DHL Customer Service- How to Use?

DHL is one of the most renowned and prominent logistics companies. The company provides services to over 220 nations and serves around 400,000 customers. DHL was established in Germany in 1969 and handles more than a billion packages per year. Let’s know about DHL Customer Service.

DHL Customer Service

DHL has a portal on its website dedicated to customer service. Customer service in DHL comprises multiple components. Some of them are present as self-help options on the website. Others are available through designated contact numbers. They have a team of professionals who require parcel details to carry out changes on the other side.

How to Use Their Customer Service Features?

  • The first step would be to visit their website and click on the customer service tab.
  • It will redirect users to a landing page where a search box is present. The user needs to check their invoice to find the tracking ID associated with the parcel.
  • If one has lost the tracking ID, they can use other shipping reference IDs for the same. 
  • Users can also call on their toll-free number for any queries. Emails are also accepted to enquire about package details. Apart from this, they have a designated FAQ page as well. 

What Are Some of The Areas For Which They Provide Customer Service?

The first basic service they provide would be a tracking option for parcels. If one is a business owner, one can opt for services related to business accounts. It helps in building a shipping profile and helps with shipment-related issues. The customer service also deals with the rescheduling of delivery and pick-up timings.

For international parcels, they provide support by helping pay customs duties. Any concerns regarding the shipment documents can also be handled. Their customer service also has a department that deals with damaged and lost parcels. DHL also provides online shipping services that are self-ship services. In case one wants more information on freight terminals and locations, they have provisions for that as well. 

Some Tips to Ensure that Parcels Stay in Good Condition While Shipping

Keep in mind the condition and fragility of the goods when being packed. Depending on this factor, choose the packing materials carefully. Also, attach the parcel to a pallet after being packed. It ensures the box stays safe when it is being fork-lifted. If shipping liquids, seal them correctly in durable containers. Labels must be attached to every package citing its contents and other details. Any special instructions must be visible on the package. It is also recommended that all the paperwork related to a parcel is kept safe for further use.

How Good is the Customer Service at DHL?

The customer service at DHL has been marked high by the vast majority of its customers. Queries that are done through the phone get resolved within a few minutes. The ideal waiting time for this is also between 5-10 minutes. For emails, the company assures a guaranteed reply within 24 hours. For other details, the FAQ page has a lot of relevant information. 

Why Choose DHL When Shipping Out Packages?

DHL has one of the world’s largest supply chain systems in place. This ensures that they are equipped with assets and technology to ensure logistical connection, which might have otherwise been difficult to achieve. They provide services at affordable rates and are transparent in their holdings at all points of time. They offer a wide range of services for both individual and business needs and provide minimum risk. Apart from that, they have a group of highly trained professionals working around the clock to provide timely and effective deliveries. 


DHL is one of the most trustworthy service providers when it comes to package deliveries. They have amassed a vast experience that spans over 30 years, and their delivery personnel will travel to the corners of the globe to ensure safe delivery. They are agile and are always innovating their services to provide an improved customer experience each time. Their customer services are quick to get onto any problem and have one of the best response rates in the industry. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What to do if the shipment status remains unchanged?

It is important to note that the company only provides milestone tracking. This means that it might take some time for the status to get updated between two nodes. There can also be a delay in the delivery services. 

  1. What to do if the package contains damaged goods?

The first step would be to contact the merchant and file for claims return. Then print out the form and fill in your details. In a couple of days, pick-up personnel will arrive to collect the item. The refund policy will follow the merchant’s terms and conditions and not DHL’s. 

  1. What to do if customs are holding the parcel?

In that case, one would need to visit the nearest customs clearance center and sort out the issue. It might be a case of taxes and duties or a problem with the shipment documents. 

DHL Customer Service- How to Use?

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