Safeway Hours- Safeway Opening and Closing Hours

Shopping and buying groceries for yourself can be difficult sometimes. Rushes and crowds in the supermarkets are not easy for everyone, especially the senior citizens. Safeway had come up with the idea of special hours for senior citizens. Let’s know about Safeway Hours.

Safeway Hours

Safeway is one of the known American supermarkets which started its journey in April 1915. Its stores are vastly located in the USA and other countries too. 

Safeway hours

Since the time covid-19 pandemic hit our world, it was tough for everyone. Whether they were kids, adults or senior citizens, each one of us had a difficult time. 

Groceries stores were out of stock because of a huge number of people buying large amounts of goods from them in the fear of covid. Senior citizens couldn’t catch up well because of the rush and threat of covid.

Safeway offered special hours for senior citizens of age 65 years and above. Only those people can enter the store who age 65 and above. 

The store opens from 6 am or 7 am till 9 am for the senior citizens on Tuesday and Thursday. During this time only senior citizens can enter the store and be allowed to buy goods from the store.

They opened the senior hours on 19 March 2020, after the covid-19 pandemic. The stocks in the store were getting sold quickly by customers and the crowd made it difficult for the senior citizen to buy their items.

These were the reasons that Safeway launched senior hours for their senior citizen customers.

Were Safeway’s senior hours working?

Yes, it was working great. Senior hours introduced by Safeway were one of the great ideas for helping others in tough times, especially during the pandemic time. 

Many senior citizens appreciated the efforts done by Safeway. But some senior citizens did not find it easy as it was an early hour in the morning. They have to wake up early to visit the store.

Safeway opening and closing hours

Safeway’s normal opening hour is 5 am and closing hour is midnight. This time is set for most of the stores. You can check your area’s Safeway store before you visit.

They open their stores from Monday to Saturday. There are some stores in some areas that are open for 24 hours. 

What are other stores that added senior hours?

Other than Safeway other stores also introduced senior hours for their senior citizen customer.

List of stores that offer senior hours to their customers:

  1. Walmart
  2. Kohl’s
  3. T.J.Maxx
  4. Ross
  5. Costco
  6. Walgreens

Other stores also offer senior shopping hours other than these. 

Is senior hour safe?

Safeway’s senior hours’ main aim was to help senior citizens because they are more in danger of getting covid positive. 

As we know covid-19 is dangerous as well as can easily be transmitted to others. It can survive on the surface and moist air for up to 15 minutes. 

Safeway did provide special hours for senior citizens’ safety but it doesn’t guarantee that it is healthy or safe. The shelves of the stores are sanitized properly or not. 

Even health experts do not think that it can be safe even if they allot special hours for old people. 

What precautions senior citizens should take?

Senior citizens are more at threat to get infected with covid-19, so they should take precautions to save themselves.

  1. Wear masks before leaving their house. This is important because covid also transmits to others through the air.
  2. They should not rub them in public and sanitize their hands after leaving the store.
  3. They also should not touch items unnecessary in the stores.
  4. Eating healthy foods and drinking water.
  5. Buying essential or healthy items for themselves.

You should aware of your close ones or known persons. We can not take the covid situation lightly.


Covid did impact many people around the world. We are still fighting against it and we should help each other during this time. Even if it is a small help or support, we should do it for others. Safeway and other stores have shown their support for others by introducing senior hours for their customers. The seniors’ hours run from 6 am or 7 am till 9 am only on Tuesday and Thursday. 


  1. Is Safeway owned by Kroger?

No, Safeway is not owned by Kroger. It is owned by Cerberus Capital Management.

  1. Does Safeway still follow senior hours?

Yes, Safeway still follows special senior hours on Tuesday and Thursday from 6 am or 7 am till 9 am. Opening hours can vary from store to store.

  1. Do senior citizens not allowed after 9 am?

No, they are allowed to enter even after 9 am. Senior hours were specially allotted for only senior citizens but after 9 am other people can also enter the store, it doesn’t matter whether they are senior citizens or not.

  1. Can I come along with someone who is a senior citizen during senior hours?

Yes, you can enter the store with senior citizens if they are not physically fit and they need your help. Stores then only can allow you to enter otherwise not.

Safeway Hours- Safeway Opening and Closing Hours

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