Ikea Military & Veteran Discount -Know More

Ikea is a household name when it comes to home décor, furniture, and appliances. Established in 1943, the brand has earned recognition on a global level. Ikea is best known for selling home décor, furniture, and accessories at an affordable rate. Not to forget Ikea is one of the best places to buy plants from, the wide collection of home plants comes in variety to add an aesthetic touch to your home.now the question is does Ikea provide Military & Veteran Discount?Let’s read further to know

Ikea Military & Veteran Discount

Ikea knows how to stand out in the market and therefore sells everything at an affordable price while handing out seasonal discounts and offers now and then. However, companies have come up with different discounts programs to obtain more customers nowadays. Not just obtaining customers, but it also helps you to save some extra money. These discounts are categorized as student discounts, military discounts, and veteran discounts. 

If you want to save some money on your next trip to Ikea, you might as well want to know whether they offer military & veteran discounts. Here is everything about Ikea’s military & veteran discount.

Does Ikea offer Military & Veteran discounts to its customer?

Yes, as of 2022 Ikea offers its customers 10% Military % veteran discounts. In honor to pay gratitude to soldiers and ex-soldiers Ikea offers a military discount. But. What is the need to offer a military discount? Well, there is no need to offer a military discount, however, the company still offers a military discount as a token of gratitude towards soldiers for their hard work. 

Who is eligible for availing of a military discount?

As the name itself suggests only the military personnel can avail themselves of the military discount. There is no sub-standard in who is eligible for the discount, as long as you have served in the military you are good to use the discount. Since it is a discount company offers by their means, every store or brand can have different criteria respectively. To avail of the military discount, one must actively serve in the military background. Here is the list of military personnel who can receive a military discount. 

  • Actively serving in the military
  • Current guard
  • Military dependents with valid proof
  • Military retirees
  • Military Veterans with valid proof.

Note: Proof is required in these cases to avoid any fraudulent activity of any commoner. 

How to use Ikea military discount.?

If you are shopping in-store you can simply ask the cashier for a military discount. If you are shopping online. Visit Ikea’s shopping page, select the products you want to buy save them in your shopping cart, and head over to the checkout screen. 

Now enter your discount code in the box and apply. If you find the process difficult or your discount code is not working, check that you are entering the right code. If you are still facing difficulties, you can always contact Ikea’s customer care service for further assistance. 

What are the other ways to save at Ikea?

Ikea aims for high profit with every discount they offer, it helps in gaining more customers. However, there are many more ways, how you can save money at Ikea. 

Ikea Black Friday sales: Ikea offers a discount for Black Friday, during this period all Ikea products are put on discounts where you can save money on every purchase. 

Attend Ikea’s event to get up to 20% discount: Ikea hosts many events like Ikea kitchen event, Ikea teacher’s appreciation events. These events will help you save a lot more money than usual days. To avail of the discount for the Ikea, kitchen event sign up for Ikea’s email newsletter.

Veterans day free meal: Ikea offers a military & veteran discount. However, there are times when they don’t. however, Ikea offers a free meal service for veterans, on a veteran day. To not lose track, you can contact your nearest Ikea store for further details.

Save more on buying from a third-party seller: if the discounts and coupons from Ikea are not working for you, you can always bend towards the third-party seller, to get the same Ikea product at a more affordable price.


Ikea does have a 10% military & veteran discount. If for some reason you are unable to apply the discount code you can visit your nearest Ikea store the representative will surely guide you through the process. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Are Ikea discounts reliable?

Yes, Ikea is one legit company offering products that will suit your taste from home décor to plants to craft your home uniquely. Ikea offers discounts and coupons to make it easy for customers to buy their favorite items. They are 100% real and you can avail of the discount both online and offline.

Q2. Why does Ikea offer military and veteran discounts?

Ikea honors military & veteran discounts occasionally, yes as of now they do offer a discount however, they don’t usually offer military discounts other than their seasonal discount and coupons

Q3. Who’s military discount is more legitimate, Home Depot or Ikea?

Both Ikea and Home Depot offer military discounts and both are legit. Where Ikea does not offer a consistent military discount Home Depot always offers a military & veteran discount.

Ikea Military & Veteran Discount -Know More

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