that a customer might require before installation. The warranty services on installation assure an additional benefit of year-long maintenance. 

How is the installation service provided? 

If you have made a recent purchase of a dishwasher from Lowe’s and want to install it by a well-trained installer, then you will have to register separately for the service on the official website of Lowe’s. 

Visit the official website and fill up a small registration form by providing your basic credentials. You can also call the customer care service (1-8004456937) and set up an appointment over the phone. You can also purchase the additional installation kits and supply lines required for installation from their online website. After booking an appointment, they will deliver the installation kit to your place. An independent installer will visit your location to complete the installation process. The independent installer will: 

  • Help to connect the dishwasher to plumbing and electrical
  • Test the new dishwasher to ensure proper function

The next step would be to test the installation by the team to ensure the service quality and safety. Learn more about the installer licenses and certifications by Lowe’s.

Does Lowe’s provide any additional financing options for services? 

The company has a well-designed strategy of customer enablement for its commercial and consumer segment. They provide several financing options such as:

  • Lease to own no-credit-needed option.
  • Early purchase payment schemes with additional discounts on the remaining bill amount. 
  • Advantage card offers discounts, fixed monthly payment financing, and convenient billing and invoicing options. 

*Subject to credit approval. 

What is the cost of the installation service? 

The fee for installation service of Lowe’s ranges between $125 to $450. The fee amount is decided based on a few factors:

  • Location
  • Old dishwasher location or a new space. 
  • Prior preparation for the installation. 

Does Lowe’s provide haul-away services for the old dishwasher? 

Lowe’s also provides appliance delivery and haul away service for your old dishwasher at an additional cost according to the local disposal fee. There will also be an additional recycling fee. They waive off the recycling fee for their registered Pro Customers. Learn more about the appliance delivery and haul away services. 

How should I prepare myself before installation? 

To be prepared for the installation, ensure:

  • Purchase the supply lines and power cords required for installation or as recommended by the associate. 
  • The water valve shut-off must be available at a distance of six feet from the location of the appliance. 
  • Clear all pathways leading to the installation space. 
  • Empty and unplug the old appliance. 
  • Confine the pets in separate areas away from the installation space.  

Limited warranty option on installation

In addition to the warranty provided by the manufacturer of the dishwasher, Lowe’s will provide limited warranty options to guarantee the installation service provided by their well-trained independent installer. The duration of this warranty period is one year from the date of task completion. 


Lowe’s offers the accurate combination of the right tools and resources that you require to install your new dishwasher. Please note that their installation services are separate from delivery services and need a separate appointment.

You need to ensure that you have purchased the tools and kits required during installation. Clear the installation space and make all the necessary preparations mentioned above to ensure a smooth installation. 

Does Lowe’s Install Dishwasher?-How To Register For It?

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