Polaris Military And Veteran Discount-Learn More About It

Polaris inc. is an American manufacturer of motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, snowmobiles, and electric vehicles. The Company was established in 1954, and its headquarters are based in Medina, Minnesota. The Company also manufactures a range of vehicles used by the US government and allied forces in military affairs. Polaris appreciates the effort and sacrifice made by the US military in protecting the country through the Polaris Heroes Advantage. This program allows active military members, reservists, veterans, emergency first responders, and medical professionals to enjoy a discount of $500 accessories coupon if they buy a full-size side-by-side or a $250 voucher with the purchase of a full-size ATV.Are you a veteran, reservist, or one of those mentioned above and want to learn more about Polaris military and veteran discount? Read on this article has all you need to know

Polaris Military and Veteran Discount
Polaris Military and Veteran Discount

What is Polaris Heroes Advantage?

Polaris Hero’s advantage is time promotion targeting military service members, veterans, and other facilitators of peace and stability. This offer is validated by the purchase of specified machinery and equipment. The $500 bid is valid with purchasing any new and unregistered 2021 and 2022 RANGER, RZR, and GENERAL models. The $250 offer, on the other hand, is valid with the purchase of any new and unregistered 2021 and 2022 SPORTSMAN and SCRAMBLER models. With the RANGER model, one qualifies for a 2-year free promotional limited warranty that consists of a one-year factory warranty plus another year of limited promotional warranty.

Further qualification requires that the customer and the dealer be the residents of the qualifying states; these offers are redeemable when completing a good purchase. 

What do the $500 and $250 coupons mean?

For a validated customer, purchase of qualifying Polaris products guarantees the coupons that are redeemable with Polaris-branded accessories, parts, lubricants, garage, apparel, and other goods specified in the Polaris.com

How to check eligibility?

If you are active duty, National Guard, a Reserve, a Veteran, a Retiree, Military Spouse, or an immediate family member to a military person, then the offer is one-step ahead of you

 The offer is strictly advanced to the qualifying persons; thus, it is essential to verify if one is eligible by following the steps outlined below. 

  • Look up to ‘Verify with ID.me’  
  • Select your appropriate military affiliation (service members, veterans, retirees, etc.)
  • Select ‘My IDs’ and choose ‘Manage IDs’
  • Look for a Military card and select Add
  • The next page will require you to provide some information
  • Supply the documents as requested

How to know if the Verification is successful?

Upon successful confirmation of eligibility, you will receive a proof of validation email from Polaris if you have done it through the Polaris web page. Otherwise, you can print the verification results from ID.me, ensuring that it contains your name (must match with all your other documents), verification type, and verification date; you can then present the form to your local Polaris dealer to claim the offer

How to access the offer?

Polaris heroes advantage promotion is available both in-store and online. Customers can walk up to their Polaris favorite stores, make an inquiry, and see if they are eligible for the offer. Alternatively, customers can log in to Polaris online and follow a simple verification procedure. A confirmation email is sent to the customer upon successful Verification

How to redeem the offer?

Once the eligibility has been verified, purchase the qualifying items of your choice from Polaris. Currently, there are two items under the Polaris Heroes Advantage program: the 2021 or 2022 RANGER, RZR, or GENERAL model with a coupon of $500 in accessories and an additional warranty of 2 years. There’s also the 2021 or 2022 full-size ATV coming with a $250 voucher in free accessories 

Dealer redemption

The selected dealer plays a part in processing verified customer purchases. The dealer must log in to the coupon redemption site and enter the coupon code; he must also upload the verification email supplied by the customer and the bill of sale and a scanned copy of the customer’s military verification page from ID.me. For further processing, it is essential to note that the name on the documentation must match that on the bill of sale. Polaris requires that all offer redemptions be submitted online within 15 days after the sale of the qualifying product or a bit earlier.

In conclusion,

Polaris Inc offers a special discount for military service members, veteran, and retirees. These discounts are specific to 2022 off-road products, i.e., RANGERS, RZR, and GENERAL. Eligibility for these deals is majorly the documentation proving service done through ID.me.


  • For how long will the Polaris Heroes Advantage Last?

Polaris heroes advantage promotion is valid through 31 March 2022

  • What brands of Polaris vehicles qualify for the promotion?

The qualifying Polaris vehicles are; Polaris RANGER, GENERAL, Sportsman, RZR, Polaris North star Coolers, Pro Armor, and All Kolpin. 

  • Can the Polaris discounts be redeemed for cash?

No, Polaris discounts are only redeemable upon purchase of the qualifying products

Polaris Military And Veteran Discount-Learn More About It

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