What Channel Is All American On Spectrum?-Know More

All American is one of the leading TV series shown on Spectrum TV. It x-rays the true-life story of a Superbowl NFL champion called Spencer Paysinger who found himself sharing two families. Spencer’s mother and brother resided in South Central LA and his transition to Bakers of Beverly Hills was like bringing two worlds with separate locations to collide especially when recruitment of such star play like Spencer was involved. Spencer’s recruitment by the Bakers of Beverly hills engineered the complications, fights, and how altercations can bring the hidden unity that exists in the loins of men. Truly, All American is filled with suspense, quite inspiring, amusing, uneasy, and revolves around a family drama. This inspiring drama series has grown to become one of America’s top picks to watch and many cannot wait to feed their eyes and synchronously follow up the series as it is streamed in Spectrum.  On Spectrum TV via on-demand under the watch of CW, this dramatic series All American is found on channel TV 14. 

What Channel Is All American On Spectrum?
What Channel Is All American On Spectrum?

An Excerpt about All American (TV series)

This is a sports drama television series pioneered by April Blair that was first premiered on October 10, 2018, by CW. Spencer Paysinger is the template being that stirred up this inspiring drama after the film was drafted from his life experience as a professional American footballer. The film boasts of four (4) seasons and about 64 episodes in which the original release was on October 10 2018 as stated above already after which the dramatic suspense-filled film has been premiered on three other occasions following the renewal of the series. 

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The main actors and their respective characters

  1. Daniel Ezra: he is the lead actor as he took up the role of Spencer Paysinger who was already a star in Crenshaw High School before being recruited to Bakers of Beverly Hills where he would be playing his professional American football. However, in season 3 spencer had to return to Crenshaw High School where he became the leader of the team and was burdened with so many responsibilities both at the club and at home. Spencer was in a heated disagreement with his father Corey and had to quit football at some point following his father’s death.
  2. Samantha Logan: took after Olivia Baker who was Spencer’s girlfriend, the daughter of Billy and Laura, and sister to Jordan. She was known for her alcoholic intoxication making her a regular in the rehab unit. She grew an unwavering bond with Spencer immediately after he joined the Beverly Hills even though she had once had a one-night stand with her best friend’s boyfriend, Asher, Layla’s friendship with Olivia was severed.
  3. Michael Evans Behling: as Jordan Baker, Olivia’s sister, and the son of Billy and laura. He was known for his notorious acts which got him into incessant fights to the point he smashed and crashed his sister’s car. Spencer’s arrival in the Beverly Hills made him grow jealous of him but in the long run, the two became cool. Also, in episode 3, Jordan got to Simone who once tricked him into getting her pregnant. 
  4. Cody Christian: as Asher Adams, Layla’s ex-boyfriend, and one-time wide receiver of the Beverly High team. In episode 3, he was diagnosed to have gotten heart-related complications due to his addiction to taking steroids in episode 2. He suffered an inferiority complex which led him to claim that the rented house his father got due to the absence of the owners was theirs. All these he did because he wanted to keep up the status quo of the elites and for his colleagues to see him as a big guy. 
  5. Greta Onleogou: as Layla Keating, Olivia’s Girlfriend, and the ex-girlfriend of Asher. She had her relationship with Olivia severed following the confession of the latter to have had one nightstand with Asher. She couldn’t endure hearing about the sex escapade experience from his best friend.
  6. Monet Mazur: Laura Baker, Billy’s wife, and also the mother of Olivia & Jordan. As a lawyer, she was known for her strictness and disciplinary traits which she exhibited in punishing Jordan who grew heady & stubborn and kept engaging in fights with the height of it occurring when he smashed her sister’s car. 
  7. Karimah Westbrook: as Grace James, and as Spencer’s mother.
  8. Taye Diggs: as Billy Baker, Laura’s husband and the father to Olivia and Jordan. While as Beverly Hills American football coach, he was the brain behind recruiting Spencer and was said to have once had one nightstand with Spencer’s mother, Grace James. Billy Baker, Grace James, and Corey were all classmates at Crenshaw High School.
  9. Other actors include Bre-Z as Tamia ‘coop’ cooper, Jaylyn Hall as Dillion James (Spencer’s little brother), etc. 


All American is one movie series that is worth seeing. The drama is epic with a lot of lessons to be drawn while it holds its suspense throughout the episodes. With just a click on your Spectrum TV, All American will be right there feeding your eyes after navigating to channel 14. 

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

  1. Does Spectrum show All American Series?

Yes, they do. Subscribing to Spectrum gives you access to one of its top-picked movie series called All American which is on-demand under CW. 

  1. How many seasons and episodes does All American have?

All American has 4 seasons to its credit and about 64 episodes.

  1. When was All American first premiered?

This epic dramatic movie series was first premiered on October 10, 2018, on CW. The man behind its creation is April Blair

  1. Is All American a true-life story?

Yes, it is. April Blair who is the man behind the film creation drafted the template of this inspiring movie from the experience of a one-time American professional footballer called Spencer Paysinger. 

  1. Which actor took the leading role of Spencer Paysinger?

The versatile British actor, Daniel Ezra took the leading role of Spencer James.

What Channel Is All American On Spectrum?-Know More

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