Where Are Celine Bags Made?

Having a Celine bag does not only imply that a person has the money to buy it, it means something more important: taste. Celine is a trademark of elegance and so, its manufacturing process is likewise delicate and precise. This article will take on the duty to show you where Celine bags are made and why they are worth their price.

Where Are Celine Bags Made?

Celine bags are made by leather goods experts in Italy. There are two current factories in the country that manufacture for the brand. In brief, you will find out about them and a few tips about how to identify a real Celine bag from a fake one. 


Celine is a synonym for elegance that was originally created as a luxury children’s shoe shop. It was created in 1945 by Richard and Céline Vipiana, in Malte, Paris. Today, however, the store is one of the most recognizable luxury stores in the world, especially acknowledged for its leather goods. 

Currently, Celine goods are an investment for life, as they are timeless. The product categories offered are bags, shoes, apparel, fragrances, and accessories, such as sunglasses. Hedi Slimane has been in charge of Celine’s image and creative department since 2018, so can thank him for the current astonishing designs. 

Celine has approximately 178 locations in the world. The brand takes rigorous care when it comes to selecting distributors, so only select department stores sell Celine. Examples of these stores are Barneys New York, Galeries Lafayette, Harrods, and Bergdorf Goodman. 

Celine Bags

Celine bags are closet staples for most luxury lovers, although they might not be as expensive as other luxury brands. They are often minimalistic and highly sophisticated products. Celine features multiple bags collections, like 16 (designed by Hedi Slimane), Triomphe, Ava, Cabas, and Classic (designed by Phoebe Philo). The average price of a Celine bag is between $1550 and $7200. Although it is a relatively high price for a bag, the brands only use the best materials. 

The most common material used to create Celine bags is shiny and smooth calfskin, but also textile is used. An exotic material featured by select bags is lizard skin. 

Celine bestseller bags are:

  • Chain Shoulder Bag Cuir Triomphe – $2800 USD.
  • Small Boston in Triomphe Canvas – $1550 USD.
  • Mini Vertical Cabas in Triomphe Canvas – $1300 USD.
  • Ava Bag in Triomphe Canvas – $1400 USD.

Celine’s Manufacture

  • The reason why Celine bags are pricier than other stores may have something to do with their manufacturing place. Celine bags are made in Italy. Recently, Celine opened a new manufacturing factory in Radda in Chianti, located in Florence, which is convenient because the LVMH group (that owns Celine) has multiple factories in the country. 
  • The new Celines factory was named “La Mafucature” and it was built on an old industrial site. The inauguration took place in October of 2019. La Manufacture is an eco-friendly building designed by Fabio Barluzzi. Inside of it, a single platform is dedicated to the manufacturing of handbags. In fact, 15 lines of Celine handbags are produced at this place at the present. 
  • At La Manufacture, only expert artisans (about 117 people) are in charge of creating Celine bags. They meticulously take care of every detail to guarantee a flawless product. Due to this effort, Celine pays fairly to the artisans, and that reflects in the bag’s price. 

Other Celine’s Factories 

There is another Celine manufacturing factory located in Italy, more specifically, in Strada in Chianti. This place is close to the new factory, but the work that takes place here is focused on prototyping and repair. 

The Strada factory started its production in 1979 and has 300 workers up to now. This place is Celine’s designated training center too. Meanwhile, artisans that have worked with Celine for more years reside in La Manufacture alongside new workers, where they guarantee that the traditional manufacturing process is preserved. 

How To Know If A Celine Bag Is Real?

As you have seen, the Celine bags’ production is in great hands. Nevertheless, there are several illegal sellers that offer fake Celine products in the market for less than the original price and, thus, less quality. Let’s focus on the topic here and see a few tips to identify a real Celine bag from a fake one. 

  • Check the zipper – Celine does not always use a logo on the zipper, but it has a one-digit number located on the zipper’s front end. Instead of the one-digit number, some authentic Celine bags have the inscription “RiRi”. 
  • Likewise, check the rings that hold the zipper’s pull. They must be D-shaped or O-shaped. 
  • Stitches on Celine bags are NEVER visible.
  • Celine’s serial number located on every item is comprised by the following formula: One letter – Two letters – Four numbers. But do not only check if the serial number matches with the formula, but also be sure that the size and font of every symbol are the same. 
  • The logo on Celine’s bags must match the zipper’s color. There must also be an outside logo (CÉLINE PARIS) and an inside logo (CÉLINE. Made in Italy). 
  • The dust bag that comes with every bag is white, made of thick cotton, while the tightening ribbon is black. Finally, the word “CÉLINE” is printed on it. 
  • Celine bags do not come with authenticity certificates or any sort of documents. 

How To Take Care Of A Celine Bag?

Celine bags are made employing only the best and most luxurious skins. Since most of them are natural and unique, every bag might have tonal variations, but these should not be considered imperfections. This being said, every Celine bags ages, and there is a right way to help your bag age beautifully:

  • Always store it using the Celine dust bag that comes with the bag. 
  • Avoid storage in high temperatures or humid places. 
  • Overall, protect the bag from humidity.
  • Do not expose to direct heat sources or direct lighting. 
  • Contact with makeup, cream, or liquid must be avoided.

In case a bag comes in contact with water or any substance stated above, do NOT use a fluffy cloth to dry it; instead, use a light-colored and dry cloth. 


Celine Bags are products made with great mastery and so they deserve to be treated with care. They are only made by experts that know how to work with leather, which constitutes most of the bags. Paying what is right for that work is not enough; a Celine bag’s owner must also protect it and be sure that the bag ages as it is supposed to, with help of the instructions shared. After all, caring for a Celine bag guarantees to enjoy its delicacy for decades. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are Celine bags more expensive than Chanel bags?

No, Celine bags are not as expensive as Chanel bags.

  • Are Celine bags more expensive than Hermes Birkin bags?

No, Celine bags are not as expensive as Hermes Birkin bags. 

Where Are Celine Bags Made?

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