Where Does Grocery Store’s Meat Come From?-Read more

Since meat or beef is like a food accessory that most citizens of the United States use to cook, nobody takes time to check where it is gotten from. Although some individuals are vegetarians who may or may not include meat in their meals, they rather eat leafy vegetables. There are different types of meat, gotten from different domestic animals in the United States. The United States is the world’s largest producer of meat, alongside poultry, and also the biggest consumer. For most of their events across the year, individuals in the US use tons of meat, chicken, and Turkey to cook. Grocery Store’s in the United States may get their meat, alongside poultry products from slaughtering and packaging companies in Arkansas and Colorado, like Cargill and Tyson Foods Inc.

Where Does Grocery Store's Meat Come From?

Sometimes grocery store’s sell frozen meat, which were given tendering time from the slaughterhouse. The butchers may also put some chemicals to preserve the meat during processing time, before sending them to different stores. 

What grocery stores sell organic meat/beef, chicken, and pork?

Since multiple individuals are embracing the new trend of healthy eating, most stores and supermarkets only bring in fresh foods for their customers. Publix is a privately owned supermarket corporation that sells fresh meat without added hormones or antibiotics from animals, during the grooming period. They feed the animals a natural diet and add no chemicals during slaughter. 

Whole Foods is one of the few organic markets that is validated by animal welfare due to the quality and authenticity of their meats. The meats are fresh and the animals are fed with natural vegetarian diets. Wegmans is also a private grocery company approved by USDA and Humane Animal Farm Care. Its chain of stores only sells organic meats, without pumps of antibiotics and other chemicals, during grooming or slaughtering. 

What are the types of meat?

There are three major categories of meat namely pork, beef, and poultry. The pork is the meat from a Pig slaughter, which contains vitamin B1, alongside Omega-6 fatty acids. Pork is one of the most popular types of meat in grocery stores because it Is filled with flavor and is easy to prepare. It is also used to make bacon, which is a popular food in the United States. 

Poultry constitutes Chicken, Turkey, and sometimes Duck. Chicken is one of the most prominent meals in the US, especially for lunch. It is low in fat and high in protein if there are no pumped chemicals. Fried Chicken, Roasted Chicken or Grilled Chicken servings are meals you can cook for lunch or dinner in your household. Turkey is also a popular meal, especially for national occasions like Thanksgiving dinner, Easter and Christmas. 

Beef or red meat is only healthy if the animals are grass-fed during grooming. It is also beneficial when eaten in small portions. 

What are some certified meat slaughtering and packaging companies that supply to grocery stores?

  • Tyson Foods Inc. 

Tyson Foods is America’s biggest poultry company and the world’s second-largest meat slaughtering and packaging company. Although the company has seen some recent scandals that almost dwindled its certainty, Tyson Foods supplies frozen and packaged meats to many grocery stores across the United States. Through some federal aid, the company has been able to pull through the scandals and keep the supplies going.

  • Cargill

Cargill, which is an authorized US-based slaughtering private company, stocks poultry and farm products to grocery stores. The corporation supplies organic meats to these supermarkets after passing the basic standard testing for animal meat. Livestock or crop farmers can own stock from the company. 

  • National Beef Packing

Aside from the company JBS USA which has had numerous lawsuits and illegal practices raised against them, the National Beef Packing also has some illegal practice stands. Like JBS, a Brazilian also owns the National Beef Packing company with the Parent company in Kansas. NBP delivers frozen meat to some grocery stores in the United States. 

How do I know the best type of meat when I go to my local store?

Always look for federal animal slaughter or product quality certification in any store with frozen foods. You could ask any employee about their meat and for only grass-fed meat. Meats or animals that were not grain-fed have thinner bones and thinner bones, alongside the structure. So, a customer can also check pumped fat with the size of the meat.


Since meat is an important accessory in a meal and many individuals are starting to eat healthily, it is essential for grocery store’s to only stock meat without artificial pumps. That way, customers know that they are buying fresh meat from an organic farm or slaughterhouse. 

Where Does Grocery Store’s Meat Come From?-Read more

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