AT&T Military & Veteran Discounts- Eligibility For Them

American Telephone and Telegraph Company (AT&T) is considered the largest telecommunication company in the world. Most of the US population relies on AT&T cellular and telecommunication services. It is also listed at 9th position in fortune 500 US corporations. It is among the oldest telecommunication service providers in the USA. But does AT&T telecommunication provide special discounts to its users? Let’s know about AT&T military and veteran discounts.

AT&T Military & Veteran Discount

AT&T does offer a discount to working military men and veterans on their various plans. Military men and veterans get 25% discounts on their AT&T cellular plans. The plans offer unlimited texts, calls, and 5G Internet access. Apart from this AT&T also offer other benefits, discounts, and donations to military men and veterans as an appreciation gesture. 

AT&T military and veteran discount

American Telephone and Telegraph Company (AT&T) appreciates the work of working men and women of the US military and the retired veterans by offering a 25% discount on their wireless plans. After the launch of the 4G network, users are more inclined to unlimited data and calls. Hence, AT&T’s military and veteran discounts apply to AT&T’s unlimited plans. 

The major plans that are available at a 25% discount at AT&T are- 

  • AT&T Unlimited Starter ($35 monthly plan; for military men and veterans- $26.25/ month)This 5G plan offers unlimited texts, calls, and data. This facility is available to users in USA, Mexico, and Canada. Additionally, unlimited texts could be done to 120+ countries. The video streaming is offered in SD. The plan also offers ATTActiveArmor Security.
  • AT&T Unlimited Extra ($40 monthly plan; for military men and veterans- $30/ month)

Apart from unlimited texts, calls, and data; this 5G plan also offers 50GB of premium data. This offer is continued in Mexico and Canada. Here also video streaming is standard and security is of ATTActiveArmor Advance.

  • AT&T Unlimited Elite ($50 monthly plan; for military men and veterans- $37.50/ month)

The Elite plan also offers unlimited texts, calls, and data. However, the data speed does not slow down after a limit. This plan is also including connections to Mexico and Canada. Texts are unlimited to 120+ countries. The video streaming in this plan is in HD. Additionally, users also get an HBO Max membership.

Eligibility for AT&T military and veteran discounts 

AT&T is one of the corporations that is doing various efforts to appreciate the works of military men and veterans. The 25% discount on plans is one of them. Those who can apply for AT&T’s military and veteran discount are-

  • Working soldier or officer of any battalion of US military.
  • Veterans respectfully retired from the forces. 
  • Spouse of working, retired, or deceased soldier of US military. 

How to get an AT&T military and veteran discount? 

Approaching AT&T military and veteran discounts is easy and simple. The working military men require their .mil military email id to apply for the 25% discount. 

Veterans also require their valid id that shows proof of service to apply for military and veteran discounts at AT&T. They can use Department of Defence Form DD214, veteran id card, veteran health insurance card, driver’s license, valid retired military id, or any other authorized proof of veteran. 

Spouses of working soldiers or officers can also apply for the discount with a valid sponsorship card by the US Department of Defense. While making an online account as military personnel, veteran, or spouse of military men; you have 14 days to submit the proof of service. 

What else AT&T does do for military men and veterans?

Apart from the military discount, AT&T also offers other facilities and benefits to working military personnel and veteran as an appreciation gesture. Following are the benefits-

  • The hiring of veterans- AT&T considers hiring retired personnel of the US military in their corporation. The aim is to give a career to the veterans after retiring from the military.
  • Donations for career-making- AT&T partnered with NPower in their program of supporting military veterans and families in giving cybersecurity training. AT&T has contributed $200,000 to the program.
  • Media mentorship- AT&T also runs a media fellowship program for veterans so that they can sharpen their skills in media and public communication. This could become an additional career option for veterans.


AT&T offers special discounts to military personnel and veterans. A 25% discount is offered to the working military soldiers and officers, their spouses, and veterans. The eligible shoppers require their proof of service to apply for this offer. Once applies, they can regularly get the plans at a discounted price. Additionally, AT&T also run various other support programs for military and veteran as an appreciation gesture.


  1. Is AT&T establishing a 5G network at a military base?

Answer: Yes, AT&T has successfully brought a 5G network to various air force bases of the US military. It is still working on the programs. 

  1. Do other telecom companies offer military and veteran discounts?

Answer: Yes, other telecom companies like Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, and Sprint also offer a military and veteran discount as an appreciation gesture. 

AT&T Military & Veteran Discounts- Eligibility For Them

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