Ray-Ban Shipping- Read To Know

When it comes to sunglasses one name pops up in mind which is Ray-Ban. And with that name pops up the image of the brand’s most famous line of sunglasses, which are the Wayfarer and the Aviator models. These sunglasses have appeared in many action films and while watching those action scenes everyone thinks of wearing those sunglasses and kicking the villains. Lets learn about Ray-Ban Shipping and who does it use for shipping?

 Ray-Ban Shipping

This famous sunglass brand was created in the year 1936 by Bausch and Lomb. As said above, it is most famous for its aviators and wayfarers. The company was sold to an Italian eyewear conglomerate, Luxottica Group for 640 million USD. The company today offers a wide range of sunglasses, namely aviator, the original wayfarer, round, clubmaster, state street, hexagonal, nomad, Erika, Justin, chromance, etc. A similar range of series is offered in the eyeglasses section. The company also offers the option to customize your sunglasses. You can choose between different types of lenses and frames. Other options available are engraving, and which case you would want your sunglasses in. As we get better discounts online so many people would choose to buy from the online platform and now with the company providing same-day delivery options, online shopping has become drastically easy and accessible. 

Ray-Ban shipping policy

The shipping carrier Ray-Ban uses is UPS. There are two options of shipping available to you if you live in the 50 states of the US. Those two options are: 

– Standard shipping 

– Expedited shipping 

Now, standard shipping is free of cost for standard, customized, and prescription products. But, note that the prescription products would take at least 8 days to reach you. On the other hand, expedited shipping would cost you 12 dollars. Though this would deliver your product within 2 days but sadly it is available for standard products only. 

Important point is that if you have chosen expedited shipping and then you decide to return your product, then you would not be returned those 12 dollars. 

Shipping to Foreign

If you order from their US website then you can’t place an order to ship internationally. But Ray-Ban operates in foreign countries and there you can buy local versions. Or else you can log in to that country’s Ray-Ban website. 

Delivery Details

If you order online then the company would send you a confirmation mail, which would carry the carrier’s details, and the tracking number would be there. So, you can either track your order by clicking on Track Orders or by filling in the tracking number on the carrier’s website. 

If delivery at home for you isn’t convenient then you can choose to Pick it Up at the Store. Here, you would receive an email when the order is shipped and when it has been received by the store. Once it has reached the store you would be given 14 days to pick up your product from the store. You receive one benefit when you do this, you receive free fit and adjustment at pick up. Note that if you don’t pick up your product from the store within 14 days then it would be returned to the warehouse and your money would be refunded as per the refund policy. 

Green Shipping

Now if you care for nature then you would choose the green shipping option. In this option, your package is packed in sustainable packaging to lessen the hazardous impact on the climate. But when you order under this option then you would have to wait for up to 7 days. The reason behind this is that every step involved in delivering your product is altered to reduce carbon emissions. They are first calculated and then they are offset through projects which help to lessen the climate impact. As every shipping carrier doesn’t pass for green shipping, the auditing company Société Générale de Surveillance. The two shipping carrier which offers this are as follows: 

– UPS (in partnership with USPS)

– DHL (in partnership with USPS)

Cost of Shipping and Returns

The company offers free shipping and returns. But there are certain steps and guidelines set that you need to follow to attain free returns. You can check for the same from their website. The company only offers 45 days in which you can apply for a return. If there is any physical damage done to the product then returns won’t be accepted in that case. 

Order Status

Checking your order status is easy. You just need to log in to your account made on Ray-Ban.com. Once you have logged then you need to click on Order Status and fill in your order number and email address. 

If you have ordered under the option of Free Overnight Shipping then you should receive your order by the following day only if ordered between Monday-Friday before 12 pm EST. 


In conclusion, Ray-Ban uses UPS as their shipping partner. UPS is an extremely reliable shipping carrier. UPS’s tracking capabilities are also great so you can track your order at every step. The company’s free standard shipping offers a great value with quality service. So, you don’t need to worry at all about your product getting delivered. If you face any problem then you can contact at the company’s website.  

Ray-Ban Shipping- Read To Know

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