Where Does Brisket Meat Come From?- How much?

You must have come across the meat display rack in stores. Upon closer inspection, you will observe no two cuts of meat are the same. Similarly, all of these different cuts cost differently. Understanding meat cuts start with the basic information first- which part of the animal does it come from? One of the main factors differentiating meat cuts would be the fat content. Cuts that comprise muscle tend to be tough and have a chewy texture. More fat content indicates that the meat is softer and is juicier. Fat content in meat is also often known as marbling. Marbled cuts of meat are some of the most expensive ones. The brisket is also one of the nine prime cuts of meat. Where Does Brisket Meat Come From?

Where Does Brisket Meat Come From?

Brisket is a type of meat cut that is obtained from cows. It is typically found in the lower parts of the body such as the pectorals. Since it is predominantly all muscles, the meat is quite tough. Briskets typically tend to be quite large cuts of meat.

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What are the different cuts of brisket meat?

  • The flat cut of the brisket is quite large and uniform in size. Typically it has a fine layer of fat on one side. It is also easy to cut and can result in nice, thin slices. 
  • The deckle cut tends to be non-uniform in shape and contains marbled fat. It has some of the highest fat content among all the cuts. 

How does one store beef brisket?

  • Briskets can last in refrigerators for up to 10 days.
  • Make sure it is stored in its original packaging. 
  • It can also be packed into air-tight containers and frozen solid for months. If improperly stored, the fat will begin to separate from the meat. 
  • Cooked dishes containing this cut of meat can be stored in the fridge for up to 4 days. 
  • Frozen briskets can last for a few months. 
  • Brisket dishes can be stored with or without the gravy. 

How to select the best brisket cuts?

A major factor when it comes to selecting a brisket cut would be to plan what dish you are cooking. For braised dishes, the flat cut works the best. For roasts, the deckle cut works the best. Keep in mind the size of the gathering when you select the weight. A 14-pound slab of brisket can feed more than 20 people, while 2-3 pounds is best for a smaller group. With brisket, marbling is generally not noticed. Do not let this deter you from buying a cut of this meat. Remember that the fat content in brisket tends to be in layers and not speckled throughout. 

How much does a brisket cost?

A beef brisket costs about $5 per pound. Cuts that waste portions of the meat cost higher. For instance, the flat one costs $8, and smaller irregular chunks would be $3. Brisket prices are also affected by seasons and festivals where the demand fluctuates. 

What are some of the popular dishes made from brisket?

One of the most popular dishes made from a brisket is corned beef. It can also be grilled and braised to add extra flavor. Roast brisket can be cut into slices and added to tacos and wraps. During the barbeque, season brisket is one of the most commonly used cuts. Brisket finds prominence in Italian cuisine in the form of pastramis and risotto. The Vietnamese noodle soup, Pho, also uses the cut of meat. 


If you are looking for a versatile cut of meat that can be used in multiple dishes, then brisket is a good option. Though the meat is tough, brisket can retain flavors wonderfully well. It can be consumed as a stand-alone ingredient or used in conjunction with others. It is important to remember that it shrinks while it cooks. So preparing the portions in advance will help. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does it take to cook a brisket?

Briskets taste better the longer they are cooked. Typically, each pound of meat would require 20-30 minutes of cooking time. Slow braising a beef brisket can take anywhere from 10 to 15 hours. 

2. How to make the brisket tender during cooking?

Adding water can add extra moisture and make the beef soft. Sealing the cooking dish can also help to lock in the moisture. Treating the brisket with collagen-inducing ingredients like coffee can also help to make the muscles tender. 

3. Does trimming help the brisket to cook?

Trimming refers to removing the excess fat from the brisket. While fat is desirable, an excess can wash out the flavor during the cooking process. A trimmed brisket is more uniform in size and cooks more evenly. Removing the hard layer of fat at the top is also recommended since it is very difficult to melt. Removing excess fat helps the grain of the meat to develop. 

Where Does Brisket Meat Come From?- How much?

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