Is Quantum Leap on Hulu?

Hulu is one of the prominent streaming services with many famous TV series and movies on its platform. The application is easy to access and navigate. Also, the application is much loved as the quality of the video is also excellent. However, there are several other options to access the series. Let’s know ‘Is Quantum Leap on Hulu?’ We will let you know about the alternate options, but first, let us look at why people love watching Quantum Leap.

Is Quantum Leap on Hulu?

A lot of customers wish to watch Quantum Leap, however, Hulu does not have Quantum Leap on its platform. The fact remains that Quantum Leap was earlier there on Hulu, but it has been discontinued. 

Quantum Leap: Is It Worth Watching?

Quantum Leap has been one of the most successfully running shows. It is an American Science-Fiction show that showcases the experience of a scientist who travels through time. The show aired for about five seasons. It started in the year 1989 and lasted till 1993.

Quantum Leap has the storyline of a scientific theory that the lead and his associates are testing. Since the funding for the testing is at risk, the lead character himself tests the theory, reaches back in time, and cannot come back to the present.

Viewer’s Reaction To Quantum Leap Not Being On Hulu

Quantum Leap is based on a very compelling story. Millions of people were drawn to it. When it was announced that it is going to be aired on Hulu, many people downloaded and subscribed to Hulu only to watch Quantum Leap. 

The fact that initially, Quantum Leap was there on Hulu and was later discontinued left a lot of people disheartened. It was not only the disappointment of the show not being aired on Hulu but also the loss of subscription amount. However, there are many OTT options where you can watch Quantum Leap. 

Other Platforms To Watch Quantum Leap

Below are a few apps and websites where you download or stream all the episodes of Quantum Leap. Some are free, while some need a subscription.


Since NBC Universal is one of the distributors, the show Quantum Leap is available to watch on the NBC website. You can visit and sign up with your Gmail, Facebook, or Apple ID. Once you have successfully signed up with NBC, there are a series and movies you can enjoy along with Quantum Leap. There are no sign-up charges so you can watch the entire series of Quantum Leap on NBC for free. 

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is a famous OTT platform accessed by almost every second person. The great news is besides providing deliveries without charges, you can also sign up for a prime subscription to Amazon to watch many shows and movies. All the five seasons of Quantum Leap are available on Amazon Prime.

You can download the episodes to watch later. You can also stream it on the go. To watch Quantum Leap on Prime, you will have to shell out $139 for the membership.


JustWatch is an online streaming website. You can visit, search for Quantum Leap, and watch any episodes across all five seasons. It can be possible that in a few locations, there will be no service. You can also sign up to the website to watch the show. The subscription for the app can cost you about $5.99/month.

Apple TV

Apple TV is another option where you can watch all the episodes of Quantum Leap across all the seasons. The Apple TV is however accessible only on Apple products. You need to sign in and subscribe to Apple TV to watch all the episodes. It will be easier if you already have an Apple ID. A subscription to Apple TV costs about $4.99 per month. There is a seven-day free trial. If you wish, you can also go for the annual subscription for $49.99/

Now TV

Another great website to online stream the episodes of Quantum Leap is Now TV. There are four subscription types that you can choose from. Post this; you can watch the complete series on Now TV. If you want to watch Quantum Leap, you can select the Entertainment membership, which will cost you £9.98 for three months. You can also opt for Entertainment plus cinema membership in the offer period for £9.98 for three months. 

The entertainment plus cinema option is only for a limited time. Apart from this, if you only wish to watch Quantum Leap or other tv series, then signing up for the entertainment option is the best.


Hulu is one of the most used OTT platforms and hence had Quantum Leap in the initial stage. It sure came as a surprise when Hulu stopped streaming Quantum Leap. The discontinuance of the show also led to a few people not continuing with Hulu anymore. Although, several other websites and applications have the whole series of Quantum Leap on the viewing list. The best option is NBC, as you can watch Quantum Leap on NBC for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does NBC have all the seasons of Quantum Leap?

Ans: Yes, NBC has all five seasons.

  1. Is it possible to watch Quantum Leap for free on Amazon Prime?

Ans: No. You have to subscribe to Amazon Prime Membership to watch Quantum Leap.

  1. How many seasons are there in the Quantum Leap series?

Ans: There are altogether five seasons.

Is Quantum Leap on Hulu?

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