Microsoft Office Student Discount

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Microsoft office is application software. It is a bundle of client software, server software, and services. It is used worldwide for word processing, data entry, slide making, creating visuals, etc. Microsoft Office is proprietary software that requires a license for access. But do students get any discount on Microsoft office software?

Microsoft Office Student Discount

MS does not have any student discount offers for all learners. However, students and educators of some specific institutions can get Microsoft Office software for free. The offer is provided by Microsoft to a few institutions around the globe. Schools and universities can also activate Microsoft office on the computers of the institutions through this discount. It is a long-term benefit for students around the globe. 

Microsoft Office 365 for free to the students

Microsoft Office package is a part of the education kit for students and tutors. But as it is proprietary software, one has to get a license to use it. However, at some schools, colleges, and institutions Microsoft has provided free access to Office software. These selected institutions can install the Microsoft Office software for free at their institutions. 

The students of the schools and universities eligible for discounts can get the Office software for free. The valid email id and student’s id are required to get the Microsoft office software for free. With this discount, you can access Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other Office software anywhere. The licensed Microsoft software provided under student discount is a long-term software that could be worked on several devices. 

Eligibility for office student discount 

Free access to Microsoft Office is given to students under Microsoft’s Education 365 program. The MS office software including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Microsoft team is dedicated to an efficient learning atmosphere for students. The eligibility criteria to access this offer are as follows-

  • One should be the student or teacher of the specified school, college, university, or any other institution who has got eligibility for free office 365 software.
  • One should have the official email id of the institution they are reading. This id is registered with Microsoft for giving free access to office 365 of the institution. 
  • The student willing to get office 365 for free should be at least 13 years of age. 

Parents of the students and staff of the institution can also get free access to MS office software on any device. 

How do check the eligibility of schools and universities? 

If you don’t know whether your school is eligible for the Education 365 program of office or not, you can check it yourself on Microsoft’s website. In the following few steps, you can get the information-

  • Visit Microsoft’s official website and look for Education 365 program. Then, the ‘find out if you are eligible’ option.
  • In this section enter the email id of your institution.
  • If the email id is eligible for the discount, you will receive a message declaring the further instructions to apply for free access to MS office. If the id is not valid, you will be informed by message. 

By following the given instruction, you can download the Office software on your android, iPhone, windows, or other operating systems. 

How to get a Microsoft student discount?

Students can get their free office 365 app for free. To get permission to use the MS Office for free you have to follow the following steps-

  • Visit the official website of Microsoft that is on the device you want to get the software. 
  • Sign in with your school email id.
  • The office login page will ask for the operating system on which you want to get the software.
  • After this, a confirmation message will arrive saying- ‘you are good to go.’
  • Install the Office 365 app and sign in with the registered email id or password. 

10% discount on Microsoft products 

Other than the free access to Office 365, students can also get discounts from Microsoft. Microsoft offers a 10% discount to students on its various products like PCs, laptops, and tablets. However, the discount is only on a few products. And the software does not come under this offer. 


MS office gives free access to Office 365 to students of a specific school, colleges, universities, and other institutions. Microsoft has given the eligibility to access Office software for free to various institutions around the globe. Teachers, parents, and staff of institutions can also get free access to office 365. However, the minimum age of the student should be 13 to get this student discount. 

  1. On how many devices do students get Microsoft office for free?

Answer: Students can get free Microsoft office on 15 devices. Of the 15 devices, 5 are PCs or Mac, 5 are smartphones, and 5 are tablets.

  1. Does Microsoft office available free of cost to students for free?

Answer: Microsoft office is available free of cost to students anywhere in the world. 

Microsoft Office Student Discount

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