Is American Horror Story on Hulu?

Hulu is the famous American streaming platform majorly owned by The Walt Disney Company. It was launched on October 29, 2007, and has been in the market for the past 14 years. It offers a wide collection of films and series from the networks like CBS, NBC, ABC, FX cable network, and Hulu original content. NBC Universal holds a minor share of Hulu. Let’s discuss ‘Is American Horror Story on Hulu?’.

Is American Horror Story on Hulu?

Hulu is a subsidiary business and is available in the United States. As per its current status, Hulu has over 45.3 million users. Hulu’s subscription service started and launched in beta version on June 29, 2010. Later on November 17, 2010, it was launched officially under the name branding Hulu plus. This service supports advertisements with a wide library of movies and television series all with full seasons and episodes. Hulu launched Hulu plus apps on all types of devices, including digital media players, mobiles, video game consoles, and so on. Hulu had around 1.5 million subscribers by the end of 2011.

Is the American Horror Story on Hulu?

Yes, it is on Hulu. American Horror Story is a famous television series. It is an American anthology horror series, created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk for the FX cable network. It is the first installment in the American Story media franchise. Each season has its miseries followed by a different set of characters, settings, storyline with a magnificent beginning, middle, and end. A few of the plot elements of the series are inspired by certain true events. 

Many of the actors in the series appear more than once in different seasons playing the roles of different new characters. In this television series, actors Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson, and Lily Rabe can be seen frequently, appearing in nine out of ten seasons. Frances Conroy appears in eight out of ten seasons. Other actors like Kathy Bates, Jessica Lange, Emma Roberts, Angela Bassett, Adina Porter, Jamie Brewer, and Finn Wittrock can be seen in five out of ten seasons. It has a total of 10 seasons with 113 episodes. 

Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story has found a new streaming home with Hulu after being removed from Netflix at the end of February. The series created by Murphy and Brad Falchuk, the anthology horror series first aired on FX in 2011. It has since continued for over a decade, with American Horror Story season 10, called Double Feature, wrapping up in October 2021.

Murphy and Falchuk helped create a companion series to AHS, titled American Crime Story, which has tackled real-world events such as the trial of O.J. Simpson and the assassination of Gianni Versace. Deadline is reporting that American Horror Story, along with other Murphy productions Pose and American Crime Story, are now streaming exclusively on Hulu. 

How to watch American Horror Story on Hulu?

American Horror Story can be watched online on Hulu. There are currently four plans on Hulu. All of these plans give access to FX’s library and Hulu originals. The four plans are :

  1. Hulu 

It is an ad-supported plan. It costs $6.99 per month. It gives access to ad-supported streaming.

  1.  Hulu without ads

Here, it gives access to the streaming library without ads. It comes at $12.99 per month.

  1. Hulu +Live TV with Disney+ and ESPN+ 

It costs $69.99 per month. Here, it has additional on-demand content and live streams from sports, entertainment, and news channels with additional content on ESPN+ and Disney+.

  1. Hulu +Live TV with Disney+ and ESPN+ without ads

Here, it comes with $75.99 per month. It provides additional on-demand content and live streams from sports, entertainment, and news channels with additional content on ESPN+ and Disney+. This does not have ads so the streaming will be without any breaks.

Note that currently, it comes with a seven-day free trial that can be used before choosing a plan.


Hulu is one of the famous OTT platforms in the United States. Hulu library has a wide collection of movies and television series. Start a free trial of 7 days and later choose a plan to enjoy the shows. American Horror story is available on Hulu. Hulu has all its ten seasons and 113 episodes. Choose from the plans of Hulu to enjoy an uninterrupted movie, series time. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How many seasons of American Horror Story are available on Hulu?

American horror is available on Hulu and all its ten seasons with 113 episodes can be found on Hulu.

  1. Where can you watch American Horror Story?

American Horror stories can be watched on online platforms like Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+

  1. Why is American Horror Story famous on Hulu?

The American Horror Story comes under the horror genre with various installments featuring a coven of witches, a creepy asylum, a traveling show, a haunted hotel, and an apocalypse. These television series are dedicated to fans who love horror and miseries.

Is American Horror Story on Hulu?

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