7 Stores like Pier 1

You know the store, but you may not have heard of these 7 stores like Pier 1 that you can find in your area. Pier 1 imports high-quality home accessories from all over the world and has been doing so since 1962. If you haven’t visited one of their storefronts recently, check out one of these seven stores like Pier 1 to get a more international shopping experience in the United States!

7 Stores like Pier 1

What is Pier 1?

Pier 1 is a home goods store that specializes in decorative accents, furniture, and gift items. Founded in 1962 as a mail-order catalog, Pier 1 has since expanded to have more than 500 retail locations across North America. Pier 1 remains privately owned by founder Alfred F. Wolfson who, with his wife Doris (née Blumberg), founded it on Valentine’s Day 1962 after he bought a 50% stake in another retailer called Al Loehr Inc. 

The company was originally named Pier One Imports but changed its name to Pier 1 Imports in 1978. The name change came about because there was already a store named Pier One operating at Seattle’s Pike Place Market. Like many of its competitors, Pier 1 struggled during most of 2009; however, sales increased 10 percent during 2011 thanks to new products introduced throughout 2010. The store continues to expand and currently operates over 500 stores throughout North America. 

As of 2014, its website features an online shopping option for customers. According to an interview conducted by Business Week magazine, Pier 1 was once so successful that some considered it a clone of Crate & Barrel. Today, however, analysts see declining customer traffic at stores like Pier 1. In response to falling profits and increasing competition from stores such as Target and Ikea, CEO Michael Smith announced in February 2013 that all U.S.-based employees would be eligible for up to six weeks of paid parental leave beginning April 2013. Let’s look at the 7 stores like Pier 1.

7 stores like Pier 1

  1. Rizzy Home
  • Rizzy Home is an online furniture store, offering a wide variety of furnishings for your home. They have over 20 years of experience in retail and are one of Australia’s leading retailers. They offer free shipping to major cities around Australia including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Adelaide. The company also has a brick-and-mortar showroom in Melbourne that allows you to see all products before you buy them. This lets you design your room at home as if you were there – very useful!
  1. World Market
  • Similar to Pier 1, World Market offers a variety of upscale and stylish products ranging from food to home decor. It also offers free shipping on all orders over $50. And similar to most furniture stores, you can return or exchange items you don’t want. If you are looking for unique, high-quality furniture and accessories that won’t break your budget, check out World Market. They offer thousands of unique items at reasonable prices. From rugs to coffee tables to lamps, there is something for everyone at World Market. The only downside is that it does not have as many locations as Pier 1 so if you are traveling in an area without one nearby it might be difficult to shop there.
  1. West Elm
  • West Elm is a home and furniture retailer headquartered in Westport, Connecticut. It opened its first store in 2002. The company offers furniture, bedding, accessories, lighting, and rugs for both homes and offices. It carries dining room tables; coffee tables; sofas; chairs; headboards; storage pieces such as bookshelves, desks, and cabinets; bedroom sets that include wardrobes, beds, and dressers; ottomans, chaise lounges, and cushions with pillows. In addition to decorative items like candle holders and vases; plant stands to display flowers or plants in pots are available as well as paintings or framed prints of landscapes or abstract images.
  1. Bed Bath & Beyond
  • Bed Bath & Beyond is a massive retail chain that sells products for your home. The stores are always clean and bright, and even customers who’ve come to browse just end up buying something. Bed Bath & Beyond also often has amazing deals, because it prices items very competitively. They also have a rewards program with flexible membership levels, so you can start as a free member and make purchases of more than $100 before you even begin investing money in their store card. With all these perks, Bed Bath & Beyond is one of our favorite stores like Pier 1.
  1. Crate & Barrel
  • Founded in 1962, Crate & Barrel has long been a favorite of design-conscious shoppers across North America. The retailer sells a variety of home goods ranging from furniture to kitchenware, bedding, and much more. In addition to a wide range of merchandise and price points, Crate & Barrel offers several customizable items like artwork and picture frames. They also have an excellent selection of high-quality glassware, accent pieces, and decorative accents such as candles. If you’re looking for unique gifts or trendy decor items at reasonable prices, it’s hard to beat Crate & Barrel.
  1. Room & Board
  • In addition to being an online store that’s filled with a carefully curated collection of high-quality furnishings, Room & Board is a furniture company that also operates physical retail stores. The company makes a concerted effort to design and produce products in-house (they’re not just picking up pieces from overseas manufacturing plants) to control quality and ensure they’re constantly coming up with new ideas—so their online collection is distinct from their physical locations. On top of producing and selling their furniture, Room & Board also offers interior design services for residential clients. If you need help sorting through all your options, there are Room & Board consultants on staff who can work directly with you to make sure your home looks exactly how you want it.
  1. Store Name
  • JCPenney. Like Pier 1, JCPenney is a store that sells high-quality home goods at low prices. However, unlike Pier 1, it sells more than just furniture and accessories: JCPenney is also a department store with everything from clothes to dishware to electronics. A trip to JCPenney is an excellent way to fill your home quickly and inexpensively—and for those who don’t want their home to look too cheap, it’s also a great place to find high-quality deals on designer products without paying full price.


Whether you love shopping or not, these stores are a great resource for home decor and other gifts. Whether you’re buying it as a gift or as an upgrade for your own home, we hope that reading about each of these stores has helped give you more insight into what makes them special. If we missed one of your favorite stores like Pier 1, feel free to leave us a comment! We’d love to hear what else we can add to our list!

FAQ’s Section

  1. Who are pier1 competitors?
  • Pier 1 is mid-range furniture and home decor retail store. They have physical locations in many cities throughout Canada, the US, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. They also have an online shop where you can browse their products through their website or mobile apps. They offer furniture and decorations for every room of your house including dining, bedrooms, living rooms, and more!

    If you are looking for other stores that sell items similar to pier1, here is a list: Bed Bath & Beyond: Bed Bath & Beyond is a retail company that provides a wide range of home furnishing products such as furniture, dinnerware, appliances, and more. They have physical locations in many cities throughout Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. In addition to their brick-and-mortar store network, they also have an online shop that offers free shipping for purchases over $49.99 in Canada and over $24.99 in the US. They also offer home decor products such as picture frames, candles, and scented diffusers as well as seasonal decorations including Christmas tree ornaments, Halloween costumes, and valentine’s day gifts!
  1. Is Pier One still open in the US?
  • The company is no longer operating in North America and they have already liquidated most of its assets and properties. However, if you live in Canada or Mexico, then you can still shop at a local store location or browse through their products online. The company has a sister brand called Smart Furniture. This furniture store is based in Canada and they have around 100 locations across all of Canada’s provinces. It is their biggest Canadian subsidiary, so if you happen to live in Canada, then check out these locations. They offer pretty much everything you can find at pier1 including furniture, decorations, and more! Just remember that they are not affiliated with pier1 so you will be paying full price for their products.
  1. Who bought Pier One Imports?
  • Well, it’s not clear yet who exactly bought all of their assets, but it is most likely Zara’s parent company Inditex which also owns Massimo Dutti and Oysho. They are one of the world’s largest clothing retailers with over 6,000 stores worldwide so it makes sense that it would want to expand its reach and branch out into furniture retailing.
  1. Is Pier One still open in Canada?
  • Yes, they are! However, it’s not clear how long they will remain open. After closing all of their stores in North America, they moved all of their operations to Mexico and Canada as there is still high demand for home furniture and decorations. They currently have over 60 stores in Canada but some locations may be moving or shutting down soon so it’s best to call ahead before you go shopping!
7 Stores like Pier 1

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