Finish Line Student Discount

The Finish Line is an American shopping brand that sells footwear, athletic wear, apparel, sports accessories, and trending clothes including jackets, t-shirts, hoodies, and many more. Founded in 1976 in Indianapolis, Indiana, United States, the company has around 660 stores in 47 states. Let’s learn about ‘Finish Line Student Discount’.

Finish Line Student Discount

If you are a fitness freak or an aspiring athlete or a sportsperson or even just a customer doing window shopping and if you love brands like Adidas, Reebok, Puma, Fila, Nike, Crocs, etc. Finish Line is your go-to place. With all these brands in a single place, Finish Line is an infamous retail chain in the States that sells such goods and accessories. 

Are you a student who desires to flaunt in front of your squad of the branded footwear you are wearing or the top-notch quality of accessories from Finish Line you own? Finish Line has an exclusive facility of student discounts for you. To help you save and simultaneously enjoy wearing and owning the products from this infamous brand, the student discount program of Finish Line is a great offer. 

Finish Line Student Discount

The student discount offer provided by Finish Line is to ensure that the student community of its customers gets benefits. Under this student discount program, the students get special privileges and discounts for pocket-friendly shopping at Finish Line.

As of now, Finish Line has two offers in the student discount section. The first one is $10 off on a total purchase of $100. And the second one is $15 off on a total purchase of $150. Get benefited from these offers while shopping for products from your favorite brand. These offers are available only for online shopping. Hence, keep in mind this restriction while shopping via the student discount program.

How To Avail Student Discount At Finish Line?

You need to verify as a student first for being able to avail the student discount at Finish Line. As the given discount can be availed only while shopping online through the website or the mobile app, in order to apply the offer, follow the given steps:

  • Sign up at Student Beans first to verify yourself as a student.
  • Provide an official university or school mail id for the verification.
  • After verification, the eligible offer will be applied while you shop from Finish Line.

You can re-verify your account every month to claim a $15 promo code monthly. 

Other Stores/Brands That Provide Student Discounts

There are many other stores and brands of similar genres that provide such special offers to students in the name of student discounts. Some of these companies and brands and their offers are listed as follows:

  • Nike- A total of 10%discount 
  • Crocs- 25% student discount on the total purchase
  • Journeys- $10 off on the purchase
  • Converse- 15%off under student discount 
  • Shoe Carnival- 20% discount on total purchase
  • Schuh- 10% off student discount
  • Vans- 10% student discount on total purchase
  • UGG- 10% off Student discount
  • Foot Locker- 20% discount on the purchase
  • Dr. Martins- 15% off under the student discount

The above-given offers might have the restriction of minimum purchase. Check the Terms and Conditions before you choose to shop using Student Discount at the above-given brands and stores.

Return Policy

If you are not satisfied with the product you have purchased and want to return it, no worries. The finish line has got your back with its easy return policy. You can return the item within 45 days of purchase with all the tags still intact in the original package with the original receipt. The return service is completely free for all the customers. The return can be initiated in 2 ways. The first one is through in-store return and the second one is returning through the mail. 

Methods Of Payment Acceptable At Finish Line

To provide its customers with the utmost convenience, Finish Line has a wide range of methods and ways that are acceptable to make payments while checking out. So while shopping at Finish Line and availing of the student discount, you are eligible to avail yourself, keep in mind this list of methods of payment that are eligible at Finish Line. The acceptable payment methods at Finish Line are as follows:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • PayPal
  • Apple Pay
  • AfterPay
  • Klarna
  • Finish Line Gift Cards

These methods can be used both during offline and online shopping. However, if you do not have any of these sources available and want to use cash to make the purchase, visit any nearby Finish Line store and use cash for shopping there.


Being a student is already a lot expensive, and wishing to wear brands and trending accessories costing way too much is not possible for everyone. So in order to take care of its student audience, the company has proposed the student discount program to ensure high reach to its student customers and make the items accessible to them by overall making the shopping experience a healthy one financially.

Finish Line Student Discount

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