Asics First Responder Discount

The first responder discount loyalty program provided by retail stores to the persons classified as first responders by the store enables the store to attract more customers in need of the products and services they are offering to buy from them. The store has to ensure their target market is aware of the availability of the discount and they understand the terms and conditions set by the store in the discount program. To know about ‘Asics First Responder Discount’ – keep reading!

Asics First Responder Discount

Asics First Responder Discount

Asics is offering first responders a 40% discount on eligible goods they buy from The first responders have to verify their status to receive the discount code and visit to shop for the eligible products and apply the discount code during checkout. The discount is a way of Asics showing its gratitude and appreciation for their services. Asics has to determine the persons eligible, the percentage of the discount, where to buy items, terms and conditions, and the limitations that apply to the first responder discount. 


Persons eligible for this discount 

To be eligible and benefit from the Asics first responder discounts, an individual has to be a firefighter, doctor, nurse, paramedic, law enforcement officer, or Emergency Medical technician with identification documents to prove their first responder status. 

The verification process for this discount 

For the first responder to be qualified for Asics first responder discounts, they first have to visit and click on Verify First Responder Status on the discount information page. One will be redirected to a SheerID form that they will need to fill out their first responder status whether they are firefighters, EMTs, or police officers, the organization they are working with, first and last names, date of birth, valid email address, and then click on Verify My First Responder Status. An individual will receive a discount code that they will use when buying items on 

How to use Asics first responder discount?

After a first responder has received the discount code in their email address, they have to visit, shop for their preferred items then proceed to checkout. During checkout, an individual will enter the discount code before paying for their items and the discount will be deducted from the eligible items selling price. 


The first responders using the Asics discount code save once the discount is applied on the selling price of items that qualify for the discount program bought from

First responders can feel a sense of belonging, care, and appreciation from Asics when they are qualified to benefit from the discount.  


  • An individual cannot use the discount they have received to make purchases in Asics stores since the discount is limited to sales only from 
  • The discount one receives from Asics has an expiry date and one needs to take note of the date since after that the discount will be invalid and cannot be applied to any purchase made on
  • The Asics first responder discounts are only available to first responders in the United States and Puerto Rico. Hence, if one is not working in these two locations will not qualify for the discount. 
  • An individual who has qualified for the Asics first responder discounts cannot apply the discount when they are purchasing commercial products or use the discount for a purchase made by another individual. 
  • An individual cannot use the discount with other promotions or rewards received from Asics to purchase eligible products. They are to be used for separate purchases. 
  • Asics first responder discounts cannot b applied when an individual is buying gift cards, gift certificates, clearance sale items, or goods that a customer had purchased previously.  The discount is not redeemable for cash or transferrable to a third party.  
  • The Asics first responder discounts cannot be split into multiple purchases made by a customer hence the discount can only be used once and to use a discount again, an individual has to re-verify their status to receive another discount to use. 

Terms and conditions

Asics has a right to determine the products to be included in the first responder discount program, the discount percentage, and the period the program will run without anyone’s discretion.

An eligible individual can receive the Asics first responder discount a maximum of four times within 30 days and the person has to verify their status each time to receive the discount code.  

Only the individual who is classified as first responders in the Asics first responder discount program can qualify for the reduced selling price of eligible products bought at  


Asics providing first responder discounts to eligible persons ensures the first responders can afford to buy items from them while providing an opportunity to reward them and enable them to save for the service and sacrifices they make for their communities. 

Asics First Responder Discount

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