Astro Customer Service – How to contact?

Astro is a Malaysia-based entertainment and content company. The full name of this company is Astro Holdings Sendirian Berhad. The company offers radio and television services to the customers. The wide range of the company’s services includes pay television broadcasting and publishing, telecommunication, satellite services, and many more. The firm is also known as Astro overseas limited.

Astro Customer Service

It also acts as a mass media and mass communication facilitator and a mass media provider. The firm was started in 1996 as a radio network facilitator in SouthWest Asia. It is a privately held firm in Malaysia. At present, the headquarters of Astro Holdings is in Technology Park Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The company gives fast and efficient customer services which include speedy advice to the customers, easily approachable service providers, and one on one communication.

What is Customer Service? 

The customers and buyers are the sole reason why most companies can survive in the market. If the customers are not satisfied with the products or services provided by the company, they can easily switch to another corporation. Therefore, it is important to have good, fast, and approachable customers service in any company along with high quality and affordable products. Hence the customers’ service is the services provided by the company or buyers to the customers.

The customers’ services of Astro Overseas Limited are approachable provided by the company. It only hires well-trained service providers and technicians to provide easy, reliable, and long-term solutions to the customers.

Features Of a good customers service 

The Astro Overseas Limited Corporation also provides the below given good qualities to its customers.

Providing Timely service 

Good customer services are the ones that provide timely or speedy advice, or answers to the customers. The minor defects or issues are more likely to get resolved during the call or within twenty-four hours. Moreover, if there is any technical or manufacturing defect that couldn’t be resolved without the help of a technician, then it might take up to one week.

Make sure their needs are fulfilled 

Customer services must make sure that the needs and requirements of the customers are fulfilled.

Providing easy and efficient advice 

The company must provide efficient and effective solutions. Moreover, if there is any technical or manufacturing defect or failure, then the company must send technicians to provide long-term solutions to the customers.

Creating a friendly and communicative Environment 

A company that has multiple language options and one on one conversation system is likely to have a very good and effective customers service system. It also makes communication easier.

How to contact Astro customer service? 

There are many ways through which the customers can communicate with the customer services of the Astro Overseas Limited Corporation. The company is known for resolving issues faced by its customers in less than forty-eight hours from the time of the request. Astro customers services are one of the fastest and most effective customers services among other mass telecommunication and radio companies of Malaysia and South Asia. The different ways to communicate with the customer service portal include-

Astro online customer service 

The company provides the options for customer service, feedback, and complaints on the official website of Astro Overseas Limited. The customers can sign in to the company’s account, choose customer service and seek the required services and protection.

• Astro commercial service numbers

People can contact the numbers provided on the Astro customer service website. Here, the customer also has an option to choose the language preferred by them like English, Korean, Spanish, French, and many other languages. It is a twenty-four-hour service and is also available on weeks offs or holidays.

Writing email to the company

The most common way of communicating with the Astro company’s customer service mail is by drafting an email using its official website.

Whatsapp or text messages to the Astro corporation 

The customers can also write text messages to communicate with the customers’ service portals. The people receive replies, in the same manner, they have begun the communication with the company.


Astro Holdings Sendirian Berhad is a Malaysia-based media telecommunication and radio services provider. It is one of the oldest radio and television viewership providers in South Asia. It helps in resolving the problem or issues faced by the customer while they are using any product, goods, or services provided by that company or corporation. The customer service of the Astro corporation is a very effective and fast working service. Some of the features of Astro Corporation are that it offers a one-on-one communication facility between the customer and the company’s customer service, replies within forty-eight hours, provides trained technicians for any technical or manufacturing malfunction, and many more. Moreover, the different ways in which the customers can communicate are by using the website, email id, phone numbers, and text messages.

Astro Customer Service – How to contact?

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