Does Gatorland Have Wheelchairs?

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Gatorland is a 110-acre theme park or it can also be called an amusement park which is located in Orlando, US. Well, it is not just any type of a regular park but has got so many exciting games and features inside. Not only children but adults too would like to visit the park once in a while. In other words, Gatorland is worth the visit during the weekends and gaining unique experiences.

Does Gatorland Have Wheelchairs

Gatorland has a wide range of accessories while admission. For example, wheelchairs and electric scooters are available for rent. These all accessories and services are only available on a first-come and first-served basis which means there is no way of pre-booking available for such kinds of services.

Gatorland got a rating of 4.6 out of 5 according to its Google reviews as people loved the experience of the amusement park. Kids would have a great time while visiting the park and elders can enjoy a ride with wheelchairs and can even opt for ECVs as well.

What Is The Rent Of Wheelchairs In Gatorland?

Wheelchairs and other accessories at Gatorland have been made available to the public on a rent basis. Also, if anyone wants to avail of a wheelchair or any kind of accessories like electric scooters then Gatorland will only provide those to people on a first-come-first-served basis. This means that people cannot book it beforehand.

However, the rent of the wheelchairs has been kept quite decent and two types of wheelchairs have been made available by Gatorland. The push and the electric wheelchairs and the rent for each vary from one another. The push type of wheelchair is charged around $11.00 whereas the electric is rented to people for around $27.00.

Strollers, on the other hand, come in a wide range of types where there is the availability of single strollers and there are double strollers. The rent for each type of stroller also varies. For example, the single stroller is charged around $11.00 whereas the double stroller is rented for $16.00.

Can I Buy Tickets For Gatorland Online?

 You don’t need to book your tickets beforehand because you can also purchase tickets right on the day of your visit from the ticket counter. However, if you are booking tickets online then you will be notified of different kinds of discounts and offers. There might also be special discounts on booking made for adults.

So, yes, you can book tickets online from the official website of Gatorland. This website should also showcase all the recent discounts and offers that it has to offer to its customers. Also, please note that there is no need for prior booking as there is a ticket counter available right at the front of the entry where you can book a ticket right on the day of your visit.

When Does Gatorland Open And When Does It Close?

Gatorland is open every day from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm and no holidays are being closed. But, as of now due to the pandemic, it has been stated that people should maintain social protocols and wear a mask at all possible times. The park has also restricted any kind of food inside the park or feeding the animals inside the park.

However, since the park is open every day customers can enjoy free parking which is a great thing because they do not have to pay any kind of extra money for parking. Also, there are showtimes for animal lovers which are repeated several times and these shows can also be found on the Gatorland Shows Page.


Gatorland is a fun and amusement park for kids and even adults can enjoy the experience with animals inside the 110-acre park. Facilities and services like wheelchairs and electric scooters and strollers have been made available by the authority of Gatorland park. Booking for wheelchairs and any other type of accessories can only be done inside after reaching the park. There is no chance of booking online but tickets can be bought online.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.How much does it cost to rent a wheelchair in Gatorland?

Ans: The rent of a wheelchair depends on the type of wheelchair that you want to opt for. The push wheelchair costs around $11.00 whereas the electric wheelchair can be rented for $27.00.

2. Is Gatorland worth visiting?

Ans: The 100-acre amusement park is full of exciting activities including animal shows and many more. These shows can be watched repeatedly as there is no limitation to that.

3.Does Gatorland ask people to wear a mask before entering?

Ans: Well, masks are not required but they are recommended because of the pandemic situation. Now, the wearing of masks has not been made mandatory.  

Does Gatorland Have Wheelchairs?

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