Is P-Valley On Hulu?-Know More

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P-Valley is an African American Show about the Deep Black South, Set in 

The fictional town of Chucalissa, Mississippi in a Strip Club Called the 

Pink, The show is a Starz original series released in 2020. It deals with a variety of topics like Domestic violence, Stripping, Gender Fluidity, the Struggles of Small businesses, Colorism, etc. 

Is P-Valley On Hulu

Hulu is an American-based Television Network and Streaming service that gives access to seasons of exclusive series, hit movies, kid’s shows, and Hulu Originals like High Fidelity, Little Fires Everywhere The Path, and more.

Yes, whether you already have Hulu or you want to sign up for a new 

Subscription, Starz is available as an add-on to either Hulu or Hulu with 

Live TV. If you’re a new subscriber, you can start a free 30-day trial of Regular Hulu and the Starz add-on. With Starz as an add-on, you can access 

P-Valley lives as it’s being aired or on-demand on your computer via the Hulu app.

It all started with a depressed young woman called autumn night. 

With a past makes her way to the pink to seek employment. The show goes through the journey with the character as she transitions from a new mysterious girl to a Regular girl in the pink.

Violence against Women

The show doesn’t shy away from the violence and dangers women are often subjected to either in the club or at home. With autumn night’s abusive 

Ex-husband emerging back from the dead to torture her, to Keyshawn a 

A single mother in a physically abusive relationship, who often comes to 

The club with bruises to perform and often comes with an infant child to work.

The Art of Stripping 

P-valley did an excellent job de-stigmatizing Stripping, As Some people 

Try to View Strippers as whores, women with no home training, women who 

Don’t respect themselves. The Show humanized the stripper and highlights 

How relatable they are to people who do any kind of work through how 

The characters were portrayed. It’s an in-depth story about these women, their experience, their journeys, their personal narratives, and the stigma that is often attached to their profession.

As a viewer these characters make you feel like you can swing on that 

Pole like a professional even without practice, that’s how skillful and 

Intriguing the dancing is in the show.

Also, strippers are extremely skillful in their art and craft. The show did an amazing job of showing that exotic dancing is truly a craft and not simply showing their body for cash. The creator of the show had real-life strippers as backup dancers on the show to give a raw and accurate depiction of stripping and the club business.

The Portrayal of Gender Fluidity 

Uncle Clifford played by Nicco Annan, who’s a fan favorite is the owner 

Of the strip club, a non-binary, gender fluid character has an incredible 

Sense of style, with the wardrobe, hair, and nails, but then also has a 

Full beard, which makes you intrigued by the character and the uses 

Pronouns she/her.

Her character acts as both the boss and mother of the women in her 

The club as she struggles to keep the business afloat.  The portrayal of 

Uncle Clifford is one of a kind because of the depiction of the real and raw gender-fluid character represented on TV.

The Black Southern Experience

When you think of Southern movies or TV shows, you don’t really see the 

Black people and black culture of the South represented, it’s usually in A Stereotypical way, Katori Hall the creator of the TV series which is an 

Adaption of her 2015 play, pussy valley, really hit the nail on 

Portraying authentic black southern culture like the conservative black 

Church with Mercedes deceiving preacher mother who often exploits Mercedes Money through guilt and shaming for her profession to give the money to the church, and the hip-hop scenery particularly trap music with a closeted gay rapper Lil Murda and his musical journey and the Overall music of the soundtrack of the show which takes the viewer into a Journey and to understand the southern music, especially the theme song, “Down in the Valley,” which gives you the rhythm of “Delta Noir” and the 

The music complements the world of the show.


After the success of the 8 episode Season one which won multiple awards, 

The show is expected to come back with 10 episodes in Season 2 in 2022 after a two years delay caused by the pandemic. With new and exciting characters introduced this season and the great music the show always delivers. The Fan favorite show has already released a teaser though no date is confirmed yet. You can find p-valley on Hulu or Hulu live this year.

Is P-Valley On Hulu?-Know More

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