Does Roto-Rooter have a camera?

“When you are into something, try to make the best out of it”. And that’s exactly what the company promises. The best experience to the customer with their supreme services. Roto-Rooter plumbing work has been one of the most famous services for decades and is still on the top. The camera is one of the major parts of the rod which the service providers carry to look deep inside the pipeline which helps in diagnosing the cause and treating efficiently also in cheaper ways as well. Let’s have a look at ‘Does Roto-Rooter have a camera?’.

Does Roto-Rooter have a camera?

Does Roto-Rooter have a camera?

Roto-Rooter Plumbing and Water Clean-up services provide a wide range of products & services meeting up to their customer’s demands & yes it’s completely true that the company uses cameras. Not for that social media kimono stuff but they owe it for real and also owe the popularity because of their perfect works.

Now you might be thinking,

What’s the use of cameras for a drainage company?

  • The actual use of the cameras that such companies use and the one Roto-Rooter uses is for the proper detection of the exact problem of the sewer pipes with least bothering their customers.

These special cameras that the company uses are:

  • completely waterproof cameras,
  • helps in recording the location of the problem,
  • the severity of the problem can be seen as the cameras are connected via optic fibers

That so-called rod thing which is completely flexible and at the other end it’s connected to a screen may be a tab which gives a clear view of the inner thing. These fiber optic cameras give a clear picture of the underground sewer lines if anything gets stuck inside or if there is any problem of leakage or cracks in the underground pipelines.

Think-in Deep:-

The camera with the help of the rod goes inside the sewer pipes and through the screen with which it is attached giving a clear view and helping in leading the path moving inside the pipeline and detecting the problem.

Problems might be of the kind like:-

  • Punctures, 
  • Creaks, 
  • Corrosion, 
  • Root intrusion,
  • Misaligned pipe sections   
  • will also identify leaks, grease buildup, or any kind of obstructions that are blocking the way.

The camera also contains a location indicator which directly communicates with the locator outside and helps the plumbers to know the exact location from where they need to start. The indicator also gives information about the depth where the camera is and upto where the workers need to drill inside.

The cameras have transmitters which also help the plumbers to have an idea or plan a way out of that problem.

Readers Friendly Examples:-

Different people have their own different ways to understand things, so let’s try & make some of you understand the camera concept more clearly. For our elderly and parent generation readers, let’s say it is a camera which is doing the work of our eyes by directly seeing the pipe’s condition by going inside it. For some young minds this kind of explanation might be boring so for them x-ray or even endoscopy words may create some curiosity. Yes this technique can be compared to that of endoscopy just as doctors view the inside condition of our body by looking inside through the inserted camera, here the plumbers do the same by looking inside the sewer pipe lines and treating that.

More about the Company:-

Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Drain Service, a company providing sewer and drain services, plumbing works & its repairing, water damage cleanup services. It’s a 1935 US company which was traditionally specialized in clearing – tree roots and other obstructions at sewer lines.

Doubts you might be having :-

1: Why the camera?

To have an inside view of the underground sewer lines and detect the problem without creating much damage to the property. This technique is user-friendly and makes the customer happy.

2: What is the use of such expensive cameras for sewer work?

Yes, the cameras for the purpose are a bit costlier but good quality of camera helps in having a more clear view of the problem inside the pipe line underground. Such cameras are of very good qualities and with a clear picture of the inside, they also have transmitters fitted inside which guide the location and the depth the camera has gone.

3: Is the camera used, colored or black & white?

Earlier the cameras used were black & white but now with the advancement in the technology these cameras used gives a colored view on the screen.


The cameras used by the companies are of good quality and also pretty costly because obviously, any company does not want to dissatisfy their customers so they do not compromise with the quality of their work and give the customers full satisfaction with proper comfort during the procedure. Since the introduction of cameras in this field, yeah the technology here we are talking about which provides us with comfort and the company uses for the quality and to ease their work has simplified the work so greatly.


1: What is the price range of Roto-Rooter plumbing services?

It completely depends on the severity of the problem which is hidden inside your sewer lines. It charges between $160–$450 for common plumbing (according to Angie’s List)

2: What exactly does the common plumbing work mean to the company? 

Common problems like dripping faucets, line repairs, or clogged drains.

Does Roto-Rooter have a camera?

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