Can I Use My Ulta Credit Card Anywhere?

Ulta Beauty, Inc., previously recognized as Ulta Salon, Cosmetics and Fragrance Inc. and as Ulta3 before 2000, is an American beauty retailer headquarters located in Bolingbrook, Illinois. Ulta Beauty manages to sell cosmetics, fragrances, nail products, bath and body items, beauty tools, & hair care items. Ulta Beauty also has a full-service parlor in each location that offers hair, skin, brow, or make-up services. The topic is ‘Can I Use My Ulta Credit Card Anywhere?’

Can I Use My Ulta Credit Card Anywhere?

The Ulta Beauty Ultimate Perks is a credit card that can be used any place Mastercard is accepted. Once approved, you will earn one point for every amount spent at Ulta Beauty—in-shop or online (double points!)—and one point for each $3 spent at any place Mastercard is accepted.

How To Get An Ulta Credit Card?

Ulta Beauty has retail locations in all 50 states and distributes its products online, which involves a wealth of tips, tutorials, and social media content. You can apply in two ways: in-store at your nearby Ulta Beauty store and checkout, and otherwise online at If your application is approved, you will end up receiving a credit card greeting kit within a message under 7-10 business days.

Benefits Of An Ulta Credit Card

 • Can use the credit card at any Mastercard-accepting location, which includes Ulta Beauty stores &

 • Earn two points per each $1 spent at Ulta & one point per each $3 spent elsewhere.

 • You’ll get 500 welcome extra points if you spend $500 from outside Ulta Beauty in the first 90 days.

 • The card does not have an annual fee.

Online Payment Form The Ulta Credit Card

The following steps depict the online payment to get done from the Ulta credit card:


Generate your login by going to the Ulta website’s login page and clicking on ‘Register for Access.’


Enter the last 4 digits of your Security Number, your card account number, and your ZIP code. 


Choose a user name and password.


Sign in with your recently created login and password. 


Enter your checking account as well as routing number.


To pay your bill, simply follow the prompts. You’ll also have access to the site 24 hours a day, seven days a week to view your statements, keep updating your profile, & manage your account.

How To Check The Balance?

Visit & select ‘Manage Account,’ as well as call Comenity Capital Bank at 866-257-9195 to view your existing Ultamate Rewards Credit Card and Ultamate Rewards Mastercard balance.

How To Redeem The Rewards Points Earned?

In an Ulta Beauty shop, ask for your score balance at the checkout. When you already have a minimum of 100 points available, you can begin redeeming. Inform the affiliation how many points you would like applied to your purchase in the increments shown in the table below or even a combination of incremental increases.

It is up to you whether to use all or most of them. When you’re at the payment page, you could also redeem them online. Locate the ground at the end of the page in which you can enter the number of points you would like to redeem. Redeem your points Dollars off any product:

100– $3.00

$250.00 — $8.00 

500.00– $17.50 

750– $30.00


2000– $125.00 

Make An Ulta Credit Card Payment Via Mobile App

In addition to online payment, Ulta has a mobile app for both Apple & Android users which you can use to stump up your bill. Here’s how it works: 

1. Download & install the Ulta Phone App from the App Store as well as Google Play. 

2. Tap ‘More’ at the end of the opening screen.

3. ‘Ultamate Rewards Credit Card’ will be displayed.

4. At the left of the screen, tap the “Manage Account” button.

5. Choose between the Ultamate Rewards Card and the Ultamate Mastercard.

6. Sign in with the username & password you created when you registered and activated your card online. 

7. To complete your payment, simply follow the prompts.


Ulta Beauty offers reasonable rewards, but you should log in to email the latest update. These will notify you of special point weeks so that you can earn more points, as well as other possibilities for discounts. Keep in mind that your points will stop working after a year and that the more you have, the more valuable they are. And get the most out of these cards, you’ll want to rack up many points as fast as possible. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q) Is There An Annual Fee For The Ulta Credit Card?

 A) There is no annual fee. There is no annual fee on either of the 2 Ulta credit cards. 

Q) How Much Are 400 Ulta Points Worth?

 A) It is valued at $12. If you are in the bronze tier & your points may be about to expire, you should never redeem 400 points.

Can I Use My Ulta Credit Card Anywhere?

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