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The student discount is a marketing strategy used by retail stores to reward students’, increase the number of students shopping with them, and increase their sales. The rules and regulations to be followed when granting and applying the discount are set by the retail stores and must be followed by all eligible students and the retail stores. 

OPTUS Student Discount

Optus offers students a 10% discount for the purchase of SIM plans and interest-free repayments for mobile phones. This provides students an opportunity to save more with every purchase at Optus and get to enjoy Optus products and services. The students have to be eligible to qualify for the student discount and must adhere to the conditions provided.  

Contents of Optus student discount

Eligibility for Optus student discount 

To be eligible for an Optus student discount, the student needs to be 18 years and above in college or university.  

  1. How to get an Optus student discount 

To access the Optus student discount, the students visit https://www.optus.com.au/studenthub where they will be able to enter their students’ email address if the email address is valid, the discount promotion code will be displayed for the student to use when making purchases at Optus and they will be required to choose the plan and device eligible for the discount and required to enter the promotion code during checkout for the discount to be applied on the purchase price. 

Offers under Optus student discount 

Optus offers different offers under the Optus student discount which include SIM plans, Home internet plans, and Mobile phones. The details of the plans and their features are outlined below.

SIM plans 

They are different types of SIM plans available for the students to choose from depending on their preferences and their budget. This includes Small Optus Choice Plus Plan 20 GB, Medium Optus Choice Plus Plan 80GB, Large Optus Choice Plus Plan 200GB, and Extra Large Optus Choice Plus Plan 240GB. 

The plans retail at a different fee per month with the students getting a 10% discount. All the plans include access to a 5G network, data sharing, nonstop data use after reaching one data allowance with data speed of up to 1.5Mbps, get extra unlimited data for $5 using Optus App, unlimited talk, and texting within Australia and use the data to subscribe to Optus. 

Mobile phones 

Optus offers eligible students’ mobile phones brands at students discounts. The students can acquire different models of Samsung Galaxy, Apple phones, ZTE, Motorolla, Google, or Oppo. 

The phones are offered to students by Optus interest-free with a maximum repayment period of up to 36 months enabling the students to be able to repay affordably. 

Home internet plan 

The customer using Optus home internet plans gets to benefit from one month of free 4G internet and also save $10 whether they are on 24 months plan or a Month-on-Month plan. 

Terms and conditions

A student with an Optus student discount on their home internet plan can only use a modem bought from Optus to be able to enjoy using the 4G internet and the SIM card must always be in the modem. 

Optus will offer eligible students a 10% discount off the SIM Plans for 12 months. The discount cannot be combined with other rewards a student has received from Optus and cannot be transferred to a third party. 

Optus has a right to make changes in the terms and conditions under the Home internet plan, mobile phone plan, and SIM plan and will notify the student of the change 30 days before the change or modification is applied.  

Optus has set up select international destinations where the student can make international calls or texts using the mobile phones and devices plan which include Brazil, Brunei, Cambodia, Canada, Mainland China, Columbia, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Laos, Lebanon, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Romania, Singapore, South Korea, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, USA, and Vietnam. 


Optus gets to benefit from an increase in the number of students purchasing plans with them for them to save and enjoy their preferred plans. The increase in the number of customers increases Optus sales and income and also increases the visibility of the Optus brand among the students who refer their fellow students to Optus. 

The students who purchase Optus mobile phones and devices plans get to acquire mobile phones of their choice from Optus and benefit from interest-free financing and an extended repayment period that makes them pay affordably.

The 10% discount given to students enables them to save more even as they get to enjoy the various plans from Optus. 


The Optus student discount allows Optus to increase its reach to the students’ community and enable the students to save with every purchase. Optus reserves the right to change, modify, or alter any part of the Optus student discount and can also not grant a discount to a student if their eligibility is contested.  

OPTUS Student Discount

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