What Channel Is E! On FIOS?

The amount of hardship in the country today has made people give primacy to tv and electronic devices where we can stream entertainment shows and various movies in the comfort of our homes or on the move on our devices helping people relax. There are various streaming cables available today and Fios happens to be one of them. The ability to be able to stream various channels such as E! Etc as an entertainment channel for people to watch and enjoy while subscribed to the Fios tv plan. Here we will see What Channel Is E! On FIOS?

What Channel Is E! On FIOS?

About E!

Entertainment Television (E!) is a 24/7 American-based channel that focuses on pop culture, entertainment, movies, news, reality shows, etc.

E! Channel is like a social media platform because one can stream celebrity gist and gossip, entertainment news, hottest fashion, movies, tv shows, etc.

About FIOS 

Fios(fiber-optic services) is also known as Verizon Fios and they offer various services such as bundled-internet access, telephone, and television service which operates through the fiber-optic communication network.

One of the packages rendered by Verison is Fios TV. Verizon has several TV packages such as the custom TV package to enable subscribers the ability to purchase packages with small channels. As of now, subscribers can choose between the 125+, 225+, and 425+ channel packages.

Fios TV also uses what is called quadrature amplitude modulation(QAM) to deliver customer signals through the fiber optic cable offering more than 600 digital channels groped in genres such as entertainment, sports, news, music, etc.

E! Channel on  Verizon Fios TV

Verizon launched a new channel which is E! HD for Fios TV subscribers to have access to stream an entertainment channel dedicated to the world of celebrities. With the new launch of E! Channel they provided their subscribers with the programming they requested being able to view entertainment, news, sports, etc all in high definition. This is available for all Fios customers everywhere.

Fios Tv offers over 540 all-digital channels alongside more than 140 HD channels and 30,000 on-demand videos with titles. 

What Channel Is E! On FIOS?

The E! HD channel is available for Fios TV subscribers on channel 696 and also available in standard definition on channel 196 featuring programs such as keeping up with the Kardashians, Fashion police, Red carpet, The soup, etc.

Verizon Fios TV plan and packages

The Verizon FiOS tv has four plans with their prices and the number of viewing channels a subscriber has access to. These TV plans are:

  • Your Fios TV: This plan has over 125+ channels and its subscription is 50 dollars monthly with taxes and also with the ability to choose 5 of your favorite channels and a package will be recommended based on your preferences
  •  More Fios TV: This plan offers over 300+ channels and its subscription is 70 dollars monthly and taxes with the ability to get your most popular channels and regional sports.
  • The Most Fios TV: This plan offers over 425+ channels and its subscription is 110 dollars monthly with taxes. This also included 200 dollars Verizon credit card and multi-room DVR service. This plan includes premium channels such as Showtime, Starz, etc also the best sports channels such as FOX Soccer plus, NBA League Pass, etc as well as movie channels.
  • YouTube TV: This plan offers over 85+ channels and its subscription is 65 dollars monthly with taxes. One can stream live TV and have an account of 6 individuals per family alongside unlimited DVR storage space.
  • Verizon international package: This package allows subscribers to choose what they want to watch either Spanish, Indian or Asian, etc. They have over 25 international TV packages. 


Entertainment channels keep people entertained in the comfort of their homes or with their devices on the go. Fios TV has made it easy for its subscribers to have access to stream entertainment shows by launching the E! HD channel.


  1. Where can I get additional help with my Fios TV?

By using your Fios remote to tune to channel 131 where you can get help 24/7 about the Fios TV. One can also visit the Fios TV homepage or just downland the Fios TV app. 

  1. How can I change my Fios TV plan/package?

 One can also make changes by signing in to My Verizon, by using the My Fios app, or by going online to Fios plans and channels.

  1. How can I prevent access/ purchases of content or widgets/ apps?

One can do this by using parental and purchase control. It allows you to block access to content, block access for specific widgets/apps, etc.

  1. Why am I not seeing videos on my TV?

There are various reasons why this can happen such as electrical issues, wrong HDMI connection, TV issues, etc. One should use the guided solution tool or see the TV manufacturer if the TV is the issue.

What Channel Is E! On FIOS?

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