Does Verizon Have a Retiremen Plan?

Verizon is an American multinational telecommunications company owned by Dow Jones Industrial Average. The company was founded on October 7, 1983, and its headquarters are based in 1095 Avenue of the Americas in Midtown Manhattan, New York City.This article is about Does Verizon Have a Retiremen Plan?

Does Verizon Have a Retiremen Plan?

Verizon has designed some retirement plans to help its employees cope with life after retirement in its quest to be customer-centered. This article shall discuss the pension plans and benefits offered by the company. If you want to learn more of these, read on.Does Verizon Have a Retirement Plan?keep reading

The Verizon Retirement plan

Verizon employees who retire at 55 are eligible for a pension plan designed to provide them with financial resources. In addition, the Verizon pension plan is combined with social security benefits, medical, dental, and retirement savings, ensuring a steady flow of income after retirement and giving a good check to unforeseen issues such as diseases.

Participation and service

All employees except those under management are eligible for the plan. The participation for these plans starts automatically upon reaching 21 for the Verizon employees. Those aged 18 and are employed by Verizon will have to complete one year of ERISA service upon completing one year of employment and with 1000  credit hours of service.

How benefits are determined?

Several formulas are used to determine the benefits entitled to an eligible retiree. Typically, the pension value is the sum of the basic monthly pension and supplemental monthly pension to applicable situations. 

Receiving pension benefits

Net credited service and age are eligibility requirements for receiving the service pension. Net credited service is the total number of years, days, and hours working for Verizon under the pension plan. The credit hours are earned while on the job, even on official vacations, leave, and sick days. The table below gives more description of credit hours. Verizon Have a Retiremen Plan

AgeNet credited hours
Any age 30 years or more
At least 5025 years or more
At least 5520 years or more
At least 60More than 15 years
At least 65More than ten years

Payment options

Payments are made automatically based on marital status unless the employee provides an optional method. The standard payments options consist of the single life annuity and joint and survivor annuity. 

  • The single life annuity caters to those employees who are single at the time of payment; their payments will be made on a regular monthly income for a lifetime, and the payments will not be extended to a beneficiary. 
  • On the other hand, joint and survivor annuity applies to married people as the payment begins. For this method, the standard payment method is a 50 percent joint implying that the plan will run a reduced monthly pension benefit which depends on whether both the married couples are still alive during the payment method. That is, the payments are made over two lifetimes 

Apart from the automatic payment methods, one can select the various optional methods available. To do this, one has to write to the Verizon offices and indicate their preferred method. Where applicable, the employee must provide a clear consent of the spouse when choosing an optional method

Benefits for survivors

The plan provides some benefit plans for the survivors; some of these plans are; 

  • The preretirement survivor death benefit provides a monthly pension survivor with the nominated beneficiary.
  • Lump-sum distribution rules are applicable in case of the participant’s death during the payment period or before the beginning of payment. In such a case, an immediate lump-sum distribution rule applies. This rule provides a one-time payment to the beneficiary, an amount that would have otherwise been broken into monthly bits to last a lifetime.

Other plans under the benefits are; automatic cash out of small benefit, which applies to pension, values less than $3,500 that are to be disbursed to the beneficiary in a lump sum 

Health benefits

Apart from the financial benefits, Verizon provides comprehensive, quality, and affordable healthcare under Benefits Connection, Anytime Enrollment, and WellConnect. Verizon provides its employees with a distinct part to health and wellness by providing gym packages.


All Verizon retirees are also eligible for discounts on Verizon products, services, and related programs

Important information Verizon Retiremen Plan

It is essential to note that participants may not sell, assign or transfer, or pledge their benefits to other persons. That is to say that the pension benefits solely belong to the participant and cannot be transferred to another person after retirement. For those divorced, special court order allows your pensions to be transferred to a former spouse or child depending on the need. In addition, when the participant cannot care for themselves, a court-appointed guardian may be credited with the payments the participant is owed.

In conclusion, Verizon has a complex pension plan for its employees. Employees under this plan benefit greatly from the financial security, health benefits, and discounts at the end of their retirement. However, some rules must be followed to reap these benefits. The plans do not only care for the participant; it also puts a valuable consideration on the participant’s dependents. 


  • How do I report the death of a Verizon retiree?

To report the demise of a participant, contact the Verizon Benefits center on 877-489-2367. You will be required to provide important documents that will be used to process the claim

  • Do Verizon retirees have life insurance?

Verizon survivor benefits are meant to take care of retirees and those who become disabled while performing assigned duties at the company.

  • Does Verizon have good benefits?

Verizon offers a wide range of employee benefits that include paid parental leave, health and fitness benefits, time off benefit, training, and development, and an employee assistance program

Does Verizon Have a Retiremen Plan?

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