Where Does Elk Meat Come From? – Know More

Many people care a lot to know about the source of elk meat. That could be because you want to know how nutritional it is or probably if the source is worth your eating. 

Elk meat is one form of Venison, commonly known as a lump of meat from the Deer. Elk is considered one of the larger species of Deer. The elk species is only outnumbered in population by the North American Moose.  

Where Does Elk Meat Come From?

It is equally important to know the nutritional benefits, safe eating, health benefits, delight, and many other things about it. This article is solely designed to give you all you should know about elk. How safe it is, its nutritional values, where to buy it, its cost, which countries you can find it, and many other important details.

Are the elk sourcing Venison hunted or reared on farms?

All the elk meat was obtained from reared Venison. They are reared on specific farms, they are not hunted. They are entirely not wild-caught nor hunted.   

Notwithstanding, meat from hunted animals is not licensed for marketing as it may be covered by a lot of safety uncertainties. The animals are also mostly under hunting regulations, therefore any attempt to hunt them could be leveled as a breach of laws.   

What is used to feed the meat-producing animals?

Ordinarily, the farmed elk meat animals, are usually fed with abundant grass, and alfalfa diet, and sometimes grain supplements. They are also fed with other plant products such as wet or dry hay depending on their dietary and management needs. Other supplements such as corn, oats or barley, and potatoes may also be used to feed them.

Taste of elk meat

The elk meat is told to be delicious in many food preparations. It is also diverse when it comes to its significance in preparing food types. Many also say that food prepared with a lump of elk meat gives an attractive look for eating and an impressive aroma. 

Special things about elk meat

There are many exclusive things to tell you about elk meat. Nowadays, the safety of any food product and how it manifests in bodybuilding is one paramount thing. Nutritive values, the origin of the food source, and many other things are very interesting to know for any food product. With elk meat, you get these special values: 

  1. Comparing Beef and elk Meat, the elk is much Healthier
  2. It is known to be high in protein and Low in Fat
  3. It is Naturally and Delicious
  4. The animals where the elk meat is sourced are raised with Pasture and Grasses 
  5. It has no Growth Hormones, no Antibiotics, or Steroids
  6. The meat can suit the preparation of several dishes
  7. The meat is excellently hygienic

How to shop for elk meat?

You can shop a lump of meat here https://eatelkmeat.com/elk-meat-for-sale/. Your order could be placed online or get to any elk meat selling outlet near you and buy. It is also found in many supermarkets. If you find issues buying it from the supermarket, I advise that you place your orders online.

Where to shop for elk meat?

You can shop for a lump of elk meat from any of the following sources. Just click and continue with your shopping.


You can also shop online through any of the following: 

1. Steaks and Game

2. Fossil Farms

3. Gourmet Food Store

Which country can I find elk meat in?

It is present in many countries. If you have trouble finding a lump of this meat in your country, just shop for it online through any of Steaks and Game, Fossil Farms, or Gourmet Food Store. 

People from the US, Canada, and New Zealand can watch the meat gallery and place orders online at: 


How much does It cost?

The price of elk meat varies depending on its size and weight but typically, the cost is relatively cheap to buy. For example, an elk Top Round costs just $15.00 per lb. An elk Tenderloin also costs just $22.90 per lb.

It could be referenced from the Saskatchewan Agriculture and Food Department that an elk meat’s average retail prices range from about $2.00 per pound to around $18.90 per pound a tenderloin.

How to place International orders for elk meat?

To place an international order, please contact our customer service by phone (800.543.MEAT) or e-mail at info@jhbuffalomeat.com. In the US, you can also contact the customer service unit at No. 1325 South Highway 89, Jackson, WY 83001 or simply call these numbers: (307) 733-4159, (800) 543-6328. For more information on how to reach us for orders, you can visit https://jhbuffalomeat.com/pages/contact-us. 

Did I get my orders free?

The orders are not free but you can get free orders for all purchases greater than $350. Only online purchases are accepted under this offer.  info@jhbuffalomeat.com. 

Who can I contact for International Orders?

You can just contact (800.543.MEAT), or email your request to info@jhbuffalomeat.com. When you place your orders, you just have to wait not very long to get them at any collection point of your choice. 

Any discount on Elk?

You can get up to 10% off your purchase cost but the discount is not constant. You may access the discount or not at any time. 


Elk meat is sourced from Venison, also commonly recognized as a lump of meat from the Deer. Elk is considered one of the larger species of Deer. The elk species is only outnumbered in population by the North American Moose.  You can buy a lump of this meat in the store, or online at Steaks and Game, Fossil Farms, or Gourmet Food Store.

Where Does Elk Meat Come From? – Know More

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