Why Do I Crave McDonald’s?

Craving for a certain food is often a reflex that your body needs something. We frequently crave something sweet to get rid of the sugar rush or something spicy to lure our tongue. Or sometimes just a McDonald’s big cheeseburger because it forfends both agendas. On the contrary, craving for a specific food is ok. Because it provides comfort and tastes your mind is looking for. However, there can be multiple other reasons why you are craving McDonald’s? So, the title is Why Do I Crave McDonald’s?

Why Do I Crave McDonald’s?

The very first and obvious reason to crave McDonald’s is the taste, the restaurant serves a variety of burgers, other food items, and desserts that your tongue cannot resist. However, there are many reasons why you are craving McDonald’s, and below are some reasons mentioned.

  1. You need a portion of comfort food.
  2. Reconnecting to your memories
  3. Few components are highly addictive
  4. Advertising plays a significant role.
  5. Your body is dehydrated.
  6. Monosodium Glutamate is addictive.
  7. Affordable and actively everywhere.

You need a portion of comfort food

Food plays a significant role in handling our body, and everybody has a food option that can release a good amount of dopamine, we feel thousands of emotions each day anxious, happy, sad, or just low on energy. Whatever the condition is, the very first reflex is to grab something that tastes good, and McDonald’s is one of the best places to avert your emotions.

Reconnecting to your memories

Nostalgia hits hard sometimes. McDonald’s is one running the business for over a decade now, and everybody has visited the place once in a lifetime. Even more, if you like to fill up on junk, which makes it obvious to create more memories. Tons of memories made in a specific place can bring you back to it. McDonald’s has been a very significant part of everybody’s childhood, and sometimes all you want is to associate with those memories which result in fueling up your, Burgers craving. 

Few components are highly addictive

There are a few components that your body timely craves, carbohydrates, sugar, and fat. All McDonald’s food items are rich in carbs and are highly addictive, making it even more likely for you to crave them often. These foods release the chemical dopamine in our brain, which makes us happy and filled. Thus, the more you fill up on the carbs and sugar, the more often your mind will crave it.

Advertising plays a significant role

McDonald’s relay on heavy advertising as it helps the business to grow rapidly. Thus, investing a heavy sum in advertising gives fruitful results. Social media platforms are in the rage for digital marketing. 

Almost every platform has become a primary mode for advertising products, and you can hardly resist that. Plenty of time you might have come across McDonald’s ads displayed on a website or every time you open YouTube a sizzling burger pops up, these ads are enough to make you drool and intensify your cravings.

Your body is dehydrated.

Often you feel hungry even after filling yourself up to the throat, the problem here is not that you are hungry again, the problem is you don’t realize that your body lacks hydration. When your body is dehydrated it often generates an extreme craving for a sugary thing and McDonald’s has some amazing desserts options such as apple pie, or Mc flurry. 

This sudden craving can likely be misunderstood as hunger. However, all your body need is some freshwater. So next time, you feel like rushing to the McDonald’s make sure you are dehydrated and not hungry. 

Monosodium Glutamate is addictive.

It is simple when you like the taste of something, you crave it now and then, McDonald’s uses this one component to enhance the flavor of their food which is known as MSG monosodium glutamate, this enhancer is highly addictive. The more you consume it, the more your body will crave it. 

Affordable and actively everywhere.

McDonald’s is comparatively low in cost than other fast-food restaurants with quality taste which ends up triggering your brain to crave it quite often. You can buy a meal under $10 that too at McDonald’s who wouldn’t be triggered? However, just because it’s affordable so let’s have a burger everyday concept can damage your guts. 


The taste that McDonald’s serve is enough for you to drive to their doorsteps twice a week. However, the more you crave it, the more it will affect your health. So, to avoid going to McDonald’s every time to settle the craving. Make sure you are hydrated well, or you can even make yourself a burger that will be way healthier and filling even if it doesn’t taste like McDonald’s. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is it ok to eat McDonald’s burgers every day?

It is ok if you want to, but if you look from a health perspective it is not healthy to invest in burgers every day because they are high in carbs and fat and not good for everyday consumption at all.

Q2. How can I avoid McDonald’s cravings?

Engage yourself in different activities like reading or anything you like to get rid of the feelings. Also, keep yourself hydrated. Sometimes all your body need is hydration and not food.

Why Do I Crave McDonald’s?

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