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Zillow is an American online real-estate vendor created by Rich Barton in 2004. As seen in our current society, the process of searching for a house takes lots of time and energy, especially one with comfort and style. Therefore, Zillow provides an online market solely for real estate. Whether buying, renting or selling, Zillow has made these acts very easy for all and especially at affordable prices. This article explains ‘Zillow Customer Service’.

Zillow Customer Service

Categories of Zillow Customer Service

There are four categories of services offered by Zillow. In each category, Zillow provides the means of giving the best services to the customers. 

  • Selling; Zillow gives home sellers the precise information and technology required for seamless transactions using Zillow Zestimate accuracy.
  • Buying; through the Zillow Premier Agent Program, Zillow can connect buyers with knowledgeable and trusted agents who operate in their local markets.
  • Renting; with the aid of the Zillow Renting Application, rentals can pay rent, search, or ask for tours.
  • Borrowing; Zillow permits mortgages through Zillow Home Loans, this serves as a secured method of financing your next home. As such, you can shop in the online mortgage market space through Zillow Home Loans which is an affiliated lender.

How to contact Zillow Customer Support?

For brokerage or MLS, Zillow customer support is located at; Zillow, Inc. Attn: Brokerage Operations, 1303 Second Avenue, Floor 31, Seattle, WA 98101

Or contact Zillow through phone number; 877-313-8601

For profile, listings, and technical assistance, you can reach partner support on; 888-466-3501

Email Address for issues concerning listings on the website at; listingsupport@zillow.com

Dates for Consultants Services

Friday, 5:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Saturday and Sun, 6:30 AM to 5:00 PM

Zillow headquarters is situated in downtown Seattle at the Russell Investments Center,1301 Second Avenue, Floor 31 Seattle. WA 98101. 206 470 7000

The Zillow customer support handles issues from missing listings to sign-in issues on the Zillow Premier Agent application and even more. This is to help customers find quick solutions to any problem they may encounter in the process of doing business with Zillow.

Customer Satisfaction at the Zillow Company

On a scale of 1-10, about seven and a half customers are majorly satisfied with Zillow services. This indicates a larger community of customers who have been able to find what they desire in housing issues solved with the help of the Zillow services. However, a few of them are dissatisfied. On this note, Zillow’s customer service is set to improve.

Zillow Affiliates and Subsidiaries

As a growing venture, Zillow has Affiliates and Subsidiaries which helps in fostering its smooth running in the real estate world. Not only do these affiliates and subsidiaries help in fostering smooth search and transaction but they also provide immense attention to the requests and needs of their customers. Among the subsidiaries and affiliates are;

  1. Zillow Offers
  2. Zillow Home Loans
  3. Zillow Premier Agents, etc
  • Zillow Offers

As of November 2021, Zillow had about 7000 houses to reach the housing demand of its customers. The company also provides accurate and transparent services for its customers through any of the available Zillow services as required by the customers. It also launched Zillow Home Inc. which is a licensed brokerage body to streamline one of its subsidiaries ‘Zillow Home Offers’. With this brokerage entity, the financing and transparency are clear to its customers and an end-to-end transaction is made. 

The Zillow Offers also sells and buys homes directly through different markets across the country. Another exciting trend about Zillow Offers is that it gives sellers control over the timeline. House sellers get to choose what time they will be available to meet with a Zillow agent.

  • Zillow Home Loans

With the aid of affiliate lenders, Zillow Homes Loans provides its customers with an easy option to get pre-approved for buying houses and secured financing for their next home buying.

  • Zillow Premier Agents

These are agents who place advertisements with Zillow Groups, they receive exposure and branding on the most visited real estate marketplace in the U.S. The Zillow Premier Agents also ensures that from the first call to the last call, the customer gets more value from the leads in the Zillow real estate chain.


Helping customers to achieve maximum comfort has been a drive for Zillow, and over time, they have been able to meet up with their customer comfort through their online services and alongside their affiliate members. Not only is Zillow a reliable source for real estate, but they also provide good customer services and ensure accurate financial transparency between them and their customers.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How do I contact a Zillow agent?

You can call or text Partner Support at 888-466-3501. Consultancy is available Monday to Friday, ​5:00 a.m – 5:00 p.m, and Saturday and Sunday,​ 6:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

  • Does Zillow have a service Application?

Yes, with the Zillow Application, you can find tools to buy, sell or rent a home and keep millions of listings right at your fingertips. 

  • Aside from Google Play Store, can I find Zillow Application in the Apple Store?

Yes, you can find Zillow Application from the Apple Store.

Zillow Customer Service – Read to know

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