Is Vitaly Jewelry Real?

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Many types of jewelry are there on the market. Gold, platinum, diamond, and many types of jewelry are there. Some of the pieces of jewelry are original and some are fake. Thousand of dealers and sellers are selling jewelry pieces at their stores. Sometimes we spend lakhs on jewelry. We must check whether a piece of jewelry is original or not as we spend so much money on it. And some jewelry doesn’t cost much as they are not original. 

Is Vitaly Jewelry Real

Vitaly is one of the jewelry shops selling a wide range of jewelry. But their jewelry is not real. They coat the metals and give them a finishing touch. The jewelry pieces look real, but they are not. But the cost is affordable. If someone is looking for a pocket-friendly piece of jewelry, Vitaly is the best shop for them. They can buy jewelry at real-looking and budget-friendly prices from Vitaly.

What Is Vitaly?

Vitaly is a jewelry shop. They sell varieties of jewelry pieces at their shop. One can feature herself with Vitaly jewelry online too. They have jewelry that is not real. The collection of their jewelry makes them famous and popular among the customers. jewelry is an integral part of our lives. Whether it is a party or ceremony the first thing we look for is a piece of jewelry. From the important person to the non-important ones, everyone wears jewelry at a function. It must look good while gaining a lot of compliments. Vitaly features a wide range of eye-capturing design jewelry pieces at the stores. One will get confused about choosing the best one among the pieces. 

Is Vitaly Jewelry Real?

When it comes to the jewelry piece being real or not, the Vitaly jewelry is not real. They give it a finishing touch. They coat the jewelry with many products such as gasoline, gold, and black. The metal they use for their v is stainless steel. Though not the products are said to be long-lasting. Even they feature a lifetime warranty on their jewelry. It won’t be fading easily. They are waterproof and rustproof as well. The cost is good as per as money is concerned. The jewelry is good to be worn by the bridesmaids and party attendees. The designs are a variety. There are party wear and function wear jewelry pieces at Vitaly stores. 

How To Check Whether A Piece Of Jewelry Is Real Or Not?

People spend most of their hard-earned money on jewelry. It is needed to check whether the jewelry piece is real or not. Some stores sell fake products in the name of real jewelry. Many steps are there to check the reality of the jewelry piece. Below are some of the steps one can opt for. 

Touchstone method:

The method can be used at the store itself. Most of the stores have a stone. The stone is good to check gold. When a person scratches the gold on the stone it doesn’t leave its color. But if the jewelry is fake then, the jewelry will leave color. You can tell at the store to check if the jewelry is real or not.


All the jewelry pieces contain a hallmark. You can find it on the inside rims of bangles, near the ear lobes, and inside the ring. Hallmark indicates the reality of jewelry. For that, you need to know the hallmark letters and numbers. Some hallmarks mean the jewelry is real and some indicate the jewelry is fake. 

Weighing method:

If you have bought a jewelry piece online you can check it by weighing. Bring a jar full of water. Put the jewelry inside the jar. If the jewelry is real it will sit at the bottom of the jar. If the jewelry is fake, then it will start to float. Even if you have bought that from a store you can check at your home about the reality of the jewelry using this method. 


Reality checking of jewelry is needed. Vitaly jewelry is not real. They sell stainless steel jewelry by coating them with many products. But the cost is effective for anyone. With that price, the jewelry is indeed good. The designs of jewelry are good to wear for parties and functions. The lifetime warranty on the jewelry is very helpful. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Vitaly jewelry good?

Ans: Though not real, Vitaly jewelry is indeed for parties and functions. 

Q. Does Vitaly jewelry cost much?

Ans: As the jewelry is not real, it doesn’t cost much. Jewelry at Vitaly is budget-friendly.

Q. Can we check the reality of jewelry at home?

Ans: Yes, many methods are there to check the reality of a piece of jewelry at home. The weighing method is one of the reality checking methods at home. 

Is Vitaly Jewelry Real?

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