Does Clinique do Makeup for Free?

Clinique Laboratories LLC, more famously known as Clinique, is a well-established consumer goods brand. Clinique has been in the industry since 1986. It is based out of New York and was founded by Evelyn Lauder. Clinique is one of the most famous cosmetics brands offering various products to enhance a woman’s beauty. Then comes the question as to how to get a makeover at clinique? This article will give you answers about makeovers from Clinique and more. Let’s know ‘Does Clinique do Makeup for Free?’

Does Clinique do Makeup for Free?

More often than not, the cost of the makeover that the clinique provides can be situational. But when it comes to free makeovers, Clinique does not offer free makeup or makeovers to anyone who visits their stores.

Makeovers By Clinique- Are They Free?

There is nothing like a free makeover. A brand might publicize that they offer free makeovers, however, as per the terms and conditions, there are certain requirements to get that free makeover. The consultants that are by the counter work for commissions. Hence, it is an unsaid rule to purchase before asking for that free makeover.

A few makeup brands provide free makeup on a trial basis. Contrary to rumors, you will not get a makeover for free from Clinique. Yes, Clinique does provide makeovers at their outlets but only when you purchase at least three products from their range.

There is no minimum limit of purchase that you will have to make to get the makeover, but buying products is mandatory. You can even let the makeup artist know what kind of look you want, and they try to give you the best.

How To Get Your Makeover At Clinique?

Everybody needs a makeover at some point. If you are thinking to get a makeover at Clinique, you can follow the steps below:

Step 1: Visit the website and find the nearest Clinique outlet.

Step 2: Call the given number to book an appointment if you do not wish to wait in line.

Step 3: Make sure that you have an idea of the makeup in your mind before visiting the outlet.

Step 4: Visit the store and let them know the occasion and requirements.

The official website for clinique is Apart from the website, there are thousands of clinique outlets worldwide and millions of makeup consultants. Besides stand-alone stores, Clinique also has counters at various shopping malls.

Before you set out to get a makeover at Clinique, it is essential to understand that the makeover can take time. Now that you are aware of the makeovers at Clinique, let us look at other makeover options that you can try out.

Alternate Makeover Options

Brands that offer free makeovers will only do the makeup on half the face. The brands that provide full-face makeovers will have a minimal cost, or you will be required to buy a few products from their counter. There might be an offer under which you can get a makeover from a respected brand at times.

Like Clinique, a few other makeup brands offer makeovers. Below are a few makeup brands that you can check out. 

  • Sephora

Another name that is famous amongst makeup lovers is Sephora. Now, Sephora offers two types of makeovers. One is the free one, which only lasts for about 15 to 20 minutes. This makeover option does not require you to purchase anything.

However, if you are looking for a proper makeover, you can visit the store, pay $50 and get a full-face makeover by a professional. You can also use a $50 gift card rather than paying in cash.

  • MAC Makeover

MAC usually provides a complimentary makeover if a customer buys actual products. However, there are no free makeovers from MAC. A full-face makeover from MAC can cost you about $30 to $50. The makeovers at MAC are done for both Walk-ins and Appointments. The by-appointments makeovers are informed about the charges on the call itself.


Great things come at a price, so it is a beautiful makeover.  Clinique is very well-known for its skincare products and services. They also have a massive line of makeup products with almost all the necessary makeup items. Clinique gives a fabulous makeover while taking care of your skin by prepping it properly. All it requires is to buy a few products, and you are good to go. It is a great idea to choose the product after the complete makeover to have a clear idea of what suits you the best.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I Get Multiple Makeovers By Only Purchasing Three Products At Clinique?

Ans: No, there is only one complimentary makeover on purchasing a minimum of three products.

  1. Do You Get The Exact Makeover As You Suggest?

Ans: It ultimately depends on the makeup artist. However, they will try to do the best they can.

Does Clinique do Makeup for Free?

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