Where Are Zara Bags Made?

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Zara is a Spanish retail company founded in 1975 by Amancio Ortega Rosalia Mera. The company is committed to serving the public at a maximum level through its services in production, distribution, design, and via a concise retail network.

Where Are Zara Bags Made?

To arrive at this utmost level of satisfaction for its customer, Zara has up to two thousand two hundred and seventy (2270) stores worldwide, with a revenue of 18,021 euros as of 2018. These stores are stationed in different parts of the world to give customers what they want and get it to them faster than anyone else.

Zara Products

As a retail store that produces its items and distributes at its own pace, Zara is found to be one of the brands that ensure good services in terms of brand quality and the availability of items for its customers. In the variety of production, Zara also produces items such as; 

  • Clothing: the clothing store extends to men, women, and children. Without halting at a particular season. Zara provides clothes for all seasons and shapes. From sizes XXS to XXL are all available, even in S and L. These sizes can easily be gotten from the online store according to what country you are in. For instance, in the U.K, women’s clothing can be bought at the online store at ZaraWomenUKClothes likewise others in different parts of the world.
  • Shoes: made from the finest wood and leather, Zara shoes have well-polished sole alongside comfortable leathers that makes its customers always rely on Zara for a unique fashion appearance.
  • Swimwear
  • Perfumes and beauty
  • Other accessories

Majorly, Zara customers’ age bracket falls within eighteen to thirty-five years (18-35yrs). The reason for this age range is due to the kind of items produced by Zara and the choice of age range selected by Zara based on societal demand and analytics. In a year, Zara produces four hundred and fifty million (450, 000,000) items, which are available in men’s, women’s, and children’s brands. Aside from being able to meet customer demands, Zara also adapts to seasons and the growth in the society. This ability to adapt easily has made the brand very famous and is always in business, unlike other clothing brands that fade away with societal change and growth.

Where Are Zara Bags Made?

As a retail company in Spain, it is obvious to say that some Zara bags are made in Spain, while other countries like Bangladesh, Portugal, Turkey, Morocco, and Armenia produce Zara bags as well. For example, check out Zara bags in Portugal. ZaraBagsPortugal Zara has been able to conquer these territories because of its ability to deliver good quantity and quality of products in these regions even more than its competitors. Customer demand keeps the customers glued to your store, and as such, Zara produces over ten thousand (10,000) pieces per year while other competitors produce two thousand or four thousand items per year.

Zara bags are made of strong soft leathers that even if they are used frequently, do not wear off or peel. Quality and excellence are key factors when it comes to Zara products and not excluding the beauty and perfume brand, the clothing brand, the shoes, and other accessories. At the center of Zara’s production skills lies the distribution skills which is one of the company’s strategies of growth over the years.

Zara Customer Service

As a company that is reliant on providing the best and in good quantity and quality for its customers, Zara has set up a unit devoted solely to the purpose of attending to customer needs, questions, and complaints if need be. The general call line is 212 355 1415, while each country has its customer agent call line. This number is known as Zara’s best toll-free number, because, without waiting to get feedback through email, customers can easily report their various issues, and they will be resolved through this line. The best hours and days to contact a Zara customer care line are Monday – Friday, 9:00 pm to 6:00 pm EST, although calls within 3:15 pm to 4:00 pm are sure to receive a quick response from the Zara customer agents.

For email, contact customerservice@us.inditex.com

Attending to customers at a maximum level is one of Zara’s top priorities because they understand that customer satisfaction results in business growth and customer retention therefore all complaints are taken seriously and attended to effectively.

Zara Mobile Application

Accessing the latest fashion trend from Zara stores is now very close and easier for customers through the Zara App. With this App. You can get a complete catalog of items and other fine collections. To make shopping convenient for customers, these mobile application models the cores of Zara services which include;

  • Beauty
  • Sustainability
  • Functionality and clarity

How To Use Zara Mobile Application?

Using the mobile application is very easy. For iPhone users, visit ZaraApp and for android users, visit ZaraAppAndroid to download the application. Select the Click & Go feature which makes users buy items in-app for collections in 30 minutes through an on-screen QR code. Customers with an already existing Zara account can log in to the App and start using it. However, for customers without a Zara account, it is advisable to create an account before so you can sign in as a registered customer and enjoy certain benefits from the App. Payments for selected items can be done through any of these means;

  • Apple Pay
  • Gift Card
  • Visa
  • American Express
  • MasterCard
  • Paypal


Zara bag has been in constant trend over time as it keeps the customers in trend and classy. Upgrading the style and quality of each product to suit its customers is a challenge that Zara has surmounted. Without faltering in delivery, it takes a maximum of one to two (1-2) working days to deliver items to customers within range, while to move items from the manufacturing site to the stores takes a maximum of 10-15 working days. Without being limited to a physical store, Zara has provided an online application where the latest items and trends can easily be reached by the customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make payment through the Zara Application?


How many days does it take to get an item bought through the Zara App?

2-4 business days, depending on the delivery address.

Does Zara deliver on Weekends?

No, Zara does not deliver on Saturdays and Sundays.

Where Are Zara Bags Made?

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