Who makes Walmart’s paint?

Founded in the year 1962, Walmart is a retail store that sells products across the U.S. without compromising on the quality of the product. Walmart approximately has 10,000 plus stores on its website. Walmart is one of the fastest-growing retail businesses in the United States because of its wide range of product displays at an affordable cost. Let’s know Who makes Walmart’s paint?

Who makes Walmart’s paint?

Walmart is an assortment of all your basic needs from home appliances, to electronics, to automotive parts to health & beauty, home décor, sports equipment, and much more. Walmart is one optimum store to get possibly anything you need. That said, does Walmart also sell paint? Here is everything on Walmart’s paint from whether they sell it in the store, to who makes it?

Does Walmart sell paints?

As mentioned before, Walmart is one place where you can get anything at the most affordable price. But, does Walmart sell paint? Yes, they do, Walmart sells paints, not from one but many brands. Some of the primary brands that Walmart carries are.

  • KILZ
  • Zinsser
  • The Real Milk Paint Co
  • General Finishes
  • Glidden
  • Krylon
  • Montana Cans
  • Rust-Oleum
  • Better Homes and Garden Paint
  • Drew Barrymore Flower
  • Valspar

Who makes Walmart’s paints?

Earlier it was Sherwin Williams was the primary supplier of paints to most Walmart stores in the United States. As of 2022 the production and supplies of the paint have been given to AkzoNobel. The company is now in charge of the interior and exterior paint for the Walmart stores, approximately 3,500 stores across the United States. AkzoNobel is one of the largest companies to manufacture interior and exterior paint, with its headquarters located in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The company is also the major producer of specialty chemicals Nouryon. 

Does Walmart have its private paint label? 

If you are wondering whether Walmart has its paint brand or not then, yes Walmart owns Color Place, which you can exclusively find at any Walmart store. The Color Place paints come in both spray and container tubs for interior or exteriors painting. However, Is the quality of Color Place paint good enough? Unlike other Walmart products. The story of Color Paint is quite different. Let’s find out if they are ideal for your interiors or not.

Is Walmart Color Place paint good quality paint?

According to Walmart customers who have used Color Place paint stated that the quality of the paint is just average and not very convincing, even after applying 3 layers of the Color Place paint it still seems dull and uneven. Which ultimately gives dissatisfactory look. People mostly complain about the paint being overly runny, uneven appearance after many coats, and not good for protection from water. 

Despite being in the negative reviews, Color Place paints do have some brownie points. People also stated that their paints have a wide range of color shades, low odors as compared to many brands, and are fast drying. Walmart Color Place paint might not be the ideal choice to whitewash the interior of your house. However, they can still be used at small events. 

Does Walmart also mix paint?

Choosing the right color for your walls is as important as choosing a good song for a drive. Both are the major cause to set your mood. However, when it comes to painting walls, there are times when the color you want is not available. 

However, that is not the dead end. You can mix the paint to make your desired color. If you are wondering whether you can mix the paint at Walmart or not. Then, glad tidings, you can mix paint at Walmart at zero cost without waiting much. The longest it will take will be 10 minutes. So, you get your desired color without spending much money. 

The Final Word

So, the bottom line is that Walmart gets its paint manufacturers from AkzoNobel now. Earlier it was Sherwin Williams. Nevertheless, you do have to worry about the quality of paint when it comes to AkzoNobel since they are in the business since the 1700s. however, if you are skittish about Walmart’s Color Place then let me tell you there are multiple brands you can pick from Walmart If Color Place does not match your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the qualities of premium paints?

Good quality paint is smooth in texture with a good consistency that is easier to apply, it has low or no odor. No added silicon does not require multiple coatings and is environment friendly. 

Q2. What is the most trustable paint brand?

According to the customers themselves, many believe that Sherwin Williams paints were the supreme quality. Although, they are not in business with Walmart anymore. Another premium quality paint brand is Benjamin Moore. Paints from these brands are of great consistency that does not require multiple coating and hence, saving you money. 

Q3. Where can I use Color Place paints?

Because of its runny consistency, a lot of people avoid using Color Place paints on walls because it needs layers of coating. However, they are not useless. You can use Color Place paint for painting small spaces or window sashes, wood racks, or anything that possibly requires painting. 

Q4. What colors are available from Color Place?

Color Place has many colors to offer white, blue, green, red, yellow, flat, satin, eggshell, and semi-gloss are a few to name. you can check the shade card at Walmart for more colors. 

Who makes Walmart’s paint?

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