Figs Student Discount- How to Claim?

FIGS is an American-based brand that sells several healthcare products, including scrubs that come in assorted colors and styles. Headquartered in Santa Monica, California, in the United States, the company serves products designed for healthcare professionals. The company was founded by Heather Hasson and Trina Spear in 2013, who also serve the position of current co-CEOs of FIGS. It is a medical apparel company with more than 200 employees as surveyed in 2021. The company also sells medical garments for those wanting to adapt to a modern and healthy lifestyle. Their fabric is designed with an innovative, comfortable, and eco-friendly material. Let’s know about Figs Student Discount.

Figs Student Discount

FIGS offers student discounts under many categories. It offers discounts for school, university, as well as graduate and undergraduate students. Staff and professionals engaged in education are also provided with discounts. Medical students especially can claim the discounts offered provided the terms and conditions are met.

FIGS Student Discount

FIGS has come up with a student discount for schools and college students and for those linked with education in any way. The student discount is estimated to be 15% off on the original value. However, in 2022 it increased to 20%. Medical practitioners including a large number of students trust FIGS for medical pieces of equipment or apparel is the reason FIGS offers good discounts to students. The company helps students to save money and keep the company’s trust. 

How to Claim FIGS Student Discount?

FIGS student discount does have some terms and conditions which need to be met. Ensure that you read them all carefully to claim the discount easily. The student discount needs to be activated before you claim it. FIGS will also need to verify your student Id or status for you to be able to access the discount if you claim to be a student. For clarity, the terms and conditions clearly state that activation of student discounts might make you invalid for a few other discounts at FIGS. Now, how to activate the FIGS student discount? There are certain steps to be followed to activate the student discount.

  • The very first step is to select or add your Figs products to the cart and head straight to checkout. If you’re ordering online, then you’ll either see a dropdown menu or a sidebar. 
  • During checkout, simply click the ‘gift card or discount code’ option visible on the screen. The icon then will expand to show you where you will enter the code. 
  • Just enter the code and click apply. 
  • If the code turns out to be valid, the discount will apply and you’ll be able to see the discounted price at checkout. 

Also, verified users or students will only be eligible to access the discount.

Other Ways to Claim Student Discounts At FIGS

Being a student, it is common to consider student discounts as the best offers for students. But you might be surprised to know that FIGS offers a variety of other discounts similar to student discounts. The most popular and widely used ranges of discounts are Figs Military Discount, Figs Discount Code Reddit, Figs Discount Code 30% off, Figs Black Friday Sales, Figs Cyber Monday, Figs Nurse Discount as well as Figs SMS Discounts. Figs First Responders Discount for Covid-19 has been extremely helpful at the time of the pandemic. Figs Black Friday Sales are the most popular and worth claiming.  It even offers birthday discounts and free shipping on orders over $50. 

Benefits of Student Discount

The discount applies to school, college, and university students and staff. The amazing part is that not only students but their parents, teachers, and staff linked with education can claim this discount. The discount benefits students with a 15% off on the actual price of the product. In 2022, the discount has been increased to 20%. You can avail of the discount from their website  However, this may make a few other discounts invalid. The student discount code may not combine with any other offer or code.


FIGS does offer a student discount to students of schools and colleges. The company offers good discounts to keep the trust of students. Once registered, students just need to get their Ids verified and can claim the discount easily.  Discount is also offered to medical practitioners, staff linked with education, and parents of students. Apart from the student discount figs offer huge other discounts for almost every category. There’s a separate discount for military, nurses, and even one offered when Covid 19 was at its peak. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q Does FIGS offer free shipping?

Ans Yes, FIGS does offer free shipping on purchases over $50 and above.

Q Who can claim the FIGS student discount?

Ans It is often considered that only students can claim the student discount offered by FIGS. Apart from students, medical practitioners and staff linked with education and parents of students can also claim the discount.

Q Can student discounts be claimed without a student Id?

Ans An obvious and straight answer is no. Student discount cannot be claimed unless and until you verify your student Id and status by FIGS. In short, only verified students can claim the discount.

Q How can I approach FIGS for a return?

Ans You can easily return items from the website itself. Still, if you face glitches, you can just mail them to

Figs Student Discount- How to Claim?

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