Where Are Mulberry Bags Made?

Mulberry is a UK bases fashion company founded in 1971. Best known for luxury leather goods, especially women’s handbags. In 1971 Roger Sole received a £500 gift from his mother to start the idea of a belt and collar brand. His sister designed a logo, a tree-a text lined up the road to Roger’s school. It is a mulberry tree, and he named the company after it. Today, Mulberry is a British luxury lifestyle brand with 120 stores worldwide. let’s discuss about Where Are Mulberry Bags Made?

Where Are Mulberry Bags Made?

Mulberry is a luxurious brand based in the UK. It makes most products in the United Kingdom. Mulberry sources leather from Italy, premium brass alloys, and Zamak zippers from Switzerland.

Where Are Mulberry Bags Made?

About 50% of mulberry bags get made in the UK. The company has two manufacturing units that get established in the UK. One is a manufacturing unit in Chilcompton’s Luxury and another in Bridgewater’s Willows. The company also has some of its manufacturing units in China and Turkey.

So, if you see ‘Made in China,’ it can be authentic because some of the mulberry products get made in China and Turkey. Each bag is partly handmade and partly artificial, and some get specially designed to meet your bag’s needs.

What Makes Mulberry Bags So Special? 

Johnny draws each design in 2D, showing that what he says is his “intention.” However, it is the 3D prototype that determines whether the bag reaches the retail floor. Each product of mulberry takes a decent amount of time. For example, the time will inevitably vary (depending on style), but the all-new Amberley Hobo will take 396 minutes from start to finish. 

The production process begins with cutting each piece of leather. Then ink (or seal) the panel and sewing will continue. The backpack needs 15 sewers, the other bags need about 8 and each sewer works in less than 8 minutes with one bag. Then the final edge paint is applied before finishing (probably the most difficult task). Install all hardware components (such as mail carrier locks) and clean the finished product.

Authenticity Of Mulberry Bag

Genuine Mulberry handbags are thick, straight and even brand stamped. Mulberry products does have Mulberry tree logo engraved on the rivets. This stamp should match the mulberry tree stamp on the inner metal disc. The Mulberry uses two major brand zippers, RiRi and its brand zippers. If you look at the bottom of the mulberry zipper, you should see the RiRi or mulberry tree logo. Like all metalwork, this wood needs to be consistent and neat. 

All Mulberry bags come with a hot-stamped leather tag with the logo and a metal disc engraved with the iconic Mulberry tree. The heat stamp changes from time to time. Some contain the tree logo, while others contain only the word ‘Mulberry.’ Each bag of mulberry has its own unique serial number.

How To Authenticate Mulberry Bags? 

Mulberry bags are leather weight and are high-quality leather. You can feel the texture to tell whether it is fake or not. Mulberry products have bags that get made up of leather and have a good lining inside them. All the mulberry bags are stitched and have proper and regular edging done in their bags. Mulberry has buckles that get stamped. They must have a consistent font with Mulberry’s branding. Mulberry only has two zips so in the zipper there would be written RiRi or mulberry.

Do Mulberry Offers Any Protection Plan? 

Mulberry does offer some kind of protection plan. The Mulberry Protection Plan is a service contract (“Extended Warranty”) provided for retail products (mattresses, suitcases, watches, etc.). Mulberry handles all aspects of the planning experience, from transparent coverage to a fast, paperless billing process that includes repairs and replacements (and parts, labor, and transportation).

Some Most Popular Mulberry Bags 

Morus alba is known worldwide for producing high-quality bags and shoes. The Mulberry Company was founded in the United Kingdom by a mother and son Joan and Roger Saul in 1971 and started its business internationally in 2007. The design and pattern of the bags are excellent and the collection of Mulberry bags is stunning and top-notch.

Heritage Bayswater  

Mulberry’s most popular bag is arguably Bayswater. The timeless handbag, first designed in 2002, is identified by its sleek, but structured tote shape, comfortable handle, and postman’s lock closure. It quickly hit the style editors and the general public and is one of the brand’s most popular models.

New Mulberry Shoulder Bag

The Mulberry Shoulder Bag is a popular item that can be used as a bag for everyday use and is also convenient to carry. Shoulder bags come in medium and large sizes and look trendy when worn. The bag has an elegant chain to put the bag on your shoulder. Bags are available in a variety of colors and patterns, and you can get one that matches your outfit and shows off your look with a Mulberry handbag.

The full leather Mulberry Satchel bag

This mulberry satchel bag is perfect for viewing. It is a mix of a shoulder and a brief case, thus gives it very elegant and official look. Mulberry satchel bags are available in a variety of patterns and you can choose from those that look fashionable.

Hobo-style mulberry bags

The hobo-style mulberry bags are in high demand due to their small size, crescent shape, and great portability. The surface of the bag is smooth and comes with an elegant and stylish strap that is convenient to carry.

White Mulberry Clutch

A white mulberry clutch is a small handbag that is grabbed and held by the winding part of your arm. The Mulberry Clutch is made of high-quality leather, making it ideal for carrying around.

Men’s Mulberry Messenger Bag

Mulberry messenger bag for men is a shoulder bag that is usually a briefcase-style bag with a long strap, so you can wear it crossbody and use your hands freely. These handbags look stylish and are the perfect everyday urban bag for men.

Women’s Kuromi Bag

These black mulberry bags for women give them an extraordinary look when carried. The bag can be combined with any outfit and gives you the perfect look.


Mulberry is a luxurious and well-known brand mainly for its uniquely styled handbags and accessories. They make premium quality products, this is the reason for their hyped products and expensive budget. The company has its main set up in the United Kingdom where they have its 2 manufacturing units. Due to high demand, they started manufacturing in China and Turkey as well. So, some of the products can also have the tag “made in China” or “made in Turkey”.  

They use best of the materials for their bags, so they import their leather for the bags from Italy and the zippers from Switzerland. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What Kind Of Sites Does Mulberry Partner With? 

Mulberry works with e-commerce retailers that sell durable consumer goods such as furniture, mattresses, Household appliances, household appliances, jewelry, clock, baggage and handbags, carpet, Fitness equipment, tools, instrument, etc. 

  1. Who Took The Lead Of Mulberry In 2015?

Creative director Johnny Coca (formerly Celine) took the lead in 2015 and has since surprised the fashion world with his new direction, maintaining a connection with the UK and branding with the acclaimed ready-to-wear collection.

Where Are Mulberry Bags Made?

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