Does Home Depot Accept American Express?


 American Express is a well-known financial service company with a million customers worldwide. It is the largest card issuer in the world and is known for its secure credit card payment methods. The Home Depot is one of the biggest retailers in the United States, and it supplies thousands of home improvement goods and provides various home services. In this article, we will discuss ‘Does Home Depot Accept American Express?’

Does Home Depot Accept American Express?

About Home Depot:

  The Home Depot is an online retail store where you can purchase home improvement products like building materials, hardware items, kitchen supplies, lights, ceiling fans, furniture, plants, seeds, garden equipment, and many other products. The company has nearly 2,312 locations worldwide. Home depot is founded on February 6, 1978, in the United States, and 500,000 employees are worked in this organization. The Home Depot Pro is a subsidiary company of Home depot corporation. It sells nearly 40,000 products and contains experienced professionals to provide services like installing, designing, repairing, and remodeling. Customers can use debit cards, credit cards, cash, gift cards, etc., to make payments for their purchased products.

About American Express:

  American Express is a financial corporation that issues prepaid debit cards, charge cards, and credit cards to companies and consumers worldwide. It is operated in 175 countries and is a leading issuer of charge cards and traveler’s cheques in the world. The company is founded on March 18, 1850, in New York, and its headquarters is situated at 200 Vesey Street, New York. The American Express Bank Ltd., American Express Travel Related Services, and American Express Financial Advisors are three major companies of American Express. The company not only offers credit cards to consumers but also processes its service network. So, you can directly contact American Express if you have any issues. It is the main reason for choosing AmEx over other financial service providers. Continue reading to know this payment method is accepted at Home Depot or not. 

Is American Express accepted at Home Depot?

  Yes, Home Depot accepts American Express credit cards to purchase products in stores, website, and on an application. People can also use American Express gift cards to buy products at Home Depot, and American Express credit cards can be used to purchase Home Depot gift cards. Apple Pay and Google Pay are not accepted at Home Depot, so a physical card is necessary to make payments. You can use American Express to buy products like home décor, furniture, tools, paint, appliances, building materials, electrical items, lights, ceiling fans, etc. It is also used to pay delivery fees, home depot rental deposits, and home depot protection plans. Let us see other popular payment methods available at the Home Depot. 

Other payments accepted at Home Depot:

  We know that home depot provides numerous payment options for easy payments. The payment methods are different in-stores and online. Here is a list of payment methods accepted at home depot!

  • Customers can choose cash payment in the home depot stores. For cash-free payment methods, they can choose Paypal cash card, Home Depot consumer credit card, home depot gift card, Visa card, Master card, etc. Home Depot stores also accept personal checks for payments.
  • Customers can choose Home Depot commercial card, Visa Card, Discover, Paypal, Home Depot gift card, eGift card, Home Depot consumer credit card, Home Depot pro purchase card, Home depot gift certificate, etc., to purchase products at the home depot website and application. 

American Express Rewards:

  Amex (American Express) will offer you rewards if you pay bills or purchase products using AmEx cards. The earned membership reward points can be used to purchase gift cards at the home depot. The rewards points can also be redeemed for travel, donations, statement credits, and so on. If you use cards like Amex everyDay credit card, green card, gold card, platinum card business gold card, and business platinum card for your purchase, then you will get membership reward points for eligible purchases. There are many other ways to earn membership reward points. 


  In this article, we have seen American Express is accepted at the Home Depot. In addition to that, the article also contains details about home depot and American express. As mentioned above, using American Express in the Home Depot will provide you with more benefits and rewards. Utilize the benefits, save your money, and enjoy shopping!  


  1. Is a later payment service available at the home depot? 

Paypal Pay in 4, Quadpay, and Klarna are available at the home depot for later payments. But, AfterPay, Sezzle, and Affirm are not accepted at home depot. The later payment service is not applicable for all home depot products. 

2.   Does the home depot online store accepts American Express gift cards? 

Yes, home Depot accepts AmEx gift cards both online and in-store. 

Does Home Depot Accept American Express?

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