Is Dr. Stone on Hulu?

Are you confused ‘Is Dr. Stone on Hulu?’, read here to know. Hulu is a subscription-based online video platform, similar to Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. (Although there are some licensing issues at play here—Dr. Stone is available in Japan on Hulu, but not in North America). It’s primarily used for watching current television shows and movies, but it also has original content that you can watch. Hulu charges $7.99 a month for an ad-free subscription, or you can purchase a 12-month plan for $5 more per month.

Is Dr. Stone on Hulu?

Hulu – The Future of Television

Streaming television is gaining popularity every day, and for good reason: it offers a wide variety of great shows to watch whenever you want. It’s also an exciting place for creators to showcase their content, as opposed to just re-running older stuff as old TV networks do. Though there are already a bunch of streaming services out there (like Netflix and Amazon), there’s one that might catch your eye if you’re looking for something new to binge or have been waiting for Dr. Stone to come out in English.

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One feature of Hulu Plus (the paid subscription version) is its anticipation mode. This allows viewers to set up notifications so they can watch shows before they air – weeks before, even! This makes it very easy for impatient fans to keep up with upcoming anime series without having to scramble to find where it streams online; Dr. This part should talk about – Dr. Stone. Stone’s second season started a month after Japan in July 2017 but had no official announcement here at that time. You could have waited out hope by keeping an eye on Crunchyroll and Funimation’s websites… or used Hulu’s anticipatory mode if you knew enough Japanese to guess when Drrr!!: 3-Gatsu no Tou came out next.

Dr. Stone: Where to watch it for free?

Dr. Stone is an anime TV series that aired in 2018, part of a relatively new subgenre of reverse harem shows (most famously Death Note). Some streaming services carry Dr. Stone and some don’t—which one should you use? Here’s a breakdown of where to watch Dr. Stone online for free or cheap, based on what country you live in and whether you want to watch with subtitles or dubbing. Let’s get started!

Netflix US

If you live in America, your best option is to subscribe to Netflix. You can also use your American credentials to get a trial for a month before you need to provide payment details (after that, billing will be automatic). This might change when Dr. Stone Season 2 drops—you may be able to watch it on Hulu (see below) and if so I’d suggest switching over immediately because free anime plus no ads is a great deal!

Amazon Prime US

If you have Amazon Prime, you can watch Dr. Stone online for free using Amazon Video—the service is included with a Prime subscription at no extra cost! Just click on an episode to play it directly from your browser or download it for offline viewing later. Watch as much as you want, even without an internet connection—perfect if you’re stuck in an airport or train station with no WIFI access!

Crunchyroll US

If you have an Amazon Prime subscription but don’t have a Crunchyroll premium account, don’t worry! You can link your Prime and Crunchyroll accounts to enjoy unlimited access to all content on Crunchyroll for free until your trial ends—the same as if you had an active Premium membership.

Story plot of Dr. Stone

After a mysterious worldwide disaster called The Great Cataclysm, Japan has been cut off from most of the world, leaving it in a feudal state. Several years later, each village is protected by a giant stone God that watches over them and fights for them. The protagonist, Senku Ishigami, is an 11-year-old prodigy who’s just discovered how to create steel. Since he wants to rebuild civilization using science instead of Gods, he names himself after his village’s guardian deity: Dr Stone! He goes on an adventure with his friends and fellow scientists to find out what happened to the world and how they can fix it with science! 

Although it’s an original story, it has several homages to different science fiction works like Marvel Comics, X-Men and Back to The Future, so I think that kind of vibe would translate well for an American audience! The opening credits are in Japanese, so you can either enjoy a show with Japanese anime tropes without having to learn a new language or wait until it gets dubbed in English! Either way, you’ll love Dr. Stone because there’s never been anything quite like it before!


No, unfortunately, it isn’t (yet), but they are not done with you yet! Check out their 7 Things to Do When a TV Show is Not Streaming Online post for more suggestions on how to watch your favourite show online. Keep an eye on their site, and remember: there’s no need to rely on Hulu when they can help you find a streaming source instead. If a complete series of Dr. Stone is ever added to Netflix, or if another streaming source becomes available in Canada or anywhere else around the world, they will make sure that you know about it immediately. You can count on them to be your biggest fan and most reliable source of information regarding upcoming release dates and new releases all across the globe.

FAQs Section
  1. Are there any other ways to watch The Story of Dr. Stone outside of Hulu or Netflix? 

For those who missed it when it aired on Crunchyroll, you can also find episodes available to stream for free through Tubi TV and VRV (an anime streaming service). Just like with Netflix and Hulu, you’ll need a subscription before you can watch them online.

  1. Did Hulu remove Dr. Stone? 

No, they haven’t. You’ll be able to find The Story of Dr. Stone there when you log in with your subscription, just like always.

  1. Is Dr. Stone appropriate for 12-year-olds?

If you’re thinking about watching The Story of Dr. Stone with a child who’s 12 or younger, be sure to check out our Parental Guide before you stream it.

Is Dr. Stone on Hulu?

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