Ting Phone Return Policy – Read To Know More

Ting Inc. is a parent company of Dish Wireless. The company provides telephone and internet services and was founded in 2012. With Ting, you can access mobile networks and the Ting internet. At the 10-year mark, the company has approximately 250,000 users with decent offerings and plans. However, the company is still in the process of scaling new heights. A sense of community develops among the company’s subscribers with each passing year. Let’s have a look at the ‘Ting Phone Return Policy’.

Ting Phone Return Policy

Ting phones are in demand as it offers affordable plans, so even if you are on a tight budget, you will still be able to pay for your plans. Relatively, Ting has a small mobile virtual network operator among others, and it looks like Ting does not intend to make its presence huge in the market. With its flexible plan offerings, it still wants to retain a small portion of the population’s attention.

That said, Ting does not have a large presence but it is a reliable brand and at the end of the day an electronic gadget that can be faulty. If you ever plan to buy a Ting phone, you might as well want to know their return and exchange policy. Here is a brief overview of Ting phone’s return policy.

Does Ting phone offer a return policy?

Considering Ting phones are not highly marketed, you may wonder if they have any return or exchange policy. Yes, Ting phones do come with a return policy. If you bought a phone from them and didn’t like the infrastructure or user interface, then you can return the device with their 30 days standard return policy from the date the purchase was made. Passing the 300s is the only requirement. There should be fewer than 300 text messages, megabytes of data, and minutes of use on the device.

Conditions to replace your device

In case you want to return your device, here are the steps you need to follow to make the process smooth and quick.

  • Contact the Ting customer service about your device replacement, and they will process your request.
  • They will ship the replacement right after the request is processed. Print out the shipping label and apply it to the order you want to return. The label will be mailed to you.
  • Make sure, you have packed all the accessories that came along with the device in the original box. You do not need to return any personal belongings, including such as extended batteries, phone cases, headphones, SD cards, or SIM cards.
  • Once, you have received the replacement of your device, ship back the original device within 21 days, if they do not receive the device within 21 days, they may charge you for the replacement and shipping charges.

Does Ting offer a warranty with its devices?

Ting offers a one-year warranty on its phone devices, and cover if the material and quality are at fault. If you want to know whether your device is eligible for warranty or not, then, here is a brief idea.

  • Upon reaching the Ting Wear facility, the order will be inspected to ensure all accessories are included and are returned in good condition along with the device.
  • Once, they are done with the inspection, you will hear from them via email. 
  •  If your device fails the replacement criteria, you will be charged for the replacement.
  • Before sending your device back to Ting, make sure you have removed all the security locks and pins from the device.

You can return your device to Ting or ask for a replacement if your device meets Ting’s guidelines and conditions. The device should be in an acceptable condition with all appurtenances it came with, if any of the appurtenances is missing, you will be charged for that. Overall, Ting phones are quite easy to return.

Ensure that the device is not damaged from your side and ship back with the prepaid shipping label sent to you via email. If you are returning more than one device, patch a shipping label on each to avoid mishaps. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Does Ting offer a Warranty? What are the events not covered by their warranty?

Ting’s offers a one-year warranty on their phone. You can use their warranty services if the material or quality of the phone is at fault. However, the warranty does not cover any accidental damage, defects that occurred due to damage, or liquid damage. Therefore, if you drop your phone in the water, it won’t be covered by the warranty.

Q2. Do they have any Insurance coverage?

As of now, Ting does not offer insurance on its mobile phones. They have a 30 days return policy and 1 year of warranty service. If Ting didn’t work for you, you can return your device within 30 days from the date it was purchased. 

Q3. How to ship back the return goods to Ting?

To send your order back for a refund. First, pack your device with the prepaid shipping label on the top of the box. Make sure you have included all the cables and cords that came along with it. Remove all the personal data from the device, run a factory reset, and remove your SIM card. Ship your order via FedEx express. The standard delivery takes 4-5 days. However, if you want to make the process quick, you can opt for the FedEx 2 days delivery that takes up to 2 business working days.

Ting Phone Return Policy – Read To Know More

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