Overstock Mattress Return Policy- Some other return policies

Overstock.com is an online retail company based in America. They focus on selling furniture, home decors, gifting, and many other goods related to home renovation. The company was founded around 23 years ago. They provide high-quality products at a low cost. Beyond many controversies, it became a successful company in its field. Let’s know about Overstock Mattress Return Policy.

Checking everything before purchasing any product is a must. If you did not check the overall product during buying it and then you don’t like the product and want to replace it then what would you do in such a case? So, exactly, in this case, a return policy helps. It is a term by the company by which you can return the product if you found any manufacturing defect or it got damaged due to the delivery or any other reasons. When it comes to mattresses, mattresses are the backbone of our daily life. A good sleep makes your entire day happy and stress-free. If you did not sleep well you can see the effects like irritation, laziness, tiredness, etc. the next day. If your day is dependent on your sleep, why not choose the right mattress? Using a comfortable mattress can make your day better and lead to a happy life.

Overstock Mattress Return Policy

Yes. Overstock has a return policy for mattresses but only in case of receiving a defective or damaged product. It can be returned only if the item delivered was damaged during shipping or it already has any manufacturing defect. Different products at Overstock have different policies to return. Heavy products have different policies to return while electronic gadgets, jewelry, and accessories have different policies. Along with these product-specific return policies, all have different procedures to return. This return policy is not applicable in the case of buying a product from the marketplace sellers. In such a case, you can directly contact your seller about every detail of the product.

How to return mattresses at Overstock?

Step 1. Go to the account section at overstock.com.

Step 2. Log in to ‘My Account.’

Step 3. Click on the ‘return item’ option available there beside your product.

Step 4. By providing all information regarding the return, click submit.

Step 5. You will see a ‘get label’ option. Click it and follow the provided instructions.

Step 6. You will get an email link or ‘get mobile code’.

The company also sends emails after confirmation regarding returning the product with all instructions and return links to that email.

Make sure to pack the product well and it should not be damaged. You can use any box in which the product can be fitted if you do not have the original box of the product.

Some other return policies at overstock

  1. Standard 30-day policy- Using this policy, you can return products like watches, jewelry, and, accessories, etc. For this, you need to start the return process when you get your product, within 30 days. It is a must that the product should be in unused condition. You will have to give shipping costs if you are returning the product in case you did not like the color or quality of the product. You will get a refund if the product got damaged or has any issues with the company.
  2. Oversized item return policies- In case of the oversized item too, the return process should be started within 30 days of getting the product. You should have to keep all the materials of the product in unused condition. In cases such as you did not accept the delivery, you missed the delivery or you are returning a product that is non-defective or undeformed, you will have to pay the cost of delivery.


Mattresses play a crucial role in your health. Generally, we do not care about mattresses much but with good sleep, we can make our life happier by not being lazy and tired. One should always check the quality of foam or cotton or the material used in the making of the mattresses. During purchasing the right product be sure to check the return policy. What would you do if the mattress is not comfortable? In such a case, you should enquire about everything. Like an exclusive furniture store, not every company provides a comfort guarantee.


  1. Can I replace the mattress at overstock?

Yes, you can return it only in case of getting a damaged product or in case of having a manufacturing issue.

  1. Does the overstock provide a box to return the product?

Overstock does not provide a box to return the product. In case, you do not have the original box, you can pack it in a similar box where the product can fit.

  1. Does Overstock give a comfort guarantee on their mattresses?

Overstock does not give a comfort guarantee on their mattresses. For such a guarantee, you should buy from the Exclusive furniture Store. They have a 100-days-comfort guarantee plan where you can return the mattress if you did not like the comfort of the mattress.

Overstock Mattress Return Policy- Some other return policies

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